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Patrick Jane doesn't run... that is, unless he's chasing Red John - yet "Red Sails in the Sunset" started off with the odd site of watching Jane run. With whom was he meeting? Where was he headed?

The answers were both surprising and a little disappointing.

Yes, anyone who saw last week's previews knew that Bret Stiles was making an appearance, but I was expecting more. I'm a fan of the oddly engaging cult leader and I had hoped we'd get more of him than just one scene. 

Jane Works With Stiles

Not only did Jane cash in his marker with Stiles, he also smashed the window of his precious Citron. This was serious.

I liked that the plot didn't linger on the finer points of Lorelei's breakout and got straight to her interactions with Jane. The poor girl thought Red John had come to rescue her and instead she found Patrick Jane.  She wasn't happy.

My favorite scene was watching Lorelei and Patrick on the beach. It was a beautiful setting that felt odd, lonely and peaceful all at once. 

Back at the CBI, Agent Kirkland showed up once again and did anyone else notice Lisbon fluffing her hair when she saw him? Ugh. Please don't let that mean anything. The guy would creep me out even if he weren't a Red John minion.

But Lisbon brought up an interesting point: How does someone become the mistress of a psychopath? What was Lorelei's story? Thankfully we found out.

When Dana shared her story about selling her two-year old, it made my stomach turn. Honestly, I expected Lisbon to look more horrified. Lorelei effectively had her sister stolen from her twice. Once as a child by her own mother, and later taken permanently from her by Red John - but Lorelei never made the Red John connection. 

Watching Patrick walk up to that cabin in the woods was so creepy it made my heart pound. His abduction set up, complete with car crash, was so perfect that only Lisbon would think to question it.

But for Jane the bruises, neck brace and Lisbon's suspicions were all worth it the moment Lorelei gave him his biggest clue in this The Mentalist quote...

 I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands. | permalink

Patrick Jane has already met Red John. Something that many of us have long suspected has now been confirmed and the obsessed glee in Jane's eyes was more than a little disconcerting.

So, is it someone he knows well? Someone he'd never suspect or perhaps a person he's recently crossed paths with? What's your latest Red John Theory?


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continued- I think this will ultimately be a breaking point for Jane. I think Jane feels like giving up on Red John is like giving up on his family. Red John is a very real monster that killed his family and a psychological demon that torments him. Red John seems to need Jane. If Jane stops chasing Red John he might catch him. All of this lead me to the episode the Devil's Cherry again. Jane's hallucinations were symbolic so I went back and checked on what they meant. you are going to be surprised. I found the message in the message!


Rationalgal you got me to thinking about Jane. In the episode Strawberries and cream 1 Jane said he would pray if he had someone to pray to. That indicated to me that he was angry with God because his family was killed. Jane seems to want revenge and redemption. He talks negatively when referring to God and does not want to believe in him anymore. But he also shows reverence at other times. In the episode the Devil's Cherry, Jane's hallucination (subconscious) was telling him to let Red John go and that he was sick of Red John. Jane refuses to listen because he consciously thinks avenging his family will set things right. When subconsciously he knows it never will.


Jane has not been a hustler for over ten years. The irony is that he has already become a new person but he dosen't know it yet. He will figure it out with the help of his CBI family!


Rationalgal, I wouldn't kill the show off just yet or Jane either. Doyle killed Sherlock off but public demand resurrected him. I believe this show could live past Red John now that I know the plot line. How about Lisbon and Jane as a McMillan & Wife or the CBI team with their own detective agency, that could get really wild! I read somewhere the Mentalist got picked up for a sixth season. I not sure if that's just talk or if it true. There is some truth to rumor. The Mentalist writer's are so skillful they could take this show anywhere they want to go with it without missing a beat! They are the whole package. I've never seen a show with so many layered levels. This show is also interative which is amazing. I almost finished with season one and I will list all the people Jane shook hands with and where these people are.


You know when Lorelai first said "I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands." I was shocked that Jane didnt respond to it. I was sure that I wasnt the only that picked up on it. But I love this so-called 'twist' as Jane is now going to question every single relationship he has in his life. Even the close ones. Should be fun.


Continuing: So we lose trail after trail, making it impossible to figure out who RJ is. Even the writers may have had to switch the RJ ID at times. The are firming it up now because this is the final season. As for how it will end, as I said, if they follow the logic of the plot, it will be a Moby Dick ending. Jane has always felt his quest for RJ would end with him being dead or in prison or possibly back in a mental hospital. Is that why he promoted a relationship between Lisbon and Mashburn - to set Lisbon up for a future without him? Is that the purpose of the Mashburn character? Will the ending show us three tombstones, all finally with dates on them -- Jane's the last one -- as the last case he closed? He really has no future once he gets rid of RJ. His whole life, all he knows, all he's ever done, is being a con artist As Cho said, in the "Fugue in Red" episode, without any roots for Jane's human interactions, he's just a hustler.


After checking out all the Wikipedia info, I'm thinking of how this series will play out, given the Sherlock Holmes plot. Holmes dies with Moriarity in the end, so will Jane die with RJ? Consider the occasional references to Moby Dick in the series, with Jane as Capt. Ahab and RJ the white whale. It would be logical (not that the writers are required to follow logic - they've laid out lots of scenarios so they aren't screwed up by a sudden cancellation notice or the departure of a significant character. We won't be following the promised connection of Van Pelt with Stiles any more because Amanda is pregnant, making a problem with camera angles. Bertram got a part in Unforgettable and left, but is not back because that show got cancelled. LaRoche left for whatever reason but is now back. Kristina Frye was shaping up as a major character but is now in plot limbo, possibly because she could'nt or wouldn't be able to continue with the series. So we lose trail after trail, making it impossible to figure out who RJ is. No doubt the writers have had to shift gears several times on this themselves, always leaving several possibilities for the RJ ID to firm up. It will now, as this is the final season.


You're welcome. Cho knows a lot about William Blake too! I'm going back through the series and looking for hand shakes. It's like watching paint dry!


Thanks anitraward1. We’ve certainly got a puzzle to figure out!


anitraward1 - Thanks for the useful info!! I'm adding Bertram and LaRoche to my list of people with a connection to RJ, due to them knowing the William Blake poems. Rosalind, Lorelei and Kristina are on due to knowing they have had/now have personal contact with RJ. I think I'll put Mashburn back on just because he has the resources and seems too nice to be RJ. Brett Stiles remains as possibly RJ's second in command, possibly in a power struggle with him. Minelli still seems too marginal to be a suspect but he probably knows something that may help wind this up. All these people are connected to RJ in some way. I'm still holding out for Kristina to play the Lady Macbeth role that keeps RJ on an evil path. So who have we seen who is charismatic enough to get people to kill and die for him? And has a reedy voice? And can circulate among the CBI/FBI security guards doing his RJ thing without calling any attention to himself (as in poisoning Rebecca). Maybe the CBI parking lot attendant is actually RJ. He seemed nice when Jane helped Hightower escape. There are way too many questions needing answers to fit into the remaining episodes. I suspect we will be left wondering how the end came about as it did.

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