The Mentalist Review: The Red List

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No, "Black Cherry" was not specifically a Red John-centered story, yet Jane's obsession with finding the vicious serial killer was never far from his thoughts.

It's all in the research; and Jane is jotting down every person he's shaken hands with since arriving at the CBI. There were lots of intriguing names on that list. Some I've all but forgotten and others that caught my attention.

Lisbon Searches For a Killer

Virgil Minelli was my pick for Red John during the first season of the show. Gregory Itzin could certainly pull off the transition from lovable former CBI Director to diabolical serial murderer.  I really wouldn't mind seeing that one come to fruition.

Walter Mashburn, rich playboy and Lisbon's former lover, was also an interesting choice. Currie Graham was another of my favorite guest stars and I wouldn't mind seeing him return in any capacity, but having him turn up as Red John would be a real twist.

Of course, there's always Bret Stiles - and wouldn't that be something, especially since he helped Jane spring Lorelei out of prison just to find Red John?

Those are my three favorites but I could go on and on about the list. Most of you likely could could because for as many fans who complain that the Red John story has run its course, there are many more who can't stop theorizing about the identity of the evil psychopath who is as obsessed with Patrick Jane as Jane is with him.

It's the dark and twisted subplot that gives the show an undeniable depth.

And tonight it also gave me one of my favorite moments between Jane and Lisbon, as the latter asked if she was on Jane's list of possible subjects. Jane responded in this The Mentalist quote:

 She said it's a wonder Red John and I didn't become friends. Now what we have, I consider a friendship. So my friend, you are free and clear. | permalink

It isn't often that Jane acknowledges his friendships. It was nice to hear him say it out loud to Lisbon. Of course, it wasn't long before the moment was over and she wanted to strangle him once again.

The murder of the week was just okay. Not really anything special. I knew it was someone at the real estate agency but I honestly didn't much care who. However, that they bludgeoned a man to death as a team sport was a rather sickening twist.

I was a little surprised that Jane pushed so hard for Lisbon to drop the charges against Julianna, but Jane always feels a kinship towards children and he definitely formed a bond with Noah.

I was even more surprised that Lisbon veered from the law and order route and pushed to let Julianna go. Pulling Sarah into it made some sense but it did seem a little odd to bring her character back. We haven't seen her in months and I'm not seeing what purpose the character serves if she and Rigsby are no longer together. Any ADA could have played the same role here.

Cho couldn't wait to dive into the new rapid deployment team. His eyes lit up when he saw the new weapons. He'll fit in well there with his background and I see a new love interest for him on the horizon.

Jane was definitely in a more playful mood this week. Having a new lead on Red John has given him hope. But is it a tangible lead or just another wild goose chase? Will we ever meet the real Red John?

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Episode quite boring and done very mechanically, it seemed the episodes of season 4. I hope they do not return to that level. Season 5 is still great, but this episode was pretty boring. The best: the list and Jane, and every scene where Jane is. When the episode is bad,the only thing interesting is to look at Jane. Mi Suspects: Mashburn and Kirkland




Rationalgal, as much as we like getting involved with these character's we have to take a bird's eye view. Otherwise we will be taken in by the con! This show has taught me a great deal. Everything is not as it seems to be! I refuse to be manipulated in a manner that blinds me. Everybody is a suspect, until they are not! I love all that Baker is doing with his character, he is really working his magic! But, he is still on the list too! IF YOU DON'T....HEAR FROM ME AGAIN.....!


Continued- Jane appears to be super intelligent. Jane also has a real vengeful side. I love the Jane character, he's very loveable, charming, charismatic, sweet, loyal..... So is Red John! You are forgetting Jane killed a man that was not Red John, will he kill again and be wrong? Just like Jane in Flame Red, I see Jane! We seem to be letting Jane off the hook for some very bads things he's done. We are like Jane's relative's, I know my Janey would'nt do that! Until the writer's explain this, my brow will be raised! You can contain and control a lion but he is still a man eater!


