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OMG I ship Aiden&Emily sooo hard ;D incredible chemistry, I'm so glad Aiden is series regular now!


i'm finally warming to aiden's addition but i'm still intrigued into how he and ash know each other. i'm taking that they aren't going to make her his sister (sad times) but she must have been involved with the people who took her...right.....only hope and theory i am going on.

i liked em/mandy alliance with mason it had to happen at some point but kudos to the writers for not dragging it out and carefully building up the truce, it was classic tv.

also i don't want nolan broke :( im upset at ho he had to be pawned off and not remain immortal in the chess pieces.


loved loved loved LOVED the nolan ems/mandy teamwork, it did feel like old times and also respected the fact that aiden went to nolan for help too, they should become a trio and take down the initiative once and for all. i still say takeda is involved in this initiative but haven't the evidence to explain this theory. fauxmanda is annoying me again and needs to be sent away with the porters.....don't get why they are bringing this carl storyline in unless its connected to the main plot..???


finally a good episode of revenge!! i was getting worried there. glad the mother has gone, she served no purpose but confirmed beliefs of whm being her lover and that she has severe issues.
the episode highlighted my love for Con and Vicks and how they bounce off each other and deserve awards PRONTO!! grayson jnr is living up to his name but ofc at what price is he going to have pay now that he will gain full control. what will ash do next? will the initiative come after him now....? is this why is dad is fought hard to keep him out of their business affairs...


I LOVE nolan! it was great that ems was gonna call and stop aiden from using nolan but that he stopped her cause it could save his only real family! i dont know about aiden, on the one hand i like him, on the other i think theres a subplot hes working on. anybody else love the smile conrad had when vicky said lets take them to hell with us? and the hurt in his voice when he told kara he was stealing my wife i wanted him to hurt like he hurt me. so telling. i loved their scenes together tonight. good thing ems stopped amanda in time huh. and masons takedown was a cool way for her to shut him up and use him all at once. loved it all!


That was EPIC, I'm a huge Aiden&Emily

Aidens gonna stay forever


revenge did it again. I cannot imagine how they put all those plots in their and in an hour nonetheless.
I love how emily dealt with Mason.. amazing!
I miss the old Nolan and Emily
i hate that grayson is taking Nolan's company.. i would hate to see nolan getting 'poor'

How could i possibly wait an extra week??


I don't like Aiden so far. I hate that they are taking Nolan's company.


How nice was it that there was no Declan and Charlotte in this episode?
Nolan is the reason I continue to watch this show so yaayy he gets more screen time.


I also don't Wang Emily and Widen as a couple and think he got a bigger agenda then what he is saying. I felt bad for Nolan because this episode prove he been kept out of the loop for far too long. I want my team of Nolan and Emily back.

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