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Hmm... I wonder which scene from "My Brother's Keeper" will have Vampire Diaries fans talking tonight. And tomorrow. And well into 2013...

Yes, TV Fanatics, Damon and Elena finally went there. Their Waltz turned into a Horizontal Mambo and and the squeals from Delena fans could be heard for miles and miles. But it wasn't the pinnacle of an romance that many have been waiting for since The Vampire Diaries Season 1.

No, there was a twist far different that any contortion of Elena's while writhing in bed: Caroline and Stefan determined that Elena is sired to Damon.

Elena Gilbert in Pain

The Vampire Diaries just can't let this triangle die, can it?

Two weeks ago, I praised Elena and Stefan's split. It felt natural, it made sense in the context of Elena's transition and her heightened feelings for Damon. It was the perfect time to have her commit to the other Salvatore brother and for the show to move on from the back-and-forth of the past few seasons.

Alas. Now we're back there again. Damon is the evil one who cheated to get the girl. Elena didn't really choose him, Stefan will be determined to win her back and break the sire bond... and blah, blah, blah. It may seem like a new tune, but it's really the same old song.

And it feels rather contrived. The Vampire Diaries is a fun, wild ride. It's best not to over-think the cliffhangers and crazy turns and storylines because, come on, this is a show about supernatural beings and, at the end of every hour, I challenge anyone to not claim they were not entertained. That's almost all you can ever ask for from a series.

But there's always a line. And here it comes across like Julie Plec and company simply invented the concept of a vampire being sired to another vampire. Has that ever been touched on before? Is there any reason to think it would make sense in this case, aside from giving the writers a convenient way to drag out the brotherly fight over Elena?

This was lame. It was a cop out. I don't look forward to the ramifications. I'm far more interested in why Hayley is working with Professor Shane and what that duplicitous teacher has in mind. I care a great deal more about Jeremy (never thought I'd write that!) and his nightmares and urges and how the awoken hunter inside of him will affect his relationship with all the vampires in his life.

Heck, I was actually invested in Klaroline this week, as Klaus was at his charming best and I believed for the first time that these two could really be a couple.

In other, disappointing words: at the moment, the show's three main characters are at the center of my least interesting storyline. That's never a good thing.

We'll see where this all goes, of course (next week? To World War II!). Up until this episode, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had been off to the best start of any season to date. The hunter stuff has been fascinating, Elena's transformation has affected everyone around her, Phoebe Tonkin is downright gorgeous.

But I worry. I'm now afraid the love triangle will overshadow everything else. And who should be the most angry over this siring nonsense? Delena shippers! They have been waiting for years for these two to get together, yet they can't fully enjoy it  - they can't enjoy it at all, really - because apparently it isn't real.

This episode may have represented the best day of Damon's life. But it was my worst experience as a Vampire Diaries fan this season.

What did everyone else think?


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I am very torn about the episode- I love that they have chosen to incorporate more elements from the book series but at the same time, I wish Damon and Elena had their shot free of the sire plot. I think most of the characters have been awful people all season, Elena has been selfish, Stefan hasn't accepted her changing and growing, Caroline for so many reasons... I haven't disliked Damon all that much which is a surprise because he is generally morally repugnant. Loved the chemistry between Ian and Nina and looking forward to seeing where it goes! I may be on team Stefan but I am riveted by all characters involved. I don't always love Julie Plec's choice but she never bores me!


God, I really hope this sire-bond thing doesn't affect delena. and i have to say, i was very disappointed in this extension of the triangle. why can't delena fans just be truly happy for once?!


I think we'll soon see the sire bond means nothing - much like it did with Klaus and Tyler - it can be broken and once it is, she won't suddenly decide to be with Stefan - she didn't decide right after turning to be with him, so why would she then? The whole season also started around Damon seeing her first - she had all those memories come flooding back of Damon when she was compelled to forget. They're bond is so strong and maybe that's why she got sired to him? I haven't read the series, but I'm hoping that she doesn't end up back with Stefan. It's not "Epic," as Caroline put it - it's romantic and whimsy - what she has with Damon is passionate and fiery, that's where its at.


