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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 136

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Another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

And let us first thank all readers who participated, coming up with an entry for the following Damon and Elena photo.

There can always only be one winner, however, and that honor this week goes to "Mira," who hilariously combined TVD with Pretty Little Liars - specifically the latter's Halloween episode - when coming up with the submission below.

Check it out now and return every Friday for a new image/contest!


Damon: Hey, is that Adam Lambert playing?
Elena: Oh my God, we’re on the wrong show. We’re going to die on the A Train!

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Damon: Hey, is that Adam Lambert playing?
Elena: Oh my God, we’re on the wrong show. We’re going to die on the A Train!


Damon: Your options for a midnight snack - Zombie Prom Queen, the Grim Reaper, or Slutty Witch. Oh wait, that’s Bonnie.


Damon: That’s the guy who wouldn’t let me join Delta Psi back in the day. Go get him, Lil’ Rippah!


Damon: C'mon M'lady - let's party like it's 1869!


Free bloody marys til midnight huh? Guess after that we'll have to make our own.


Damon: "I like where your mind is, but save the ass-grabbing for later--we've got work to do."
Elena: "Wasn't me Damon. I'm holding two drinks, remember?"
Damon: "Well, if it wasn't you, then it had to be the guy standing behind you. Awkward."


Damon: "Is it just me, or did everyone else here come dressed as a walking blood bag?"
Elena: "No, I was kinda thinking the same thing."


Damon: I heard you dig the whole ripper image with Stefan, so I thought I'd give it a shot..


Elena: And what on earth are you dressed as?
Damon: Abraham Lincoln... VAMPIRE HUNTER! Duh!


Elena: You look like some kind of vampire version of Abraham Lincoln.
Damon: That would be an awesome movie.