The Vampire Diaries Review: Yes, Sire

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Hmm... I wonder which scene from "My Brother's Keeper" will have Vampire Diaries fans talking tonight. And tomorrow. And well into 2013...

Yes, TV Fanatics, Damon and Elena finally went there. Their Waltz turned into a Horizontal Mambo and and the squeals from Delena fans could be heard for miles and miles. But it wasn't the pinnacle of an romance that many have been waiting for since The Vampire Diaries Season 1.

No, there was a twist far different that any contortion of Elena's while writhing in bed: Caroline and Stefan determined that Elena is sired to Damon.

Elena Gilbert in Pain

The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it?

Two weeks ago, I praised Elena and Stefan's split. It felt natural, it made sense in the context of Elena's transition and her heightened feelings for Damon. It was the perfect time to have her commit to the other Salvatore brother and for the show to move on from the back-and-forth of the past few seasons.

Alas. Now we're back there again. Damon is the evil one who cheated to get the girl. Elena didn't really choose him, Stefan will be determined to win her back and break the sire bond... and blah, blah, blah. It may seem like a new tune, but it's really the same old song.

And it feels rather contrived. The Vampire Diaries is a fun, wild ride. It's best not to over-think the cliffhangers and crazy turns and storylines because, come on, this is a show about supernatural beings and, at the end of every hour, I challenge anyone to not claim they were not entertained. That's almost all you can ever ask for from a series.

But there's always a line. And here it comes across like Julie Plec and company simply invented the concept of a vampire being sired to another vampire. Has that ever been touched on before? Is there any reason to think it would make sense in this case, aside from giving the writers a convenient way to drag out the brotherly fight over Elena?

This was lame. It was a cop out. I don't look forward to the ramifications. I'm far more interested in why Hayley is working with Professor Shane and what that duplicitous teacher has in mind. I care a great deal more about Jeremy (never thought I'd write that!) and his nightmares and urges and how the awoken hunter inside of him will affect his relationship with all the vampires in his life.

Heck, I was actually invested in Klaroline this week, as Klaus was at his charming best and I believed for the first time that these two could really be a couple.

In other, disappointing words: at the moment, the show's three main characters are at the center of my least interesting storyline. That's never a good thing.

We'll see where this all goes, of course (next week? To World War II!). Up until this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had been off to the best start of any season to date. The hunter stuff has been fascinating, Elena's transformation has affected everyone around her, Phoebe Tonkin is downright gorgeous.

But I worry. I'm now afraid the love triangle will overshadow everything else. And who should be the most angry over this siring nonsense? Delena shippers! They have been waiting for years for these two to get together, yet they can't fully enjoy it  - they can't enjoy it at all, really - because apparently it isn't real.

This episode may have represented the best day of Damon's life. But it was my worst experience as a Vampire Diaries fan this season.

What did everyone else think?


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Spindae 2o

I like the Twist and hate the number of stars U gave! Just had time to watch the episode. and it was so amazingly written so believable.
Damon and Elena - I never said there isn't chemistry but he is the thing U want cause U can't have it! HE is so out of balance and so strangely strong but we all know where her heart lies. One thing is passion but really love and connection is Stephan.
Elena and Jeremy - Oh my Jer can act! It's a real big shame that he was so neglected during the show. Forgot he knows to act! Really enjoyed him trying to kill Elena!
Caroline and Stephan - they are so great together. Love their interactions, their conversations!


Everyone can complain and moan all he wants,it doesn´t change how JP writes/will write. I think it´s the reverse of season 3. Elena was fighting to get Stefan back from Klaus and the ripper road (mentally and physically),she didn´t give up on him. Now it´s up to Stefan to bring her back from Damon and this sire bond. I have the impression in episode 3x19 JP spoke through Rose to the Stelena audience to make things clear. This time Caroline is her voice (speaking to the Delena audience),she don´t let Caroline use words like "you can´t give up on her","epic" or "soulmate" without a reason.




Fact or fiction it baffles me how it's acceptable to sleep with the love of your brothers life a day after they break up?????Like WTH?What's wrong with the society now?I mean if Elena choses Damon then good luck to them but this whole I'm in love with Stefan but I also am in love with his brother is just wrong.If it's her and Damon then go be with him just let Stefan have his happy ending with someone who loves him too.


Lame copout, Julie Plec. LAME COPOUT!!!


I don't understand the sire thing at all! Why isn't Caroline Damon and Stefan sired to Katherine? She turned them?? Please explain writers? Is Elena different because she's a doppleganger? I think this whole plot twist is silly and I hope the whole sire conspiracy is proven false. Stefan had his chances with Elena and blew them. Let her experience things with Damon...


Yeah I agree Sarah -"from the beginning, i didn't like the whole love triangle because as gorgeous as damon is- i can't deny the fact that lusting over his brother's girlfriend is plain out horrible". I know logic gets thrown out the window with this show but sex definitely changes everything and two brothers having a woman go back and forth between them. I can't. So, I don't really know what to make of the three main characters anymore. There's a lot of viewers that cheer on Damon and Elena being together and find reasoning behind every move so maybe that would be the safe bet for the shows longevity. I honestly loved the relationship between Elena and Stefan but yeah... we'll see what happens with the show I suppose. 0_o


I, like many others have been WAITING for more than THREE years for this moment and then Julie Plec has to make this ridiculous twist so that she can keep the hopes up for Stefan and another reason for Elena to run off to him. Well, TYLER is also sired to Klaus. Does this make him LOVE KLAUS? No. Damon didn't tell Elena to break up with Stefan, he didn't tell her to trust him, or to go to him. Nothing. If the fate for Elena is to be with the same old, boring, brooding, insecure, unattractive, yet moral and so noble(post ripper) Stefan, then Plec shouldn't give us any hopes and please get Damon and Rebecca together- they're both starved for love and are driven by emotion.
On the other hand, this was a really gripping episode. Love the way Jeremy now has a major role and how it may affect his ties with everyone now. April does seem to be a potential and Haylee is another interesting character.


I watch TVD religiously and have spent three years trying to fathom what Elena could possibly find attractive about Stefan. He's whiny, moody and so vanilla he's boring. She has obvious chemistry with Damon, who loves her no matter what she does or is, and they go and ruin it (and Elena's one moment of actually being a strong female character) by making her a victim of siring!?! The only thing that can redeem this is if they break the sire bond (or prove it doesn't exist) and she chooses Damon. I wish Jeremy had staked Stefan in the back after he knocked him down with the stake to the front. It A)would have made more sense than him walking past a wounded vampire if he's truly so crazy about killing them now, and B) would have made drawing this stupid, implausible triangle out any further. And for those of you who think Damon's done terrible things to Elena that she should never forgive, how is Elena ever supposed to forgive Stefan for pushing her brother further down the dissociative sociopath road just because he wants things his way? That was THE most selfish TVD moment ever. Stefan shows 5 seconds of personality, and his almost-personality sucked. Delena all the way!


also, i don't think it matters how elena met first. i know she did mention to damon that "maybe" if she had met him first...yet, the first episode of the season when they finally talked and she asked him why didn't he tell her that she met him first, he asked her if that would have matter and she stayed silent. then damon looks at her and said something like "i thought so." i think it was just something nice to say at the moment, but even when elena knew that she met damon first, she didn't go running to him.

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