Continued- Most people when tragedy strikes, go on with their lives. Why is Jane so hellbent? His education is mysterious for me too. He knows way to much. I understand that he is very intelligent but he displays formal education at times. He uses list order acronyms and menemonic's among other things. His extensive knowdge of hypnosis suggest formal training. He didn't learn this all by himself. His tragedy set him on the right path but you never know when he'll bite you. Who educated Jane and why does Jane not want anything to do with his family. All these things are hidden.


Rationalgal, The up front story for Jane is correct. BUT! The mystery for me is this; Jane came to the CBI after his family was killed and has said that he was using them to catch Red John. USING THEM! People get killed when they cross him and Red John has killed them for Jane. When Jane was talking to Rebecca and she told him that Red John killed so he could get the case back, (you have to watch closely) Jane had a slight grin on his face. This is rather mysterious for me. It could have meant he was happy to get the case back but I don't think given what happened that he should have done that.


Jennifer1, you are right, I was thinking the same thing! But you know like I know, you cannot watch this show and not do what we are doing. I do think that we stripped away a lot of the mystery behind the subplot. Everything we figured out was hidden and therefore msyterious. Now it's not! We can speculate all we want about who Red John is but we will never know until the writer's show us. I think we caught all the clues and we can now sit back and enjoy the ride again. It won't be as hard because we won't have over 100 episodes to go over. LOL! I still have some questions but I think season 5 will shed some light on that. I did find something interesting when I watched Fugue in Red. I KNOW! BUT I'M GOING TO PUT IT OUT THERE ANYWAY!


Continue: His worldview is reality based but understanding of the need people have (sometimes including himself) for fantasy to help escape the harshness of that reality. He accepts the truth even when it hurts, but is torn by his inability to accept it in the deaths of his family He will do that in some way at the end. Perhaps RJ's bio would be just the opposite, causing him to envy Jane. If we want to get into mythology, we can go into the biblical creation stories, where the serpent was jealous of Adam and Eve and sought to bring about their downfall, as RJ seeks to do with Jane. All myths are allegories aimed at telling us some truth about ourselves or the world. The Mentalist is allegorical, and beautifully done.


I don't see any mystery about Jane. He is the most fully developed character I've ever seen on TV. We know his carney background pretty well (lacking info only about his mother) and how he hated exploiting vulnerable people but accepted it as part of the only life he knew. He loved the fun part of carney life - the clowns and games, which shows in his joy at revisiting that life occasionally and in the childlike aspects of his character. He and Angels escaped the carney environment but he could not free himself from the desire for the fame and fortune being a psychic brought - perhaps because it was the only thing he knew how to do. Having a family brought great joy and the loss so devastated him that he became mentally ill and suicidal for about a year. He seeks freedom from the pain of that loss by seeking revenge. Perhaps because of his exposure to pure evil, he is kind to those who deserve kindness and merciless to those who harm innocent people. His worldview is reality based but understanding of the need (even he sometimes has) to escape the harshness of that reality through fantasy. He knows and accepts the truth even though it hurts, and so he is torn by not being able to accept the deaths of his family. He will do that in some way at the end. Perhaps RJ's bio would be just the opposite, causing him envy. If we want to get into mythology, we can go into the biblical creation stories, where the serpent was jealous of Adam and Eve and sought to bring about their downfall, as RJ seeks to do with Jane. All myths are allegories aimed at telling us some truth about ourselves or the world. The Mentalist is allegorical, and beautifully done.


anitraward1: nothing more that I can think of right now but I can’t help but feel that there’s a connection with the name Roy Tagliaferro. Perhaps it’s too obvious and thus a dead end, as we only got to see Royston in one episode and don’t have much more to go on. @rationalgal: I agree Royston’s character is rather bland. I’ve also been looking at Cho differently. I think that with the rapid deployment team there’s more to it than possibly just a love interest for him. There are so many good ideas presented here and a part of me wants to stop the analysis and just sit back and enjoy the ride, but it’s so hard to do! :)

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Well, you have a very smart gut.


Jane: You were talking in your sleep.
Lisbon: I was?
Jane: And drooling a little.