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1. Fav comment: Nolan greeting Emily and Aiden at the ceremony. "Ems..... Mr. Bond." It was too perfect! Nolan is delightfully witty--I couldn't stop laughing for like a full 5 minutes. :)
2. Definitely Emily's daring red dress! But Victoria's wedding dress also deserves recognition.
3. YES! Emily and Aiden should definitely hook up. They make good partners in crime, and I have to admit I'm warming up to him. They definitely have a chemistry, although I ultimately want Emily and Jack to end up together. (Sorry if this ruffles any feathers but I DON'T think Ems should get back together with Daniel. They may be a cute couple in real life, but this is tv fiction and, and far as this story goes, I don't really like Daniel's character and I definitely don't believe they belong together!)


1. "Mr. Bond" by Nolan. So. Appropriate.

2. The queen of Revenge wearing red Alexander McQueen - that dress says it all.

3. Yes! Ems needs a strong man by her side.

4. Kara..I seriously got chills when she approached Victoria on the balcony..I actually had a Lydia deja vu.

5. That...I have no idea about. But if it has to do with Takeda, this just got interesting.

6. Yes, hopefully.

7. Jack, hopefully.


Love this show loved this episode especially the end with Mason using red string to connect the dots however I doubt Emily's identity will be revealed this soon in the series so Mr. Treadwell will either become an ally or her next target there was a spoiler that said a good girl on a hit TV show would murder someone maybe Emily kills Mason to keep her secret

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