The Mentalist Review: A Depraved New Villain

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A powerful villain brought a new level of angst and depravity to The Mentalist in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" - and the biggest surprise was that it had nothing to do with Red John.

But first we'll visit Lorelei... or at least try to. Leave it to Patrick Jane to attempt to break into a maximum security federal prison. Yes, that's break in.

At first I thought he was keeping the information from Lisbon, but in reality he had told her Lorelei's location. Apparently he just didn't like it when she told him it was impossible to get there. However, watching Jane throw branches at the 20-foot electric fence with razor wire strung across the top was a comical moment.

A Reporter's Death

Lisbon was definitely miffed that Jane was bailing on her and the case to chase his Lorelei lead, but it was hard to blame him. This was as close to Red John as he's gotten in a decade. How was he suppose to let that go?!?

Of course, the moments he was involved with the case were some of the most entertaining. Especially when he spoke to weather girl, Tara, and called her out in this The Mentalist quote

Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked. | permalink

Yeah, he deserved to get slapped for that but it was worth it all the same.

Elsewhere, our murderer this week was truly frightening. Volker's ruthless and he had money and power to indulge in that tendency without retribution.

The moment Amanda started speaking to Lisbon I knew she wouldn't survive the hour. What I didn't expect was to see Volker there, watching his henchman strangle the girl.  I was also surprised that Volker confronted Lisbon at Amanda's home. This guy isn't afraid of anything, least of all Lisbon.

My biggest disappointment was that Jane was nowhere to be found when Lisbon came upon Amanda's body. Where was he? I kept waiting to see his reaction to the murder and wondered what he'd say to Lisbon, but we never go that scene.

The Homeland Security agent was downright creepy. I hoped Lisbon would say no to his request for coffee but I understood why she didn't. The guy made my skin crawl. He's going to be trouble and I don't think he's going away.

A few other notes about the episode…

  • Why did the cyclists need to be told to call 911 when the car went off the cliff?  They all just stood there gawking.
  • Loved Jane's observation that Cassie didn't commit suicide because she was half way through her cheeseburger.
  • Is it just me, or does every suspect Cho and Rigsby go to pick up run from them?

So were you happy to see a new villain besides Red John, one that's focused on Lisbon instead of Jane? 


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Couple of things: About Jane's name, Heller said he chose it because it is an Irish working class name. Iron cutters are working class, for what it's worth. Also, it is possible that Jane was set up to work with CBI by the FBI as a means of baiting Red John to get him out where they could find enough evidence to convict him. The FBI mose surely has been desperate to find this guy, given his ability to infiltrate them. Jane would be perfect, with his desire for revenge and mentalist abilities. He may even be doing this deliberately for the FBI. He didn't seem surprised at the end of the episode when Jane met the FBI guy for the first time and found he (Jane) was well known to him. Jane certainly hasn't been doing much to find RJ, but serves mainly as someone to draw RJ to the surface. Just one more of many possibilities.


What episode did Rosalind touch Jane's face? I don't want to research the answer.


Wow! Guessing you are right. I never thought of Red John that way before. This could be a even bigger clue. We may be able to porfile Red John through what his minions say and do. I think you found something big. Lots to work on.


Also Jane and John are interchangeable in other languages. I think Jane may have an evil twin, which could be female or male. or it's someone else in his family. someone he knows. I will be looking into something B. Styles said to Jane.


Red John is Roy Tagliaferro watch the episode in Red John's Footsteps. He had an affiar with Rosalind and left his symbol on her bed room wall. I don't think Rosalind ever touched Jane's face. I don't think Jane is Red John but I do Think It's some one in is family. They showed the name Tagliaferro like they showed the lottery information. The only difference is that the name had to be translated to english. So I looked up the names of Red John, Jane and Roy Tagliaferro. Roy Tagliaferro definition describes Red John. Roy means red head... there are a lot of red heads in the series.


Wait. Red John is Roy Tagliaferro so Rosalind has felt his face and Jane's. So Jane couldn't be RJ or Rosalind would have recognized him. Right?


Did Rosalind ever feel Roy's friend's face (assumed to be RJ)? If so, she would have recognized Jane as RJ right away when she felt Jane's face.


@anitraward1 Are you thinking that Jane is Red John? Like a split personality thing? I admit in earlier years, I kind of thought the same thing and maybe the writers were going that angle, but now I think they have moved away from that idea. I think Red John is his own person, sort of the other side of the coin so to speak. Yes, Jane can be a big JERK and down right mean and dark, but for story reasons he still is the "good" side of the coin. On the other hand, I think Red John appears "good" outwardly to others (not in his inner circle or those hunting him), but deep down we know is evil. Like the "guy next door" no one can believe is a mastermind and killer when caught. Whatever is the truth is, I hope that Sunday's show gives us more information and lots more to talk about.


Clue-meaning of the name Red, Very inquistive,restless and nature seeking. Impelled by intense desires that cannot be satisfied or comprehended... John- the Lord is Gracious Roy-red,red hair, king, king regal. Tagliaferro-italian, from Tagliar to cut + ferro iron. An occupational name for an iron worker or a nick name for a strong ferocious fighter, one who was adept at cutting through the cuirass of the enemy with his sword Jane is the feminne form of John. John has 85 varient forms Jane is one of them.


First of all yeah two Fringe alums in one episode. I like Volker as a new villain. Lisbon has been quiet this season. Her expected casket blowing from the revelation of Jane sleeping with Lorelei never appeared and frankly she's been too quiet. She's a fighter and she hasn't had a good fight all season Volker will provide that. Bob from Homeland Security seems to be protecting Lisbon, that should be fun. If he is this seasons Red John stand-in its the classic the evil you know scenario. All in all a much better episode than we've had of late. To quote Janes' daughter 'Boy am I sick of Red John' ;)

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