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The Vampire Diaries Clip: Making a Date

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In our exclusive interview last week, Candice Accola said Caroline was "110%" behind Tyler and implied that Forwood would be just fine going, well, forward.

But then Caroline needed help from Klaus and agreed to go on a date with the Original, which didn't exactly sit too well with her formerly sired boyfriend.

What will this mean for the couple? We'll have to wait a few days for "My Brother's Keeper" to know for sure, but the following sneak peek gives hope to Klaroline fans everywhere, as Klaus takes Caroline up on her promise and the two make plans to attend the Miss Mystic Falls pageant together.

With some ground rules, that is. Watch the clip now and let the countdown to Thursday night begin...

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Klaus is so pathetic it's not funny. I can't believe he hasn't realized Caroline is playing him. Hopefully this stupidity is over with soon.


i prefer klaroline over tyroline(?)


Yuck. Ew. Gross


Klaroline,its emotional!bt not lyk delena,am a real fun of 'em.i cnt wait thursday z way too long!


Klaroline all the way yey


Ugh, i can't believe they're actually going forward with this crack!ship. It makes no sense for either character, never did, but behold the power of a bunch of whining teenage girls.

Leon alexis

I knew it a many months it's gonna happen and Im glad! They should be together!


Klaus is not chasing after Caroline. He is going after what he wants. There is a difference; Klaus was always shown to be an aggressive character that is singleminded in going after the things he wants in life, and what he wants right now is Caroline. Its fun to see this more human charming side of Klaus because we all know he can go back to being crazy in a minute. So glad that Caroline is his love interest as opposed to the obvious choices on this show. MUch more interesting.


well i think they have great chemistry... i'm just waiting for caroline to actually be nice to him for once. i mean come onnnn... this is the only way we get to see klaus a swt & charming gentleman. he hates everyone else. he's mean to everyone else. caroline is his only soft spot & it's fascinating to watch. but of course... he has to change soooo much before he ever becomes worthy of her. but remember how psycho damon was??? it look him lik 2 whole seasons to become a semi decent guy. klaus is in a much better position. she's strong enough to handle him... maybe she should give him a chance. but one thing i'm certain- fans lovvveeee klaus wayyy too much for the writers to kill him off. since he's gonna be here for a while... why not let caroline shake his world up. lol


What has happened to that douche Klaus? Man, this is sad and pathetic.

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