The Mentalist Review: A Depraved New Villain

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A powerful villain brought a new level of angst and depravity to The Mentalist in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" - and the biggest surprise was that it had nothing to do with Red John.

But first we'll visit Lorelei... or at least try to. Leave it to Patrick Jane to attempt to break into a maximum security federal prison. Yes, that's break in.

At first I thought he was keeping the information from Lisbon, but in reality he had told her Lorelei's location. Apparently he just didn't like it when she told him it was impossible to get there. However, watching Jane throw branches at the 20-foot electric fence with razor wire strung across the top was a comical moment.

A Reporter's Death

Lisbon was definitely miffed that Jane was bailing on her and the case to chase his Lorelei lead, but it was hard to blame him. This was as close to Red John as he's gotten in a decade. How was he suppose to let that go?!?

Of course, the moments he was involved with the case were some of the most entertaining. Especially when he spoke to weather girl, Tara, and called her out in this The Mentalist quote

Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked. | permalink

Yeah, he deserved to get slapped for that but it was worth it all the same.

Elsewhere, our murderer this week was truly frightening. Volker's ruthless and he had money and power to indulge in that tendency without retribution.

The moment Amanda started speaking to Lisbon I knew she wouldn't survive the hour. What I didn't expect was to see Volker there, watching his henchman strangle the girl.  I was also surprised that Volker confronted Lisbon at Amanda's home. This guy isn't afraid of anything, least of all Lisbon.

My biggest disappointment was that Jane was nowhere to be found when Lisbon came upon Amanda's body. Where was he? I kept waiting to see his reaction to the murder and wondered what he'd say to Lisbon, but we never go that scene.

The Homeland Security agent was downright creepy. I hoped Lisbon would say no to his request for coffee but I understood why she didn't. The guy made my skin crawl. He's going to be trouble and I don't think he's going away.

A few other notes about the episode…

  • Why did the cyclists need to be told to call 911 when the car went off the cliff?  They all just stood there gawking.
  • Loved Jane's observation that Cassie didn't commit suicide because she was half way through her cheeseburger.
  • Is it just me, or does every suspect Cho and Rigsby go to pick up run from them?

So were you happy to see a new villain besides Red John, one that's focused on Lisbon instead of Jane? 


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Jane has a past of conning the police as a psychic detective! Remember he is a ex-con-man! We need to profile Jane. I'm starting to question his motives for finding Red John besides the killing of his family. His revenge appears to be twofold. First the killing of his family and second the fact that a serial killer had the audacity to chastise him about what he was doing. Think about what a con man really is. The writer's have really hidden Jane's past on purpose. Jane is not as cuddly as the writer's are making him. Hence season 5, the dark side. LET THE MIND GAMES BEGIN!


Jane knows he lied when he gave that description. That is why he says so vehemently that he is a fraud. He knows that lis got his family killed. Jane has never once in the whole 5 years of the show used that description again. Also now we know that Jane has woked with the police before. So he knew what he was doing in Red Dawn after he got out of the mental institution. He already knew police protocol. Makes you think, dont't it? Jane knew exactly what he was going to do when he walked into the CBI in the episode Red Dawn.


Jane was working with the police as a psychic when Red John left him the note. The note is self explanatory! The only thing I question in the note is why Red John used Mister instead of Mr.


You can not base your search for Red John based on what you saw in the pilot or the deleted scenes. Jane was in con mode acting like a psychic. Which means nothing he said was true. Jane himself has said he was a fraud. Jane is not a serial killer profiler. Even if he were, he would have had a description unless there was awitness. Jane cold reads people which means he would have had to meet Red John to make his description true. Since he has not met Red John his discription can not be true. The only thing Jane knows about Red John is his M.O. Information gained at RJ crime scenes.


Davis the talk show host descibed Jane as a paranormal detective.


THE TALK SHOW INTERVIEW W/ DAVIS - Well Davis, True demonic evil burns like fire. It burns w/ a terrible cold dark flame. I force myself to look into that flame and I see an image of the evil doer, in this case RED JOHN. He is an ugly tormented little man, a loney soul, sad, very sad. The police asked me to get a psychic fix, to see if I could get a since of who this man is.


RED JOHN'S NOTE TO JANE IN THE PILOT - Dear Mister Jane, I don't like to be SLANDERED in the media, espically by a dirty money grubbing fraud. If you were a real psychic, instead of a dishonest little worm, you wouldn't need to open the door to see what I've done to your lovely wife and child.


some great thoughts and theories. really enjoy all the good brains being brought to bear around my favorite show. doesn't kirkland look like voldemort with a nose?


@Guessing. Your ideas about Stiles and Visualize are really intriguing because it reminds me that Visualize makes everybody do those confession tapes, I forget what they call them. If RJ went through Viz, his confession tapes must be doozies! And Stiles tells Jane that time on the park bench, before he gives Jane Rosalind's address, about how he knows way more than even Jane OR RJ have any idea. Stiles left the country right after that. Unavailable for interview, and what a valuable witness he would be, knowing everything about RJ for as long as he was at Viz. I would think RJ would really want to bump Stiles off, if your theory is correct.


@rationalgal.....thanks for the recap of the deleted scene. Can't remember if Rosland had blood on her hands or not when they discovered the morgue guy, but I did think it was VERY strange that she would not have any knowledge of him being in her closet. Wish they would have explored that more. After watching the Canadian promo for next week, I am beginning to think Kirkland is Red John with Volker part of his close inner circle. (They are somehow closely involved with each other.) I kind of also think that maybe Red John found most of his followers at Visualize. He learned from Stiles techniques and then went and formed his own "organization". Stiles seems to know too much about Red John. He may not know personally who he is, but I bet he knows how he is able to convince people to do his bidding. It is fun to try and figure out where the writers are going. @entwife, I believe it is Lorelei. On the Canadian promo, you see her with blond hair, not to mention a lot of different "spoilers".

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