The Mentalist Review: A Depraved New Villain

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A powerful villain brought a new level of angst and depravity to The Mentalist in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" - and the biggest surprise was that it had nothing to do with Red John.

But first we'll visit Lorelei... or at least try to. Leave it to Patrick Jane to attempt to break into a maximum security federal prison. Yes, that's break in.

At first I thought he was keeping the information from Lisbon, but in reality he had told her Lorelei's location. Apparently he just didn't like it when she told him it was impossible to get there. However, watching Jane throw branches at the 20-foot electric fence with razor wire strung across the top was a comical moment.

A Reporter's Death

Lisbon was definitely miffed that Jane was bailing on her and the case to chase his Lorelei lead, but it was hard to blame him. This was as close to Red John as he's gotten in a decade. How was he suppose to let that go?!?

Of course, the moments he was involved with the case were some of the most entertaining. Especially when he spoke to weather girl, Tara, and called her out in this The Mentalist quote

Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked. | permalink

Yeah, he deserved to get slapped for that but it was worth it all the same.

Elsewhere, our murderer this week was truly frightening. Volker's ruthless and he had money and power to indulge in that tendency without retribution.

The moment Amanda started speaking to Lisbon I knew she wouldn't survive the hour. What I didn't expect was to see Volker there, watching his henchman strangle the girl.  I was also surprised that Volker confronted Lisbon at Amanda's home. This guy isn't afraid of anything, least of all Lisbon.

My biggest disappointment was that Jane was nowhere to be found when Lisbon came upon Amanda's body. Where was he? I kept waiting to see his reaction to the murder and wondered what he'd say to Lisbon, but we never go that scene.

The Homeland Security agent was downright creepy. I hoped Lisbon would say no to his request for coffee but I understood why she didn't. The guy made my skin crawl. He's going to be trouble and I don't think he's going away.

A few other notes about the episode…

  • Why did the cyclists need to be told to call 911 when the car went off the cliff?  They all just stood there gawking.
  • Loved Jane's observation that Cassie didn't commit suicide because she was half way through her cheeseburger.
  • Is it just me, or does every suspect Cho and Rigsby go to pick up run from them?

So were you happy to see a new villain besides Red John, one that's focused on Lisbon instead of Jane? 


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What I want to know is WHERE IS JANE'S FATHER?


Rationalgal here is some info on Brett Stiles from the episode His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts. Brett Stiles has been the head of visualize since 1976 Visualize has a student campus in Atherson california called clearview This campus has 4,642 students from over 27 countries. In this episode Stlies is able get K. Frye back for Jane. Info. the CBI and the FBI could not get. This indicates that Stiles knows who Red John is and how to find him. He also said Jane was like the sorcerer's apprentice and that he woke up something he might no be able to control. Could Red John be in Vizualize. Brett left the country and went to Jakarta at the end of this episode.


CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS POST: Mesmerism involved hypnotism and mind-over-matter flim-flam, not mind-reading. Sorry about that.


About Brett Stiles and RJ being connected to Jane's family: Could be. Jane comes from a long line of carnival hucksters - flim-flam artists, just as Brett Stiles is with his Visualize cult. A possible spinoff with the following interesting real-life similarity (writers do get their ideas from stuff like this): Christian Science was started by Mary Baker Eddy, who worked the carnival circuit with a guy named Quimby. They had a "mesmerist" (mind-reading) act. When he died Eddy turned the act into a faith healing cult. So now we can wonder which of Jane's family members might be behind the RJ operation. So far we only know of his father and brother-in-law, but we don't know if Stiles (or someone else) is aldo related. (And this might very well be way off the track. Hard to tell the red herrings from the actual clues. Hmmm: "red" herrings? Is RJ everywhere???)


About Rosalind touching Jane's face: Yes it appears to be a false memory, triggered by having watched the movie, "Not Forgotten." In it, Simon Baker plays Jack Bishop, a small town upstanding citizen hiding his past as a contract killer for the Mexican mafia. His daughter gets kidnapped and he wants to find the perp and kill him. He goes to a Hispanic psychic - a BLIND WOMAN WHO FEELS HIS FACE and says things that expose his murderous past and lead him back to it, with violent results. This is a perfect example of how false memory works. If you want to see Simon Baker do really bloody violence, get the movie! (The story at the end is full of holes and defies credibility. Let's hope The Mentalist doesn't end in the same confusing way.)


Jane is the best part of this show. I'm way over the Red John storyline and I don't care for the idea of another social misfit. I was so turned off by the scene w/Volker watching that young girl get murdered. I too knew Lisbon was making a promise she couldn't keep when she told her - "we will protect you." Yeah right - from a guy that wiped out an entire tribe and has no conscience or soul - good luck with that one.


Rosalind did feel roy's face.


Rationalgal, I get what you are saying about Heller. Even if you knew who Red John was and asked Heller he wouldn't tell you. It would throw the whole series down the toilet. But don't you think it's kinda interesting that the information still adds up. Tagliaferro means iron cutter and now we Know Jane means iron cutter. Which backs my therory up. Which is that it's someone from Janes family. Now we have two iron cutters. As Jane says, the are no coincidences. We have a lot of information. It's like not seeing the forrest for the trees. I'm going to look a one tree at a time. B. Styles is the first tree!


Entwife, if that is the case, I'm positive she did not touch Janes face at the door. She asked to feel Lisbon's badge. I watched the episode this morning.


@anitraward1 If Rosalind did feel Jane's face, it would have been Red John's Footsteps. I've looked at some online written stuff and can't find a mention, but don't have the episode so I can't be definitive. I just have a picture of it in my mind near the porch or inside the front door shortly after introducing himself. Maybe it's a false memory lol, get so desperate for clues sometimes.

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