Scandal Review: A Worn Path

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After this week's episode of Scandal, I find myself asking one question: If you're anyone other than Cyrus Beene, is it possible to keep a secret from Olivia Pope?

"All Roads Lead to Fitz" was a game-changer in terms of who's trusting whom. Old alliances were renewed, new alliances were formed and all of it was done for one purpose: protecting Fitz.

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Tonight's episode picked up immediately where "Beltway Unbuckled" left off and one thing's for certain: Hollis Doyle might be the greasiest slimeball since President Charles Logan on 24.

I'm not sure if he's the reason they had a mess to cover up or if they've all gotten their positions because of a mess he uncovered, but Hollis is not a man to trust. He is, however, a man to keep very, very close by. Like the saying goes, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Hollis knows everything he shouldn't know and then some, but what he doesn't know is just how far Cyrus is willing to go to keep this secret under wraps.

And how far will he go? We know he'll go all the way to having someone murdered, and after tonight, Mellie might infer that much as well. Their scene in the hallway of the White House was exactly what I love most about these two characters when they're together.

Cyrus recognizes the threat that Mellie can be, calling her a "terrifying political animal," and Mellie seems to appreciate that Cyrus sees that in her. But Cyrus? Don't mess with Cyrus.

If Mellie's an animal, Cyrus is a monster willing to stop at nothing, even embarrassing his own husband, to protect Fitz. And then, as if nothing happened, Cyrus just snaps back to his normal self as if he hasn't just threatened the First Lady of the United States and accepts her invitation to dinner. Brilliant! (To read more of Cyrus' fantastic lines, albeit without his trademark delivery, check out the Scandal quotes page!)

This mess they're covering up, voter fraud during Fitz's campaign for President, is not one I can say I saw coming. Olivia wears the white hat, and while David Rosen has said she's not afraid to do the wrong thing from time to time so that good will prevail, I have to wonder if she knew about the fraud at the time of Fitz's campaign or if she found out after. And if she knew about the voter fraud, what was the worse evil she was trying to prevent?

Gosh, this show. Always with the questions!

The Pope and Associates case-of-the-week was seamlessly integrated into both the theme of this week's episode and the conspiracy. Governor Reston's feigned reluctance to accept Olivia's help due to the fact that she cost him the election against Fitz and the subsequent revelation that he had premeditated murdering his wife's lover, hoodwinking Olivia the whole time, was really well-crafted. The foreshadowing that something had been awry during their competition for the White House was flawlessly executed.

(By the way, was anyone jonesing for an Everwood reunion like I was? Tom Amandes and Debra Mooney together again? Too bad they didn't share a scene tonight.)

Other important things of note from this episode:

  • David and Abby's relationship is no secret, nor was the fact that he was too close to the truth for comfort. Olivia's been spying on him and using someone other than Huck to do it.
  • Speaking of Huck, how delightfully awkward, and also incredibly creepy, was his date? He spies on suburban families for fun.
  • Edison Davis is after Olivia, and she's not saying no to his advances. She's also not saying yes. I like the way this potential relationship is being handled. While I know the majority of the audience wants her with Fitz, that's not plausible at this stage in the game. Edison might be a nice distraction.

What did you think of tonight's Scandal? Let's talk in the comments and look for the Scandal Round Table, coming soon!


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Hello guys, Salut les amis, .We have meet in Gaspe on that beautiful spinrg skiing Saturday at Bol des patrouilleurs & La Serpentine , Just before the 35 cm snowfall.I was at work yesterday, in front of my computer with my Ipod, listening to Fitz Cahall Dirtbag diaries. I really like the way you talk about adventure, being in you're backyard or being 15 hrs airplane ride from it.Being now a dad and soon of 2 kids . my adventures have slightly changed, but still remain adventures .I'll continue to read and review your pictures from trips around the world and in you're background with great pleasure.Great stuff for day dreaming…MC


What if abby turns out to be a plant by olivia to keep an eye on david and earn his trust? That way she can stay a step ahead of his thought process while seemingly unaware of his inquiries...


Not the best episode but still very good. It provided texture to main characters and moved along the story surrounding the explosion. Cyrus and Mellie are absolutely gold. Cyrus has the best dialogue and delivers it flawlessly. Huck seems like a serial killer who is unquestionably loyal to Olivia and therefore on the side of good. I shudder to think of what he would do in other hands which is why I'm suspicious of his budding romance. Great show...can't wait until next week. The governor's story was predictable except the part where he planned to commit murder/suicide. Olivia was too easily fooled which leads me to believe this is part of a bigger plot. Abby's actions prove Olivia was right not to confide in her. I wonder what the significance is of Olivia using someone other than Huck to spy on the DA. I suppose Abby should be grateful because Huck is scary.


I liked the ending with Olivia and Cyrus. I wanted Olivia to breakdown with Verna regarding the breakup so that Verna could say "I told you so". I think when Verna dies Fitz will be the only one to comfort Olivia. In terms of Abby, I cannot imagine how Olivia is going to handle that betrayal.


Best episode yet!


Did Olivia's "friend" spying on David appear in a previous episode? I keep trying to place him but somehow can't.


Very good episode, I was engaged throughout. The voter fraud plot was a reasonable explanation for the conspiracy. The issue is who did what, when and how. But Abby, oh Abby! Some people, once they start dating completely lose their mind. Doesn't she even have a sense of self preservation. She must have violated her employment contract. I think her betrayal is symptomatic of the resentment she has had towards Olivia for a long time. She must have gotten tired of being grateful, and now wants to take her saviour down. Frankly she has no legitimate grudge. Olivia does not owe her a play by play. She works for Olivia, her job is to do what Olivia tells her to do. If she doesn't like it, she can go and start her own firm. Silly woman. Now David is in danger again. Cyrus and Mellie, Cyrus and his husband, Cyrus and anyone, TV gold!


Delliah, I am totally agree with you , this dude senator is bored and annoyed
and this dude is even not sexy .I am little tired with congresman scandal .
the dynamic on the white house was so good and I really miss the president and i think it is not over with Olivia. this episode was good but i really miss Tony Goldwyn.


Guillermo Diaz, Jeff Perry, and Bellamy Young were especially good and stand outs with this episode. That scene between Mellie and Cyrus was gold. Huck 's awkwardness balanced with his creepiness was awesome all throughout. I found the scene with the other Gladiators helping him prepare for his date especially adorable. It was like all the other siblings helping out their socially inept brother. I like Harrison and Abby interacting...its always amusing. I missed Fitz. Voter Fraud I hadn't expected and LOVED seeing Cy and Liv together at the end. That reminder that at one point they were close.


I love how Olivia chills out eating popcorn with red wine. Since we don't actually know much about her its becoming one of her little characteristics. I feel bad for Abby she's wanted a guy since the pilot so she's bound to help him out but Olivia saved her from her husband and gave her an awesome job there should be some loyalty to her. Cyrus and Millie are priceless both just as bad as each other. Verna was right, everyone got what they wanted but what about poor Liv??

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Gov: You're the best. Don't I know it.

We all jumped off the bridge together. Heck, we held hands.