The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Five"

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The Vampire Diaries flashed all the way back to the 12th century on "The Five."

And while TV Fanatic staff members Matt Richenthal, Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines aren't delving that far into history, they are here to analyze events from last night and break down all we witnessed and learned...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Probably Klaus positively losing it on Rebekah after he killed Alexander. For multiple reasons: Joseph Morgan is never better than when he's angry; Claire Holt never better than when she's crying; and it was a flashback scene. Those get me every... single... time.

Miranda: ELIJAH FLASHBACK!!! Ah. Sorry. Got a little carried away with myself. But, yeah, seeing Daniel Gillies on TVD again is always great. My runner-up favorite was Klaus, Rebekah and Stefan at dinner and Stefan's wry "there's a million other people I'd rather have dinner with right now." Stefan provides a weird sort of balance to Klaus and Rebekah and I like seeing the three of them together.

Leigh: Even though it shouldn't be my favorite for moral reasons, it was watching Elena and Damon dancing at the frat party. Elena never has fun. Seriously, never!

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Should Stefan really make a secret alliance with Klaus?
Matt: Of course not. But, as I wrote about in my review, Stefan is the Grand Chess Master of The Vampire Diaries. He's always thinking multiple steps ahead and likely has plotted out a course of action for how to turn on Klaus before Klaus turns on him. Just think of how well all other schemes involving getting rid of Klaus have worked out... oh, right. Damn.

Miranda: Not ever. After last season, our gang should know one thing: never trust a vampire you can't kill. Which means never trust Klaus. Or Rebekah, for that matter.

Leigh: No! Klaus is Klaus. It's nice to see Stefan's humanity and to see him want to trust people... but no.

Okay, NOW do you feel sorry for Rebekah?
Matt: Yes. But do you know who I feel sorry for the most? Myself! No more Claire Holt on my screen for who the heck knows how long?!? Thanks, Julie Plec. Thanks a lot.

Miranda: After last week's Round Table, I'm feeling positively clairvoyant. Unlike Beks, apparently. How did she NOT see what was coming when lover boy had that dagger and ash and started talking about how it kills vampires? HOW? Even if she didn't know what exactly that dagger was yet, she had to know he knew! Last night didn't make me feel sorry for Rebekah. It made me want her to vamp-punch Klaus in the face for being such an ass, though.

Leigh: I think so. If you lived 1,000 years with Klaus are your brother, you'd probably go a little psycho too.

More surprising: Jeremy being useful, the existence of a cure or Professor Shane being aligned with Connor?
Matt: I may not have been flabbergasted by the Shane/Connor alliance, but I'm the most excited over its potential. Both characters have been well integrated into Mystic Falls and there are just so many directions in which this story can go.

Miranda: Professor Shane! I thought I was creeped out by his Mr. Robinson vibe with Bonnie. Turns out I was creeped out because he's Team Five. Is it just me or does anyone else think the "cure" will most likely be something very much like "death" and not so much like an actual cure?

Leigh: I love when Jeremy is useful. I don't believe there's really a cure and saw that professor was shady from a mile away.

Elena and Damon feeding at a frat party: Dumb idea or REALLY dumb idea?
Matt: This never made any sense from the outset to me. Why did Damon and Elena accompany Bonnie to the college in the first place? Damon needed a lesson from a professor he never heard of about feeding on humans? The dance scene was fun and it was freaky to watch Elena get so into it, but the reason for placing Damon and Elena there never came together.

Miranda: Plain old dumb idea. The dumbest part of it was leaving all those bite wounds behind. Otherwise, Frat Boy Buffet was a great cover. Damon and Elena sure seemed to enjoy themselves. At least until Buzzkill Bonnie showed up. Witches. So judgy!

Leigh: That roofie guy totally deserved it. Besides, it was a murder party, people were drunk and the blood was masked. Dare I say it was a good idea?


