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Hmm... I wonder which scene from "My Brother's Keeper" will have Vampire Diaries fans talking tonight. And tomorrow. And well into 2013...

Yes, TV Fanatics, Damon and Elena finally went there. Their Waltz turned into a Horizontal Mambo and and the squeals from Delena fans could be heard for miles and miles. But it wasn't the pinnacle of an romance that many have been waiting for since The Vampire Diaries Season 1.

No, there was a twist far different that any contortion of Elena's while writhing in bed: Caroline and Stefan determined that Elena is sired to Damon.

Elena Gilbert in Pain

The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it?

Two weeks ago, I praised Elena and Stefan's split. It felt natural, it made sense in the context of Elena's transition and her heightened feelings for Damon. It was the perfect time to have her commit to the other Salvatore brother and for the show to move on from the back-and-forth of the past few seasons.

Alas. Now we're back there again. Damon is the evil one who cheated to get the girl. Elena didn't really choose him, Stefan will be determined to win her back and break the sire bond... and blah, blah, blah. It may seem like a new tune, but it's really the same old song.

And it feels rather contrived. The Vampire Diaries is a fun, wild ride. It's best not to over-think the cliffhangers and crazy turns and storylines because, come on, this is a show about supernatural beings and, at the end of every hour, I challenge anyone to not claim they were not entertained. That's almost all you can ever ask for from a series.

But there's always a line. And here it comes across like Julie Plec and company simply invented the concept of a vampire being sired to another vampire. Has that ever been touched on before? Is there any reason to think it would make sense in this case, aside from giving the writers a convenient way to drag out the brotherly fight over Elena?

This was lame. It was a cop out. I don't look forward to the ramifications. I'm far more interested in why Hayley is working with Professor Shane and what that duplicitous teacher has in mind. I care a great deal more about Jeremy (never thought I'd write that!) and his nightmares and urges and how the awoken hunter inside of him will affect his relationship with all the vampires in his life.

Heck, I was actually invested in Klaroline this week, as Klaus was at his charming best and I believed for the first time that these two could really be a couple.

In other, disappointing words: at the moment, the show's three main characters are at the center of my least interesting storyline. That's never a good thing.

We'll see where this all goes, of course (next week? To World War II!). Up until this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had been off to the best start of any season to date. The hunter stuff has been fascinating, Elena's transformation has affected everyone around her, Phoebe Tonkin is downright gorgeous.

But I worry. I'm now afraid the love triangle will overshadow everything else. And who should be the most angry over this siring nonsense? Delena shippers! They have been waiting for years for these two to get together, yet they can't fully enjoy it  - they can't enjoy it at all, really - because apparently it isn't real.

This episode may have represented the best day of Damon's life. But it was my worst experience as a Vampire Diaries fan this season.

What did everyone else think?


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This episode has made this move from a likable one to unlivable one in my category. Okay I understand she is supposedly sired to Damon. I get that there was a break up yes it happens but I just don't get why or what in the hell does she see in Damon? I just don't get it.


Who said Katherine wasn't sired to Rose? She ran the second she was changed - we don't know that she wasn't sired to her. I think both Elena and Katherine can be sired because they were both supernatural beings BEFORE being changed into vampires -- just like the hybrids. A hybrid was a supernatural being, a were wolf, before being changed into a vampire as well. Everyone keeps saying why aren't all these other vamps sired --- because they were not supernatural before being changed.


I'm officially sick of Elena. The whole 'poor me' crap they have going with her is just getting old. They make her the sun and everything is supposed to revolve around her. And everyone puts all their lives on hold for whatever crap she's gotten herself into.
The fact that she has the nerve to live with her ex boyfriend while she screws his brother is absolutely unbelievable!!


I wanted to smack elena after she whined to caroline and stalked off like a petulant brat *ugh* best part of the episode:
phoebe tonkin was soooo hot and beautiful in that dress!!! major girl crush!!! I hope they keep her for a while- hope she's not too bad :-(


Elena fucked Damon just after she "forced" Stefan to "move out" of his own house. What a bitch, elena salvawhore!


I'm not even remotely surprised that the show took this turn. The bad and lazy writing has been happening since the start of season 3. Yes, viewers want an entertaining series, but that's not all they can ask for, because entertaining doesn't always mean good. In that vein, they can also ask for good (or at the very least, decent) writing. Elena loves Stefan, but the way things have been going, it would make sense for her to sincerely love Damon, too. When a show is incapable of letting dead characters stay dead, it says a lot. The writers of this show are scared to take real chances, and they've been copping out for quite some time now.


tRowst has to calm down....IT'S TV FREAK!....If the writers cannot see how much more alive they depict the character of Elena when in the presence of Damon, what a pleasure it is to watch (yes, there is more than beautiful people behind this story folks,)and what a whining bore she becomes in the presence of the very tame Stefan, who by the way deceivingly portrays himself like the goody goody two-shoes all while ripping heads off during moments of "falling-off-the-wagon," while his "meaner" brother stopped killing people the moment he fell in love with Elena, then someone in the team of people writing these scripts is missing a point. The purpose behind this story I think. should have the redeeming factor brought to light, a prodigal son-like story line, bad becomes good in the presence of great, and great becomes aware of all that was granted, while those who cannot desist from unforgivably judging others (Carolina and Stefan) should perhaps end up together???


Ok all you Delena fans need to calm the fuck down (and you proper grammar and spelling). So to go back to all you freaks thinking there have been 3 seasons of feelings between Damon and Elena are just completely wrong. Yes, they've had interactions obviously, but Elena has always been in love with Stefan. It wasn't until Stefan went haywire, due to Klaus, that Elena and Damon's relationship really started to flourish (because Stefan wasn't in the picture anymore). Now, onto this week's episode. EVERYTHING that Damon has told Elena has magically happened (re-watch the damn season). Not being able to drink animal blood, blood bags, to kill the hunter, the red vs blue dress debate, and finally the "forced" sex. Damon forced a kiss on her (he really pushed in for that kiss) and that signaled Elena to have sex with him. Now I am NOT saying she is doing this against her free will, cause if that was the case she wouldn't be enjoying it very much, am I right? Elena has feelings for Damon, I'll give all you "Delena" fans that, but because Elena IS sired, it made it a lot easier for Damon to exploits those feelings (not intentionally) and get into her pants, so to speak. Stefan has no chance unless that Delena bond is broken, and when it is, it'll be fair game (as always) for the Salvatore brothers again. Thank you for listening to my non-biased view, but I will admit I will always be Team Stelena. Damon's cool though, nothing against him! :)


as a fan of stefan and elena together, last week's episode was horrible to watch. i felt like that episode made all of us upset, whether we root for damon or stefan. i dont know about everyone else, but can elena just please choose already? so annoying


Okay so the sired thing is stupid, but I was surprised at how quickly Elena moved on. I mean it was a bit crazy how she didn't even wait a second after THE break-up before pouncing on Damon. Personally, I am a Stelena shipper and will always be, but I get how people have fallen in love with the idea of Delena. And that is just it, Damon and Elena are only good as an idea and a few steamy scenes. They cannot have a relationship but more than that they should not have a relationship. Not only is it not okay to do your boyfriend's brother/brother's girlfriend but it is also over and done with, especially where this show is concerned. The triangle needs to end and preferably, Elena and Stefan should be endgame.

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