Revolution Review: Saving Kid Nation

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After weeks of false starts, backtracking and an almost complete lack of focus on moving the overarching plots forward, along came "The Children's Crusade" to finally make Revolution interesting again.

Charlie & Miles Disagree

I always appreciate when a show takes a moment to expand upon the emotional repercussions of the stories and main themes that are woven throughout each episode, and the Kid Nation did a wonderful job of reminding us that the survivors of this blackout are not just teenagers and adults but young children as well. 

These orphaned kids took it upon themselves to create a big surrogate family in the wake of their losses, and they did so rather admirably. This bigger theme of family was present throughout the episode, and their mostly intact innocence was tantamount to this family they created. These children recognize love and loss better than most of the adults. They are not concerned with power and territory or machines and weapons - but rather with sticking together and looking out for each other. Like all children, they have a sense of what is right and wrong, nor are they shy about sharing those opinions. They know the adults in this world are corrupt.

Kid Nation serves as a great exploration in Rachel's character, especially as Rachel continues to be the richest person on Revolution.

Rachel is a strategist. Almost of her actions are always for the betterment of her family or for their safety, and Rachel knows the corrupt adults in her surroundings. Her flashbacks proved as much, as Rachel was willing to overlook the slimy Department of Defense Flynn if it meant Danny could get the life-saving surgery he needs to survive through labor.

Rachel's same master plan worked through her dealings with Monroe and the pendants as well. She was willing to feed Monroe the knowledge he sought so long as Danny was safe, even if it meant going against the people she worked with developing low cost power generators (that ended up having the opposite affect, naturally).

Yet, for all of her planning, Rachel sometimes doesn’t account for all the variables, such Bradley’s daughter being used to siphon information out of him. It seems Rachel knew of the steps that were going to happen with Bradley in Monroe’s custody, but from the look of sheer terror and heartbreak on her face for his daughter, it’s hard to imagine she had any clue that advice or information would truly go this far.

Still, Rachel’s presence wasn’t the best part of the hour. No, that came courtesy to Miles and Charlie finally catching wind of the pendant Aaron’s been keeping safe. There are a multitude of differing ideas about what to do with the pendant: Aaron wants to bring to Grace, Miles wants to destroy it and Charlie is most likely undecided.

The pendant presents this double edge sword for Miles and company because as they head closer and closer to Danny, they also head into more and more danger as Monroe wants the pendants and Rachel is no doubt accounting for the fact that the pendants are far away from Miles; yet Ben’s final wishes are for Aaron to make that delivery, and Grace just so happens to be on Monroe’s compound. So it’s not hard to speculate that all of these sides are eventually going to come together. That’s one fight I can’t wait to see.

Two more thoughts:

  1. Flynn is seriously creepy.
  2. It’s nice to see Grace pop back up on my screen after her kidnapping, but she was captured by a man equipped with a pendant and Taser stick.  Something isn’t adding up here.
Finally, Miles totally wins tonight's quote competition:
It's irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn't it? | permalink


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I thought the kids in this episode were reminiscent of the ones from the movie "Goonies". All we needed was Sloth to turn up and complete the crew.


Charile now has the Monroe symbol on her wrist I wonder if they will use that some how later on


Revolution just keeps getting better. This episode was actually great even with the kids plot that I usually hate. Ha. That quote by Miles was priceless. I just kept laughing like crazy. He reminds me of Person of Interest's Reese sometimes. The best part of the episode was the way Miles was surprised when the lighthouse flashed on them and he had his wits around him to defeat the soldiers. I was totally immersed in the story when Aaron was hiding with the kids. The payoff was ridiculously awesome. This is one show that does things right.


Well, that was an underwhelming episode. I'm beginning to get frustrated. After all, they have watercraft, why not steam engines like that of the railroad?


OK, so someone tell me why Rachel isn't concerned about Charlie, why Monroe didn't want Charlie when he went after Danny, and why Jason didn't tell his father that the girl who Neville has now ordered executed is Danny's sister....


I can't get my lawnmower to start at the end of a 4 month midwest winter and the Lighthouse's generator starts right up after 15 years. Sure that's believable.


Liked that episode very much - especially the fact that Charlie has become a stronger character and wasn't whining most of the time. Hope they keep her that way. Happy we finally got a bigger picture of the show. Took long enough. And I'm also thinking the DoD guy is NOT working for Monroe. He's either on his own or with a group we don't know yet. (Because, if he was on the rebel's side, Grace would've heart about him, right?) Best quote imo was Aarons comment about the kids: "They're like hairless Ewoks."


Am I the only one to hate Rachel? I think she is weak and stupid. We'll see how many people will die or be tortured because of her wanting to protect Danny. As if Monroe ever would let her or Danny go if she gave him what he wants....


The only reason this episode worked slightly, was because it sought to answer some questions that became distracting for some time. This should have probably been the second episode. At least we could have relaxed with a bit of understanding as to what this series was about. Sadly, now it just doesn't matter.


I don't think Grace was on Monroe's compound. I think the Secretary has her somewhere else. I think he's on his own mission to gather all the pendants so he an be the one to turn on the power and assert dominance.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It's irritating when a dumb kid tells you what to do, isn't it?


Monroe: You know, you never did tell me.
Rachel: Tell you what?
Monroe: How the lights went off in the first place.