The Vampire Diaries Clip: Hostage Hullabaloo!

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Connor is coming.

A huge factor already on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, this hunter will truly make his presence felt on next Thursday's "The Killer." How so?

By taking April, Matt and Jeremy hostage and creating some serious hostility among those not trapped inside The Grill.

In the following sneak peek, we see Stefan argue with Damon over how to best approach the situation, while Tyler and Elena also weigh in and the gang wonders how to drag Bonnie out of her self-imposed retirement. View the official TVD promo for the installment then hit Play now:

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I on the other hand like this Stefan much more. I hope he gets activer and shows them at last, who is the boss :) Stefan is the one (MOST OF THE TIME) seeing the whole picture. Well and the possiblity for Delena now is much bigger than ever - not the other way around. And it is a Stelena fan, saying it.


You SUCK, Elena. You are DEAD, Get over it, Bitch! Oh, did I mention, Stefan is becoming irritating day by day! GOODBYE, TVD! I was watching this show basically, for Damon and Delena. And, now I can't see Delena happening in near or long future, so I need to stop wasting my time over TVD! Goodbye, TVD!


Wow. Stefan just managed to get on my nerves within - what? 5 seconds? I know it's kinda obvious he's working for Klaus here (not interested in killing Connor and so on), but still....

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