1/ Damon's scene and then the flashback.
2/I think that Stefan was trapped into that secret alliance with Klaus. He was so tempted by the bait (the cure of vampirism) that he didn't pay attention to the trap.He forgot that Klaus isn't someone that can be trusted plus he's not a "benevolent" which means that the only reason for him to make this alliance is his own profit and that leads us to our start point " using Elena's blood to create more hybrids". And to be honest I don't get Klaus' motives to keep their alliance a secret from Damon and Elena after all this matter conserns Elena plus Damon can be a great help.
3/ It's hard not to not feel sorry for someone who got betrayed by all his loved ones.


Yeah I can't see Stefan keeping the secret of the cure from everyone Elena especially ending well for him. Every time in someone was like don't tell Elena in the first few seasons of course Stefan would tell her the very next scene haha. The honesty thing was a big part of the dynamic for there relationship. Yet this time it looks like he is going to keep it from her. Even though this show seems to do a bunch of things over and over again, it's nice to have an adjustment in a relationship like that. No matter how slight it is.


The actor playing the professor was on Game of Thrones, on HBO, as a minstrel :) Klaus with long hair: hot!
Elijah with long hair. No. At least, not with that particular wig. Ugh.


I found it very interesting that Stefan has chosen to allign himself with Klaus for the time being, at least and is keeping it a secret from Elena. If Stefan wants to 'save' Elena from being a vampire - he is making the choice without consulting with her - one of Elena's major bug bears - people making decisions for her. I can't imagine it'll go down well when she finds out. I feel a definite change it brewing with Stefan/Elena/Damon - but what sort of change i'm not quite sure. I can see Elena being with Damon now, and ultimately ending up with Stefan before the series finishes. However, there would have to be something major for Elena to actually leave Stefan, and go with Damon. Something so major I'm not creative enough to conjure up a believable scenario! I will watch with interest!


@chaela - When an original is 'dagered' they are not dead hence their lineage would remain intact. The originals have been 'dagered' and 'undagered' many times over by Klaus over the years with no impact on any of the vampires in their bloodlines. Last season we seen a lot of originals get a dager in the heart, so this is just a continuation of a storyline we already know.


If Rebekkah was dagered doesn't that mean her "chain" of vampires made from her blood line are now dead too? Or is the story just completely scraped?


Fave scene was definetely beks n klaus. Those 2 just steal it. Oh n elijah. Elijah. Elijah lol. I always feel sorry for beks. Conner is a BAMF. Hope he dnt die soon. Prof was EXTRA creepy. The whole delena at the party crap was boring the (bleep) outta me.


1. Anything involving Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah. Also, Klaus's wig WINS ALL. I also really liked Stefan at the dinner, he was so much like the cool self he was this time last year. I miss cynical bad ass Stefan 8(
2. Dear lord! You idiot! Of course not! I love Klaus, I do. More then any other character in the show, but ALL your plans involving this man - failed. They failed before we even got one glance at Klaus! (circa season 2) What in the world makes you think this is a good idea?!
3. Oh yes. So so much!!
4. I knew they were gonna have a lame cop out of Elena's vampirism. So no surprise there. Although I didn't see the professor-Connor thing, I REALLY did not see the Jeremy thing!
5. Silly, silly little children.


Enjoyed the episode overall, but Elena's "I shouldn't be doing this with Damon I should be with Stefan" was pathetic. The whole point is she can't learn control with Stefan because he doesn't have any!!!! Using the Frat party as cover was a good idea (good cover) but going with Bonnie wasnt!! By the time Elana and Stefan had finished their little conversation on the porch after Damon had dropped her at home I was thinking "where's that Vampire hunter when you need one - somebody put her out of her misery. You may have noticed I have "gone off" Elena.
Hope Julie Plec finds some love interest for Damon - can't understand why he still wants her she is totally boring now.


i havebt commented on here for a while. but yeah I think the Genophage krogan ure was created specifcally for elena, or they might have an end game storyline at the end of whole series to become human and how will everyone react to that. who wants to be human again. I can see them dragigng this out or deluding us with other storylines for another 2 seaons but count me in for the ride! and I was thinking how will they make Rekakuh relevent and when they did they kill her! might be for good but i actually liked her this episode, Stefan is going to a dark path...fucker

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Stefan: You're never benevolent.

You're the one whose getting me through this, no matter who teaches me how to feed.

Elena [to Stefan]

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