The Good Wife Review: The Comedian, Breasts and Brazil

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"Anatomy of a Joke" introduced us to a woman (Christina Ricci), who used humor not only to make a living, but to get through the rough parts of life.

I really identified with her and couldn't help but giggle with her foot-in-mouth moments. She was a wonderful guest star with an interesting message.

Christina Ricci as Therese Dodd

Two weeks in a row and the focus was on women and their place in the world. I wonder if the power struggle between men and women and male bits and women's bits will ever be concluded.

There were two stories talking about penises. One about breast cancer. I don't know what slang words for penises are allowed to be used on prime time, but apparently none for breasts are permitted, as even on The Good Wife they managed to attempt a humorous way to mask any of them instead of really saying them out loud. It's ludicrous.

I found it fascinating how they compared the types of programming and that it made a direct difference in a network's decision to display nudity. Schindler's List was alright because of the subject matter, but because a comedian took on the subject of breast cancer in a less than serious way, it was offensive.

As Maddie Hayward continued running with the story about Peter's penis and a birthmark of Brazil, the joke found its way into Therese's comedy routine by the end of the episode. I couldn't tell if that was good or bad for Peter's campaign, but Alicia got a solid laugh. I'm glad they figured out Maddie had been planning her move for over a month, and I can't wait to see how they use it against her. Eli will surely have a fantastic scheme.

It has been long overdue, but so welcome to see Alicia and Cary sharing time together. Not only were they working the comedian case, but after running into Cary's dad, Alicia decided to knock on Cary's door and they sat on hotel room beds drinking, remembering how they were when they met and how far they've come.

We need a lot more of that on The Good Wife. With Alicia and Cary in particular, as they walked into the doors of Lockhart/Gardner at the same time. Their history is so interconnected, as even when Cary was forced out, he worked closely with Peter. There is so much material to mine between an Alicia and Cary partnership. When they work cases together, they could be unstoppable. 

The story between Cary and his dad was absolutely heartbreaking. When he told Cary he needed to talk, I was certain he was going to say was dying. His tone had a life or death aspect to it, and Cary heard it as well. Imagine his surprise when he found out dear old dad who hadn't spoken to him in years was asking for a handout. The audacity of some people is overwhelming.

Was I the only person who was confused about the actions of Mr. Prescott (Murray Abraham) and the role he played in the network vs. Therese case? One second he was standing with them and the next he was against them. His comments on their behalf with one of the FCC chairmen resulted in the dismissal of the case. I was so happy he didn't end up purchasing Lockhart/Gardner.

I wish Therese could have said something to make Mr. Hayden take a hike. His story has run its course, as has the entire "the firm is out of money" bit that has been on the front burner since The Good Wife began. I've lost track from from what their money challenges stem at this point. Swindling? Poor management? They've lost so many lawyers they can't possibly be paying too much in salary. 

The two most boring stories are Peter's cheating and Lockhart/Gardner's inability to stay afloat. The interpersonal stories are so much more interesting: Cary and Alicia, as was noted above, and Alicia helping Laura Hellinger find a job after she quit the Navy. What made that stand out was not so much her assistance, but Peter's complete faith in her recommendation. It's time to reintroduce the good wife of The Good Wife.

Where are Peter and Alicia in their marriage? There are little hints of them getting along much better, but taking the time to fill in the dots wouldn't be painful, at least to this viewer.


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I enjoy the lighter episodes of TGW as much as the dramatic, more tense ones. I think Laura Hellinger may start turning to Cary for guidance, as strange as that may be since he is at Lockhart Gardner. The SA's office doesn't seem a place where she can be mentored correctly. It's more of a shark tank with all the other ASA's there competing for Peter's attention. Cary would definitely be able to help her with some tips in surviving that environment. And, don't they both seem to be lonely souls who just need a really nice person on their side? Laura/Cary! I'm calling it now.


No I didn't get that impression about her comment, Alicia has a guilty conscionist because she lost the case and thought she had to make it up to her. Peter has very little interacting with his ASA's, plus she needs Peter on her side in case her scandel comes to light which it wil.


Did anyone else cringe when Alicia said "I think you'll like her" about Laura. My mind instantly flashed forward to a future scandal involving Peter and the former Captain. Peter's assistant Mercedes seemed to go there when Peter hired his new employee.


Hey all just got the end results on this show, Alicia and Peter reunite and Will disapears Happy Days. The Kings can work on a new show of The Good Wives, staring Broadwell wife and mother of 2 kids then Kelly wife and mother of 3 kids. I wonder what the husbands are doing about their wives indescretion, this could make for a real nail biter with Uncle Sam leading the way.


"Great posting! Loved the episode. Cary's dad is a jerk and I am glad he
got a chance to get even. Maybe he can get together with Peters Mom.........that
would be poetic justice. Keep up the good work girl!


Poor Cary, watching him get smacked around in the preview...and no, Peter and Alicia shouldn't get back together. He's just find another hooker's toe to suck on and start the whole thing over again.


I don't know if I trust Perter with that Laura.

Beverly brooks

Carey finally got more than 2 lines this week. But what his dad put him through. Leading him on implying life or death situation only to ask for his putting in a good word with his boss for him. Carey needs a girl friend bad!


Urgh Cary's dad what a creep. I'm not an Alicia/Peter fan never have been, I hope they don't rekindle anything.


For all you siniks who keep saying A/W TEAM is right let me open a few eyes, as a woman I can see right through the womanizer Will who only has one thing in mind and Alicia knows that. She isn't about to ruin her family for this backstabbing boss that him and Diane keep using her to do their dirty work. Don't forget back in season 1 when he had her going into an apartment looking for inciminating evidence that she if caught would of been accused of breaking an entering and also disbarred and he would have denied any involvement. So when it comes to Peter once a cheat, always a cheat he should be given the husband of the year award, who says always. Don't forget women do it to didn't she, separated doesn't give anybody a green light divorce does !!!

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