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Patrick Jane doesn't run... that is, unless he's chasing Red John - yet "Red Sails in the Sunset" started off with the odd site of watching Jane run. With whom was he meeting? Where was he headed?

The answers were both surprising and a little disappointing.

Yes, anyone who saw last week's previews knew that Bret Stiles was making an appearance, but I was expecting more. I'm a fan of the oddly engaging cult leader and I had hoped we'd get more of him than just one scene. 

Jane Works With Stiles

Not only did Jane cash in his marker with Stiles, he also smashed the window of his precious Citron. This was serious.

I liked that the plot didn't linger on the finer points of Lorelei's breakout and got straight to her interactions with Jane. The poor girl thought Red John had come to rescue her and instead she found Patrick Jane.  She wasn't happy.

My favorite scene was watching Lorelei and Patrick on the beach. It was a beautiful setting that felt odd, lonely and peaceful all at once. 

Back at the CBI, Agent Kirkland showed up once again and did anyone else notice Lisbon fluffing her hair when she saw him? Ugh. Please don't let that mean anything. The guy would creep me out even if he weren't a Red John minion.

But Lisbon brought up an interesting point: How does someone become the mistress of a psychopath? What was Lorelei's story? Thankfully we found out.

When Dana shared her story about selling her two-year old, it made my stomach turn. Honestly, I expected Lisbon to look more horrified. Lorelei effectively had her sister stolen from her twice. Once as a child by her own mother, and later taken permanently from her by Red John - but Lorelei never made the Red John connection. 

Watching Patrick walk up to that cabin in the woods was so creepy it made my heart pound. His abduction set up, complete with car crash, was so perfect that only Lisbon would think to question it.

But for Jane the bruises, neck brace and Lisbon's suspicions were all worth it the moment Lorelei gave him his biggest clue in this The Mentalist quote...

 I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands. | permalink

Patrick Jane has already met Red John. Something that many of us have long suspected has now been confirmed and the obsessed glee in Jane's eyes was more than a little disconcerting.

So, is it someone he knows well? Someone he'd never suspect or perhaps a person he's recently crossed paths with? What's your latest Red John Theory?


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Not sure if someone mentioned this
Lorelei is her changing her hair color to match Janes symbolizes her shift of allegiance


@Corona gal: wouldn't Jane reconize RJ if he were Mashburn or Stiles? If Jane really did shake hands with RJ, as Lorilei said, he would have seen that person's face and have some recognition wouldn't he?


I got confused; I thought that Lorelai was escaped in episode 5-1, and I also thought that Jane is questioning the drivers to learn which was is responsible of her escaping...
But after episode 5-8 I saw, Lorelai didnot escape and Jane was questioning drivers to learn in which jail Lorelai stays... Don't you get confused, Is not there any contradiction


I love Lorelei. I think she's perfect for Jane, especially if/when she turns against Red John. Honestly, they are both sociopaths...


Watcher--thanks I whiffed that first time through!


Corona Gal, Roy was scratched in the floor by the victim, not by the killer. You won't find other crimes with roy scratched in the floor in any crime database. The victim was trying to identify the killer as she was dying a slow and painful death. It is similar to the "he is ma" written in blood on the wall by the dying victim in Mexico.


New here! Glad to have found others that are as intrigued with the Red John mystery as I am! I haven't given up on Lorelei yet. Who knows what the information that Red John killed her sister then turned her will do? She could turn on him. And instead of trying to remember every man he's shaken hands with, running like crimes with Roy scratched in the floor might be more helpful for Jane. Who have we seen that would have the money and reach to pull off what Red John has done? Stiles and Mashburn are the only ones that come to mind. And I hope its not Mashburn, because I really like that character (I think Jane does too) We know Lisbon does :) Stiles doesn't fit Rosalind's description, but something is off here. Red John kills people that imitate, insult, or get in his way. But Stiles can give up Kristina's location, and break out Lorelei and not tick off Red John?
Hoping we get another Red John episode soon. And that the rumors back in June that it was renewed for season 5 and 6 are true!


Lisbon is going to be the one that shows Jane what a trap Lorilei is setting for him. This is probably why her CROSS is changing and getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! Lisbon's childhood nickname is Saint Teresa! This can be confirmed in the episode the Red Badge. In the episode the Devil's Cherry I did not figure out what the motherly religious spanish woman meant until now. She represented Saint Teresa of Avila. Saint Teresa was a prominent spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint and Carmelite Nun. Lisbon is Catholic! This just keeps getting better and better! This is shaping up to be something so much more then I could ever have expected. The writer's are going to make my brain fall out! Hats off to this show for their brillance!


There is some real nasty psychology going on here. Rationalgal now that you figured this out, it's starting to become apparent to me that Red John is trying to close the books on Jane. This is a real nasty low blow. Red John took his family and now he is trying to take his soul. Red John knew that Jane was in need of intimatcy. After ten years of having no one, the killer of his family sends him a women as a gift. What a way to crack the door open in Jane's head. Now this is a real twist for me. I was blind but now I see what trap Red John is setting for Jane!


Maybe this is what Lorilei symbolizes for Jane. If he continues messing with her he will crash and burn. Lorilei has no real commitment to Jane. She is committed to Red John. The problem I have is that Jane thinks their encounter meant something. It never meant anything, Lorilei is a tool of Red John. Red John is using Lorilei like kryptonite!

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