The Mentalist Review: The Ragged Edge

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Patrick Jane is always in control, even when he's balancing on the ragged edge. And "Cherry Picked" certainly featured him walking that line.

Jane's desperate to find Lorelei and he's not about to give up the hunt. I wasn't surprised that he was interviewing all of the prison transport guards, but it was a little disconcerting to realize he was shutting Lisbon out of the search. 

Lisbon Works With Brenda

Why? Was he afraid it would somehow put her in danger? Or did he fear even having her involved could somehow leak the information to a Red John conspirator?

Jane's interactions with Walter were disturbing. Watching Jane read the lonely, twisted man gave me chills. I wasn't sure whether to despise Walter or feel some ounce of sympathy for his pathetic existence. I half expected to hear Walter take his own life with a gunshot as Jane walked out the door.

The kidnapping with a twist turned out to be more entertaining than I expected. My first thoughts were that Isaac was in on it. I couldn't figure out why else he hesitated with the ransom or generally acted like he had the temperament of a rebelling 14-year old. 

But as Jane put it in this The Mentalist quote:

 Isaac's always been the family scourge hasn't he? Stubborn, arrogant, insensitive. | permalink

Yeah. That about covered it. Oh, but don't forget selfish embezzler too.

The kidnapper on the phone definitely came across as an amateur and I started to suspect Sloan as she begged Isaac for the ransom money. Somehow she seemed more worried about the cash than her husband. The woman was seriously cold as she said her last goodbye to Gary over the phone after ordering his murder.

Other thoughts:

  • Jane's what are you wearing? line to Isaac over the phone was a bit cruel but so funny I laughed out loud.
  • Did anyone else think Lisbon's blouse in the beginning looked like it was part of a pajama set or was it just me?
  • In a house full of law enforcement officers why was Jane the only one to notice dog bowls but no dog?
  • We really need to see more of of Cho this season.  His great deadpan lines have been severely lacking.

So what did Walter do with Lorelei? Where did he take her? Who has her and is she even still alive? And now that Patrick has the information, what will he do with it and will he let Lisbon in on his plan? 


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Very solid episode. They combined case-of-the-week very well with the RJ storyline. Both are interesting. I loved Jane's scene with Walter. BTW, Walter worked for FBI, not RJ. That's why both him and Lorelei are still alive. I can't wait to see how Jane finds Lorelei.


I also loved the lady who sold the van to the kidnappers. Her personality was dead on and very funny. I loved how she just carried on. I would love to see Jane deal w/ this type of personality type in one episode. Wow! The actor's, writer's and Heller are absolutely fascinating me in their ability to deliver. I love that they explore the psychology of people. They must have one hell of a think tank! I can't wait for the nex episode!


I loved how Jane delt with the guard Walter. Please sit down, wrong move Walter. No holds barred time! Jane didn't blow Lisbon off. He didn't want to be held down by conventional police help. Jane knew he was going to break the law to get Walter to talk. He didn't want to drag Lisbon down in the dirt with him. Jane trust Lisbon but he knows Lisbon goes by the book. Jane knows you can't play fair w/ dirty people. He broke Walter down like someone dropping a glass on concrete! We all have our weaknesses Walter! When Jane left he looked like he knew the FBI still had Lorelei not Red John. Jane's serious tone was intriguing, can't wait to see more of it.


Jane stole the show from beginning to end! Jane knew when he saw Issac standing around outside that he was full of himself and up to something. Jane started playing with Issac outside and then reduced him to acting like a child with the phone call. Jane knew what Issac was about and disarmed him with the what are you wearing question. Talk about getting your ego bruised! Then when he laughed at Issac with that mean obnoxious tone it made the whole scene hilarious! Jane pounced on Issac like a cat playing with a mouse! Very, very funny.


I love this episode, it was working on so many different levels! What was in the forefront for me was all the personalities. Highly focused in this episode. Rigsby with the popcorn all over the floor and popping it into his mouth. All done out of boredoom. Cho smiling at Rigsby's behavior, normally Cho would have thought it was dumb. Van Pelt checking Jane about stealing the wine. Jane's reaction was so funny!She stopped Jane in his tracks. You could actually see Jane thinking; how did she know that, so! No I wasn't! anyway! Lisbon was very busy with so many personalities at the house. She handled all of it. That's why she's the boss! You go Lisbon! She really showed up in this episode! Lisbon did look like she was wearing a pajama top, it was early when they called her!

Menrich brother

"Jane's what are you wearing?" -> That was very funny, when i see that. I'm just can't wait always the next episode. I love everything in it. How's Jane thinking.... I know it Jane will hunt to the girl. Next episode i hope we'll see something with Red John!


No ideas? I think this season is definitely much better than last. Both the case of the week and the RJ episodes are better. This episode is one example was very well written and directed. Last season not always.


Great episode. Loved that "What are you wearing?" line. I've had phone calls a time or two (usually after the bars closed) where I got handed that line. Found it hilarious then, and now that I learn it's been a widespread pervie come-on it's even funnier. What puzzles me is the FBI "involvement" if you can call it that. Their entire operation riddled with informants and many agents killed over the RJ thing, yet no one seems much interested in finding RJ. They readily turn over the RJ files to Jane, a homeless mess just out of the mental hospital, aren't upset when he finally burns the files, seem more interested in keeping track of Jane than in RJ, all RJ killings since Jane's family have been related to Jane, not random as before. And there seem to have been on infiltrated minions before Jane showed up either. Jane seems to be the center of everyone's attention, yet he has done nothing effective in finding RJ. Don't know what to make of this. Must be far more to Jane than we've seen.


I didn't even think about the guard being still alive to tell Jane anything -- when Red John seems to kill everybody (it seems like they're hinting Loralei will still be alive when Jane locates her, when I've figured, since she wasn't in jail when Jane and Lisbon came to get her, that she was already dead -- but also admit I've been confused until this episode with whether RJ or the FBI investigating RJ took her away). And, yeah, I just realized everything I think that I think now makes sense is just a guess that maybe next week I won't think anymore ....


"What are you wearing?" Hilarious. I wasn't surprised it was Sloan. Sometimes the guest star isn't the culprit but there are too many inside jobs on The Mentalist. Rigsby eating popcorn like a seal was funny. It was nice to see Cho smile.

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