Supernatural Round Table: "A Little Slice of Kevin"

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Supernatural viewers were treated to "A Little Slice of Kevin" last Wednesday.

What did you think of the episode? Our Round Table panel of Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna, along with Alice Jester from The Winchester Family Business, have gathered below to break down the best scenes and quotes.

Won't you join them?


Favorite scene or moment from the episode?
Carissa: Hmmm. I think it was seeing Castiel's wings. They only bring them out when we are really meant to understand something, and the funny thing was this time lead to Naomi and just the opposite!

Carla: I loved the reading of the tablet. The mysteries within it are a intriguing driving force for the season.

Alice: I don’t have a particular favorite scene, but I did love Castiel showing up and cleaning himself up all nice. I laughed at his “Better?” with a smile, back in his old suit and trench coat like nothing had happened. Even Sam smiled. It goes to show even angels know the healing power of a nice hot shower! 

Sean: I agree with Carissa. Seeing Castiel's wings gave me a major flashback to season four. It's such a cool image and really makes me think about Castiel's powers. Was getting to see the wings and his blue eyes some super level we haven't seen before? Such a cool visual.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Is Crowley proving himself to be a great big bad for the season?
Carissa: He's so much more welcome than the Leviathan. Even when he's being horrible, he still manages to be humble and funny. Rounding up useless unturned prophets was pretty funny, when you think of it.

Carla: Definitely. He just killed that future prophet without even a momentary pause. Never know what he will be willing to do. At least he didn't kill Kevin.

Alice: Crowley always has been a great big bad, but it’s nice to see him as the main big bad this season. Although, I’m very suspicious of Heaven right now and perhaps that won’t stay that way.  What makes him a great big bad is he can be so amusing in between the little fits of temper like cutting a prophet’s finger off.  You’re almost rooting for him just so you can hear him rant. 

Sean: He's really showing how evil he can be and just how far he's willing to go. At the same time he's so ruthless, he still has fantastically eloquent and funny lines. I'm loving where his character is headed.

Do you think Dean and Castiel are good now?
Carissa: Yes. I don't think they were ever not good. Dean was just unable to cut himself a break, which is typical Dean behavior.

Carla: Dean will still feel some guilt or anger over Cas being left behind, but I think they are good. They will get better as time passes, unless of course he finds out about Cas spying on them even if involuntarily.

Alice: I think Dean and Castiel are good now like Sam and Dean are good now. Sure, this week is okay, but we’ll never know what wedge will come in between them the next. 

Sean: I feel like as of know all the characters are good with each other. Does that mean that they might not revisit the issues? No, but for now, the team seems ready to focus on the main issue of closing the gates of Hell.

Were you surprised that Castiel didn't want to be saved?
Carissa: Not really. I didn't get the reason right, but I would have expected him to stay behind to ensure Dean's survival. That he didn't deserve to be saved made him much like Dean.

Carla: No. He had so much guilt over his abuse of power and then the Leviathans. He felt purgatory was his punishment for his wrongs. He wasn't worthy of being saved.

Alice: A little, but in retrospect, perhaps that’s a plot development? Maybe he knew subconsciously of the angel manipulation in Heaven and Purgatory was the best place for him?  The angels were after all the ones that came and got him, and we have no evidence their intentions are good. Or why don’t I give a short answer? No. 

Sean: I understand that he feels like he has a lot to pay for, but he could have told Dean. Not that it would have changed Dean's mind. Is Purgatory where angels go to repent? Or somewhere else?

What is up with the angel Naomi and her new demands for Castiel?
Carissa: I'm wondering if she's really who she says she is. When did God get his sh*t together? Are we sure he did? If so, are the Winchesters future angels?

Carla: Angels want to keep an eye on Sam and Dean for some reason. Perhaps, they still want to get their hands on the tablet? Or it could be for an entirely different purpose. Never know with those Angels!

Alice: Yeah, what’s up with that?  We’ve been waiting for Heaven to get their affairs in order but this is just plain weird.  And oh so creepy.  I’ll just say “pass” on this one. 

Sean: No idea, but I'm glad that the angels are back and potentially relevant to the season plot as a whole. It really makes me wonder more about Heaven and God, and how they will play into Castiel's reports on the brothers. And why are Sam and Dean so important now?

Any thoughts on Metatron or the other tablets?
Carissa: What is this, Fringe? I can only deal with one search at a time. For this one, I just want to enjoy the ride.

Carla: I hope we get to meet Metatron. As I said earlier, I'm enjoying the use of the tablets as a driving force for the season. Could all the demons be driven off Earth? That would be a big win for the boys and the world.

Alice: I assume this is where the quest begins, aka the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme that was supposed to be defining this season. Now that Kevin and his mother are in Garth’s safe hands (no, that doesn’t give me warm fuzzies), is Crowley every time he finds a tablet going to come back and snatch Kevin?  I suspect that’s exactly why Heaven is intervening right now.  There’s something way more to this than anyone knows, and Sam and Dean are again smack in the middle of it. Either that or it’s really nothing and Jeremy Carver is sitting behind his desk diabolically laughing at us.  

Sean: The mythology of the show sucks me in and giving us more and more keeps me excited. I hope we meet Metatron as well and maybe discover more of what the tablets mean beyond defeating the Leviathan or closing the gates of Hell.

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