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Savoring Stelena: A Photo Tribute

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At least for now, it really is all over. Elena and Stefan broke up on "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," with the former letting the latter down as gently as possible.

Stefan took it well - as well as one can when his girlfriend says she's basically in love with his brother, that is - but the same can't be said for Stelena supporters. They've been in mourning for days now.

Below we honor this ex-couple, first posting a series of Elena and Stefan photos and then asking readers for their favorite Stelena scene in Vampire Diaries history. Before we look ahead, TV Fanatics, let's take this peek back...

Slow Dance With Stefan
  • Stelena at the Dance
  • Return of Stelena?
  • Stefan's Soft Touch
  • Hot Dancing Partners
  • Dancing... with the Devil?
  • On the Track
  • Stelena at a Crossroads

What is your favorite Stelena scene?


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Wow. Very hard choice. I have videos of Stelena and Delena in my iPod. I'm neutral when it comes to being a Delena or Stelena fan, but I got to admit that the Stelena videos I got are much more sweeter and romantic. I've always thought that with Stefan and Elena , it's more romantic and that with Damon and Elena, it's more sexual chemistry.


I'll tell you which one...NONE


I hate to see Stelena fans fall again and even if there are problems between them throughout the show,they should keep loving and helping each other no matter what gets in their way. I don't technically have favorite Stelena scenes but it's a tie between "The Last Day" scene and "The Turning Point" scene. I hope that things get better again later on in the season but I mostly blame Delena fans for interfering. ;P =( =]


It will be interesting to see their angst now that they are separated. I don't think it'll last, but I know this sucks for SE fans. I've kinda longed to see MORE 1st hand things from their relationship personally. When they first hung out at the bonfire. It was so cute.


thank you Sarah!! STEFAN broke up with Elena and she just agreed it would be best bec they both know she has feelings for his brother.


My fav scene is finale of season 3 when Stefan kisses elena in her bedroom


The phone call in "The Birthday" of course!


Phone call in the birthday... Best scene ever. Makes me cry hysterically each time I see it...


When Stefan brought Elena and Bonnie to comfort Caroline after she had been tortured by the wewolves then Elena mouthed ILY to Stefan whilst hugging Caroline and Stefan mouthed ILY2.


um STEFAN broke up with Elena! He said 'I can't do this anymore', all she did was agree with 'I know'. Yes the reason was because shes in love with his brothers, but he is the one that ended things... he wanted out.