Revolution Review: No Turning Back Now

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The biggest takeaway from "Kashmir" is summed up in one word: stall.

Stall as long as possible as Revolution approaches its fall finale next week.

That’s not a bad thing, as plenty of smaller moments were explored here, but the journey to get inside Monroe’s compound was also riddled with quite a few plot conveniences.

MIles Struggles

For the most part, this was an enjoyable episode, as each character struggled with his/her fears when the oxygen-deprived tunnels begin sapping them of their sanity. Miles, for all of his brute force and tenacity, was also longing for his best friend to return, and it was rather interesting that in the back of his mind he’s willing to even fathom the thought of turning in his family to do so; Miles’ thoughts are completely contradictory to one of the most prevalent themes in the show and what is shown of his character, yet feel almost innate to his character as well.

Aaron and Charlie’s hallucinations stuck closer to their characters, as Aaron is still struggling with the fear of never being good enough for his wife, never living up to his stereotypical role in their relationship, and, most of all, learning why he is going on this journey.

Aaron reminds me of The Lion Who Couldn’t Roar, one of my favorite books as a child. Aaron is much like Theodore, and it’s not until he meets his companions, much like Hew the lamb, is he able to find his roar when they need him the most. We’ve been witness to some of Aaron’s stronger moments, and while he still hasn’t quite found his roar, he's making strides to use the skills he does have to help the group.

Charlie’s hallucination is simple: she just wants to see her father again, and - while this place she’s at is so much nicer and better than her current predicament - she knows she needs to go back and finish what she’s started for her dad.

However, as I mentioned earlier, “Kashmir” wasn’t without flaws. There were so many write-offs in believability just to tell these stories that it was almost laughable. First, the mines just happened to stop at some arbitrarily defined point, and Charlie just happened to have stepped on one of the final ones. And, coincidentally, the subsequent run from the mines sealed off the entrance to the tunnels.

Not the biggest problem in the world, it just means the group can’t turn back now. The symbolism is a little heavy handed, but it’s certainly not terrible.

No, that honor belongs to the tunnels losing oxygen. Really? A gigantic system of tunnels is going to lose oxygen that quickly? The math doesn’t add up. Eight people and some torches do not consume that much oxygen so quickly, especially when the guy we all knew was a spy lead them directly to the exit blowing plenty of fresh air in.

I don’t want to leave this review on a sour note, however, as there is one character that is continually exceeding my expectations: Rachel. Her amplifier actually being a gigantic bomb is something I didn’t see coming. I always assumed that the “amplifier” was always an amplifier, but that she would hold whatever knowledge necessary to truly operate it.

Rachel is still as cunning as always, and is continually one step ahead of Monroe even as Tom is able to get a read on her lies. Stabbing the one guy who knows how to do what she does is hardcore, and she’s able to buy herself extra time. My only wonder is if that time is truly necessary. Rachel’s victim also has a pendant, and by my count, Monroe now has two in his possession. Even if Rachel doesn’t amplify, two pendants seem like more than enough to commit mass murder.

With only one episode left this year, and before Revolution takes a very, very long hiatus, what are you looking forward to next week?

Kashmir Review

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Miles: How's your head?
Charlie: Well, if he aimed half an inch to the right I think it'd be pretty bad.

Nora: You have any idea what's on the other side of that door?
Miles: Probably walking straight into a militia ambush.
Aaron: Well, that'll be par for the course at least.