The Mentalist Review: A Depraved New Villain

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A powerful villain brought a new level of angst and depravity to The Mentalist in "If It Bleeds, It Leads" - and the biggest surprise was that it had nothing to do with Red John.

But first we'll visit Lorelei... or at least try to. Leave it to Patrick Jane to attempt to break into a maximum security federal prison. Yes, that's break in.

At first I thought he was keeping the information from Lisbon, but in reality he had told her Lorelei's location. Apparently he just didn't like it when she told him it was impossible to get there. However, watching Jane throw branches at the 20-foot electric fence with razor wire strung across the top was a comical moment.

A Reporter's Death

Lisbon was definitely miffed that Jane was bailing on her and the case to chase his Lorelei lead, but it was hard to blame him. This was as close to Red John as he's gotten in a decade. How was he suppose to let that go?!?

Of course, the moments he was involved with the case were some of the most entertaining. Especially when he spoke to weather girl, Tara, and called her out in this The Mentalist quote

Hell hath no fury like a slut outflanked. | permalink

Yeah, he deserved to get slapped for that but it was worth it all the same.

Elsewhere, our murderer this week was truly frightening. Volker's ruthless and he had money and power to indulge in that tendency without retribution.

The moment Amanda started speaking to Lisbon I knew she wouldn't survive the hour. What I didn't expect was to see Volker there, watching his henchman strangle the girl.  I was also surprised that Volker confronted Lisbon at Amanda's home. This guy isn't afraid of anything, least of all Lisbon.

My biggest disappointment was that Jane was nowhere to be found when Lisbon came upon Amanda's body. Where was he? I kept waiting to see his reaction to the murder and wondered what he'd say to Lisbon, but we never go that scene.

The Homeland Security agent was downright creepy. I hoped Lisbon would say no to his request for coffee but I understood why she didn't. The guy made my skin crawl. He's going to be trouble and I don't think he's going away.

A few other notes about the episode…

  • Why did the cyclists need to be told to call 911 when the car went off the cliff?  They all just stood there gawking.
  • Loved Jane's observation that Cassie didn't commit suicide because she was half way through her cheeseburger.
  • Is it just me, or does every suspect Cho and Rigsby go to pick up run from them?

So were you happy to see a new villain besides Red John, one that's focused on Lisbon instead of Jane? 


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Isn't all this speculation about Red John just a waste of time? They are going to make him whoever they want, regardless of what the fans are reading into various characters. I really enjoyed this episode. But, the final scenes sent a shiver up my spine. I have no idea if Volker is RJ or not. But, he is clearly a sociopath in the same league who is gunning for Lisbon. His methodology is similar in that he manipulates others to do his crimes, and he taunts law enforcement to prove that he is the killer. The one interesting thing is that Volker and Jane NEVER met. Don't know what that means. Maybe nothing. I just think we're going to enjoy seeing all these plot threads unfold.


Money, grooming and training can change a person. Look at what Visualize does with it's members. They provide them with everything. Jobs, money and housing, which Red John seems to have. In the Crimson Hat episode Red John offered Jane the same thing.


Jane and his father were still together in 1986. I don't know when Jane left his father. Could his father be the head of a different visualize order in another country. Which means he could come and go undetected. Jane's father did want wealth. In the episode crackle bladder blood Jane did not mention, ask, or talk about his father. If you remember he visited the carni people he grow up with and they didn't either. Unless they give some information about Jane's family, I'm going to be convinced for now that it's his father or someone in his family. I'm sure Brett Stiles knows who Red John is. Why do you think it's K. Frye?


Going out on limb here, I'm not-so-wild-guessing it's Christina Frye. (The coma is faked.)


It has been obvious to me since Visualize was first introduced that it was key to the RJ operation. Problem is, it is SO obvious that I wonder if we are being misdirected. It answers all questions about how and why RJ could get away with what he does. It suggests that a mastermind is behind it all, with minions going forth to do the dirty work. It shows how ideology and charismatic leadership can get people to do awful things (as in Sept. 11). In "His Thoughts were Red Thoughts" the murderer slapped Stiles and hated him for what he had turned her into. The writers have borrowed from several religious/political ideologies to create Visualize as an organization fully capable of the control it exhibits. Question is, who is that mastermind? Doesn't seem to be Stiles, altho he is probably 2nd in command. Jane's father does not seem the type to be top dog. Too crude. It's someone Jane knows, someone charismatic, unprincipled, manipulative, self-aggrandizing. Hmmmm. Going out on a limb here I'm not-so-wild-guessing it's Cristina Frye. (The coma is faked.) Tonight's episode may shed more light.


I own that movie and a few more! I'm a FAN!


Last thing, Stiles told Jane he knew more then he and Red John could ever imagine. How could Stiles know what Red John was thinking unless he knew him. Brett Stiles also asked Jane about the demons chasing him. Jane replied I'm chasing them and Stiles replied, oh really. I'm now convinced Stiles is knee deep in all of this.


The info I gave came from 2 episodes the other one was Blood On His Hands. A retired police officer who worked for Visualize as security told Lisbon he read her personnel record. How was he able to do that? Clue, Brett Stiles told Lisbon and Jane that he was good friends w/ ronnie Reagan. President Reagan! The president was in office from 1981-1989. Brett Stiles was the head of visualize in 1976. Brett Stlies has now assoscited himself with the White House. That is a lot of power. Jane's father was training Jane's in thier business, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that like being an apprentice?

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