Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Crucifixed"

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Death came knocking on the door of Jax and Tara this week, as the latest Sons of Anarchy featured the former taking revenge on Opie's killer and the latter sinking deeper than ever into the depths of her man's club.

How did our Round Table - of TV Fanatic staffers Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Chris O'Hara, along with Heather Ragsdale from - react to the best and most surprising scenes from "Crucifixed?"

Read on. Find out. Chime in.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Matt: The final one. The final line, in particular. Tara absolutely nailed it on the frightening head with her response to Jax over how the Otto situation would be dealt. More bloodshed on the way. That's always the SAMCRO answer it seems.

Christine: I knew he was up to something I just didn't think it would be that quick or that gruesome.

Chris: There were so many funny and powerful lines this week. I think one of the best was: "Clay: Can I do anything for you on the outside?" Lenny: "Ain’t got no more outside." As for my favorite scene, it had to be when Chibbs told Jax that he will always have his back and always has. Not gonna lie. I got a little choked up there.

Heather: When Jax and Bobby were talking to Chibbs about Juice. I really liked when he came clean about knowing about the pressure on Juice and what Juice’s secret was. I liked this scene because Tommy Flanagan was awesome; the passion in his voice is what won me over. You could tell how Chibbs feels about Juice and how much it angers him that it is Juice in this situation. It's what saved Juice, at least for this episode.

Did you see Otto's murder coming?

Matt: I thought he would kill himself. Maybe try to kill Tara. I did NOT think he would repeatedly slice open the neck of the poor nurse who was only trying to help wounded and ill inmates. Damn you, Otto, for setting up Tara that way. I thought you two had a masturbation bond going.

Christine: I knew he was up to something I just didn't think it would be that quick or that gruesome.

Chris: I was sure there was a knife in that cross but I thought he was going to use it to take his own life. I did not see that brutal attack coming.

Heather: Yes, but just not that way. I mean, who gets the bright idea to kill someone with a crucifix?!? And you've got to admit, it’s pretty clever to do so. Only Otto, in his freaky head, would think of something like that. I actually thought he might kill Tara, but making Tara an accessory to murder keeps the story going, which is what we all want to see.

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Chibs shooting that dude in the head: Good move or stupid move?

Matt: Very, very stupid. Talk about not seeing the long-term forest for the blinded-by-vengeance trees. Opie was a man of family, someone with a big heart. Would he really have wanted his death avenged (which it already was, really, via the prison guard killing) by Chibbs and Jax ruining the club's alliance with the Grim Bastards? That's thinking about themselves, not about SAMCRO.

Christine: Inevitable move. They couldn't let the guy who bludgeoned Opie to death live, and Jax was right: in the moment, the guy looked as though he was enjoying himself. But, yeah, the move will certainly have its consequences down the road.

Chris: Who cares, like Jax said to Bobby, he wasn’t there to see the pleasure that guy took as he caved in Opie’s skull. Some scores I think you have to settle no matter the fallout.

Heather: A little bit of both. Good in that he took out the guy who had a hand in Opie’s murder and you gotta love his use of “I got this." But it was stupid because they broke a promise to one of their closest allies and there will be a lack of trust there going forward.

Are you buying this gracious/vulnerable side of Clay?

Matt: Sure, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to die. I do question his sincerity when thanking Juice, I think that's purely to mess with the tattooed one's head. But he really does love Gemma... in his own violent, warped way. So I can understand the softer side of Clay when in her presence. Which is now to say I feel remotely bad for him, of course. What a disturbing, well-acted scene between these two in the kitchen, huh?

Christine: Everybody has their vulnerable side, even Clay. But I don't trust this guy for a moment. I think he's capable of playing anyone at any time.

Chris: I sort of am… he is no longer making any secret of how toxic a person he is. I thought his comments to Juice about wondering if he is chasing something he even wants anymore were sincere. He just wants the head of the table back but when the offer to put Jax away so that could happen came up, Clay was not on board.

Heather: No, this is Clay looking out for number-one, like always. It makes me think of that old saying: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig." And in this case, we can make Clay look gracious and vulnerable, but he’s still a murdering douche.

Will Jax hand over Tig to Pope?

Matt: Over Pope's dead body! No, really. Literally. Jax will kill Pope.

Christine: Last season, I would have said no way - but now? We're seeing a more brutally practical side to Jax. Tig may very well be in big trouble.

Chris: Not in a million years, if Chibbs’s actions last night were any indication. I don’t think Jax gives a sh-t about anyone but his crew. He’ll use Pope and others as much as he can, but after seeing Opie give his life to spare theirs, he’ll be damned before he lets that sacrifice be in vain.

Heather: I hope not, but this is a new vicious Jax. So you never actually know. On the other hand, Jax is going on and on about change; I can see him taking Pope out before he has to give Tig up. It would be impossible to ever take the club in a new, clean direction otherwise.

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