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How do we know that Grace is on Monroe's compound? That slimy DOD guy could have abducted her all by herself.


Great episode. I loved how the gang stopped to help the kids when they didn't have to and they have there own mission. So glad Charlie and miles know about the pendant. Can't wait till the next episode should be amazing.


Billy Burke is the reason I watch this show. I know Charlie is supposed to be the lead, and I hate saying this, but if she were killed off, I doubt I'd miss her much. If TPTB were to kill off Miles (Billy Burke), I'm not sure I could continue to watch it. Miles, Monroe, Rachel and Tom are my favs so far.

Finally there was progress on the show. Not Blandland tonight.


Absolutely amazing episode!Love miles and big props to billy burke for his acting versatility.The sheer vulnerability he showed tonight as charlie went undercover and he realized the kids were left orphaned because of him almost brought me to tears.Cant forget aaron either, love how we are seeing his character maturing and toughening up.All in all fantastic series and magnificent episode.Cant wait for next week!!!

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