@PixieLavender I agree. The more I thought about this disastrous ending, I thought how selfish could Stefan and Caroline be in this? It doesn't matter if you are Team Delena or Team Stefan. Elena doesn't deserve to be a human blood bag on reserve for Klaus to make hybrids. What kind of life is that for Elena? Caroline is certainly no friend of Elena's if she wants her friend to be a human blood bag just so Stefan can resume a relationship with her. Didn't everyone fight in previous seasons so Elena wouldn't be drained by Klaus and live her life as a blood bank for him? Is that what Stefan wants for his "epic love." Yikes! Who wants that? I no longer like Caroline. Elena is empowered and for once, she can take care of herself. She is no longer the damsel in distress.


And the worst person in the world award goes to ....Miss Elena Gilbert for being to busy thinking about the right time to just her ex's brother's bones, paying no attention to her only sibling, being the worst friend ever AND moving into her ex's house forcing him to go live somewhere else....Wow, if there was ever a character I hated more than Serena Van der Woodsen, now its this chick. And it has nothing to with Damon, no srsly, he was a dick all the time so the ending scene was not shocking since Damon's love for Elena is clearly stronger than his love for his brother... Elena was just awful this episode - srsly, Tyler is loosing his hybrid friends over her, Klaus is still threatening everyone, Jeremy is going insane and Stefan is pushing it...and all Elena is interested in are her feelings for bitch much? Oh and I ranting about this because the words I have for the idiotic new sire theory are simple unprintable...ugh this show...


i really hope the Elena-sired-to-Damon story isn't true. I dont get why Stefan and Elena are "epic" as Caroline said. I havent seen him fighting for her as hard as Damon has, or accepting her now that she is a vampire. Three seasons now they are building the relathionship between Damon and Elena and Stefan and Elena are static. They are not growing in any way...
so it would be just unfair to ruin Damon and Elena now.
Also, i havent read the books, but from a summary i found in the internet, i dont thin the story is that good. So i hope the writers will do things differently.


I am a delena shipper. I have to say her being sired to him completely ruined the hook up moment in my eyes... That being said, i agree with the writers. This season it seems they are trying to put more of the original book into the show. They added april, turned elena, and sired her to damon. All happened in the book series. Where i disagree with the writers is the fact that they created a fire burst of chemistry between damon and elena before she died, which now makes me as a fan feel very jaded. If they wanted to stick to the books thry shouldve made damon the bad guy who forced her to drink his blood or he would kill her sister (or jeremy i guess). The sire made much more sense in the books...anyways, props tobwriters for finally incorporaying the book, but poorly executed for sure.


Biggest cop out EVER.
Gossip Girl writers?! Have you jumped ship to ruin this show also?!
I was never about the ship wars. The Delena thing? Simply good story telling. It was fantastically built and I couldn't wait to see where this was heading.. This was a GG style let down.
I really believed that the writers will ruin this by having Damon hide the cure from her, thus driving her into Stefan's arms. But I thought that they will at least give us some proper storyline for them. But this, this was just making fun of the fans of the show. Sired? Really? Doesn't he like, have to be there!? Like Klaus was?
I'm so upset by this development.. I'e had a lot of problems with the writing on this show, but this is a new low.


I, too was angry at the allusion of the sire thing. But I told myself that it probably means Stefan and Caroline don't accept Elena's choice. They don't want her to be with Damon and maybe this sire thing is the only excuse they could find to explain why Elena would fall in love with Damon. Who says Caroline is right? I like better the explanation that Elena has changed now that she became a vampire. This happened to Caroline too, she used to be with Matt, then when she became a vampire she fell in love with Tyler.


While the sire bond was properly set up, and yes, they did bring it up in Season 3 (remember, the whole issue with Tyler was that he was Sired to Klaus?). However, there has been such a focus on the hybrid sire bond that it was easy to forget it was originally a vampire thing, not just a hybrid thing. And yes, as a Delena shipper, I'm furious with Julie Plec and Co. That ruined the moment when Damon and Elena FINALLY got together. I found their makeout scene in Season 3 when they were at the motel to be more exciting, and more fulfilling as a Delena fan, because the writers at least let that happen for a bit as a moment, without immediately pulling out the rug from under us.

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