Revenge Round Table: "Penance"

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Sunday night's episode of Revenge featured one major takedown, one major hookup and plot twists galore as the beloved ABC guilty pleasure continued weaving its tangled, second season web.

TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Christine Orlando and Leigh Raines break down all facets of "Penance" and look ahead to the coming weeks in our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion.

Weigh in with your own responses to these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Penance"?

Leigh: "This one time at Revenge camp..." Ladies and Gentleman, Nolan Ross.

Christine: "This one time at revenge camp, I met this fellow revenger and guess where he's summering?" How do you not love Nolan?

Steve: Conrad and Victoria holding hands while at the mercy of Kara Clarke. Terrific acting by Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe in navigating this complex, impossible-to-define relationship.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. Mason Treadwell's downfall: Satisfying or disappointing?

Leigh: Very intricate and hard to pull off. Proud of Emily. I'm satisfied.

Christine: Sort of disappointing. Like I've said before, I was looking forward to Emily crushing him like a bug but I can't imagine Mason doing well in prison. I'm sure his stay won't be pleasant.

Steve: Consistent with the show's efforts to keep Emily on somewhat of an even keel. Killing him would've been too easy and stripped her of her humanity. Sparing his life and even offering him a lifeline (albeit way down the road) while still putting him in his rightful place? A job well done by Mrs. Thorne, I'd say.

3. Kara Clarke's arc: Awesome or overhyped?

Leigh: If she's gone for good than it was overhyped. I'd like to see a little more from her. I still can't believe she doesn't recognize her own daughter. That's some bull.

Christine: If she's really gone... then overhyped. I feel as though she really didn't do anything but stalk around Grayson manor holding sharp objects and looking menacing.

Steve: She had her moments, especially this week, but it was uneven at best. It was fun seeing her go after the Graysons, but we still have no idea what her deal is, and she was dealt with so fast. The jury's still out.

4. Emily and Aiden: Hot or not?

Leigh: Scorching. That porch kiss was all I hoped it would be and more.

Christine: Well, they certainly have more chemistry than Emily and Jack but then again Emily's got more chemistry with a park bench than she does with Jack. Aiden's grown on me a bit but overall I'm just not feeling it. Maybe Emily can meet new guy Nate played by Michael Trucco. Now they could be a hot couple.

Steve: I wasn't a huge Aiden fan at first, but Barry Sloane has become a strong addition to the cast and can definitely picture the two Takeda disciples attracted to one other. So yeah ... HOT.

5. Unsung hero of the night: Amanda or Nolan?

Leigh: Nolan. Amanda tried to eff everything up. Nolan risked his entire company for his cold, complicated, sociopath of a best friend.

Christine: As usual, it's Nolan. The risks and sacrifices he's made to protect Emily are impressive. I really want to know if there's any more back story there that fuels his desire to help her and keep her safe.

Steve: I agree with my colleagues, but let's at least give FauxManda credit for trying. Sure, she almost effed everything up, but she still was ready to dispatch Mason, Frank-style. Girl's got serious brass.

6. More surprising: Daniel's hostile takeover attempt, or Conrad and Victoria's genuine affection?

Leigh: I don't find anything about Daniel hostile. I know they are trying to sell it, but I'm not really buying it. Conrad and Victoria holding hands was definitely a wow moment. Here are these two people who would basically kill each other, but when it comes down to it they're in this whole mess together.  

Christine: Neither was surprising but I enjoyed Conrad and Victoria more. They may be a match made in Hell but they were made for one another.

Steve: I love the bizarre bond between Conrad and Victoria when the chips are down. So great. We've seen it before, however; Daniel going all-out trying to usurp his parents? Who knew pretty boy had it in him.

7. What do you think Dec was up to this week?

Leigh: Filming his cameo for the Gossip Girl series finale

Christine: I'd have to care to even think about it.

Steve: Pining for Charlotte, lamenting how he can't afford college, trying to perfect a believable eastern Long Island accent.

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The entire show is a fraud if David Clarke isn't really dead.


...that the WHM had staged the killing but in reality helped David escape prison and live off the grid. Wow! THAT would be interesting!
5. Emily and Aiden = HOT!!! I didn't want to like Aiden but he has totally won me over. I still think that Emily ultimately belongs with Jack, but since she's still in "revengy mode" Aiden is actually the best guy for her right now.
6. More surprising = neither, although more SATISFYING was Conrad and Victoria's hand-holding. Love is crazy! As for Daniel, I stopped caring about him after mid-way last season. The former poet-lover has since become darn n' dangerous, and I want to be put on record that I'm NOT a fan! I like that he knows more than before, but I wish that newfound knowledge hadn't turned into the very thing he said he hated....
7. Declan = busy writing his will. Since he'll probably die in episode 13, he must figure out who will inherit his skateboard and v-neck tees!


1. Fav quote: In order to be different, I won't say the obvious choice of Nolan's "band camp" quip. Instead, I'd like to point out how surprisingly tickled I was by Conrad's comment to Victoria while on the beach... something about why should he kill himself when there are so many already lined up to do it for him. It wasn't WHAT he said as much as HOW he said it that left me laughing for at least a few minutes. Even now I'm smiling just thinking about it! :)
2. Mason Treadwell's takedown = satisfying. Congrats to Em's for expertly executing his demise without actually executing him--like Amanda attempted to do!
3. Kara Wallace = overhyped. Originally, I was soooo intrigued by one of Em's parents actually being alive. Although it was interesting to discover that Kara's was actually married to the WHM, I was otherwise disappointed. I wish the writers had made her cunning, like Emily--NOT certifiably crazy! What would be interesting is finding out that Emily's father is still alive...that the WHM staged the killing/fake death but in reality allowed him to escape prision and live off the grid. Wow! THAT would be cool :)


Who was the singer at Nolans surpise party?


@finetuneit - really? I didn't notice that guy being indian descent at all. Guess I was just shocked to see Nolan kissing some guy and the I do hate it when the snaps at promo's move so quickly! LOL.
I do hope that is some plot to padma other than being just a GF to Nolan. Let it all get revengy but with happy endings!


@GR - did you notice that the guy in the next promo (who's about to get it on with Nolan) appears to be of Indian descent. I wonder if he is related to Padma in some way and she is on some sort of revenge-like vendetta...


Treadwell's downfall was beautifully executed.. only emily could do it in such a crazy twisty way
more surprising was conrad and victoria's hand holding..
of course Nolan was and will always be a hero... anything for ems


@ DreaXOXO: JustMe was talking about Faux-Amanda, not the real one.

Drea xoxo

@justme2 OMG i thought i was the only one who found this character annoying! fed up of how no one can see how selfish she is and how she keeps manipulating the ones who actually want to see her succeed and help.....don't even get me started on the introduction of her mother, waste of time it was and too overhyped.


1 - Victoria and Conrad holding hands, also Mason telling Kara about David being framed 2 - A little bit of both - satisfying because Emily is okay, disappointing because he deserved far worse 3 - Oh, so, so awesome. We need more Kara Clarke ASAP! 4 - Hotter than Emily and Jack but I'm still going with Emily and Daniel. 5 - Nolan. Amanda is nowhere near a hero, she's just downright annoying and with zero redeeming qualities. 6 - Daniel's attempt was quite boring but the affection between Connie and Vickie has always been there, underneath all the other emotions. 7 - Getting killed. Here's hoping.

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