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Just keep my Nolan safe. I think Aiden has something of his own/takeda related that runs parallel to Emily's plans. he could work out as a partner to Ems and Nolan, but I'm not sure I actually trust him. is Takeda part of the Initiative, or is he running something with Aiden against the Initiative? And why is t I think of Lost every time I write Initiative?


Nice review. I LOVE Conrad and Victoria = best couple EVER. Fake Amanda was hilarious trying to do things her way. At first, I agreed with her that maybe they should just get rid of Mason Treadwell permanently. But, when I heard what Emily had in mind, I had to admit that her plan was brilliant. Nolan's devotion to Emily is really touching -- I adore his character. I want to see him and Emily working more closely together again. Aiden is okay as a sidekick, but I prefer Nolan. I'm glad Kara is gone -- her storyline was convoluted and boring -- I hope she stays gone.


Entertaining but too many plot twists.


Great episode.So many twists.The writers are genius.I was like how could Emily be that stupid to trust Mason and tell him every thing But it's Emily she trusts no one but Aiden and Nolan.It makes me smile how easy it is for her to fool people.
I agree with someone saying here that nolan and Aiden and Emily would make a great trio to take down the Grayesons and the initaitive.
I always thought conrad was a jerk but when he kinda expressed himself today,i was like hmmm maybe he is not that evil.And i'm glad Kara is finally gone,she had no prupose being on the show.
And OMG the ending was just SUPERB.That HOT kiss,although i would have wanted a bit more of the real stuff but enough for now,i guess we'll see more of Aiden and Emily in the coming days.They're destined,and the sexual chemistry is amazing is crazy.Now that the writers have forced us to have an otp on this show,they better give them a serious chance.
And again the way Emily went for the kiss ohhhh....I knew Emily still had feelings for Aiden,was just a matter of time before she realized it.No one desreves Emily better than Aiden and Emily desreves no one better than Aiden.


I am with Amie and the reviewer, GREAT episode, and that ultra-hot kiss at the end melted my socks off! Emily and Aiden are both so gorgeous, that seeing the two of them with all that sexual tension was incredible...I wish we could have seen a bit more of them tearing one another's clothing off before the end of the scene, but still, nice job, actors!
And yes, my beloved Nolan came through, as he always does, and I loved that he told Aiden that if he hurt Emily, he'd have nowhere to hide from Nolan the knight in shining armor! Nolan is just the best! I am still not a fan of his relationship with Padma, but I see that in next weeks ep there is some sexual stuff going on between him and another guy, so I guess he's not that serious about her anyway.And I thought the commercials for "gifts from Revenge" were fun and kinda cool. It was nice to see most of the cast dressed up and smiling!


Adrienne Barbeau isn't doing much of anything else, nowadays, so I'm sure she jumped at the chance to play Victoria's mother :)

I keep thinking to the series finale--revenge isn't without consequences for the one(s) seeking it, so I don't foresee happy endings all around for the characters we 'side' with. That said, I wonder who will be left standing (and not dead or in jail) at the end of it all.

Emily might get her revenge, in full, but what will it cost her, in the end? Nolan? Aiden? her wealth? her heart? her self? her life? It has to cost her something...


What an amazing episode! So many turns, so many twists! Emily had so much on her hands....ahhhh wow, I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode! It was awesome! And now we have to wait for freaking two weeks? Noooooooo!

Anyway, it was great, just great! And I loved seeing Emily and Nolan working together again! But in terms of romance - I am full on board with her and Aiden - after such an intense episode - such a kiss! Ahh, I melted! Love it!


Okay, now I am wondering how they got Adrienne B (from Maude) to play Mandeline Stowe's character's mother. I see the hate between the two in the promos. Great TV.

Let progress to the downed ship, is it Jack, Aiden, one of those scheming brothers or Daniel? Please keep Nolan alive to the end. I would like to see Nolan and Emily/Amanda sit by the pool toasting the revenge fullfilled.


Revenge has been in steady decline since about episode 8 of season 1. It's no longer the lean, satsifying twist on The Count of Monte Cristo we saw last fall. It's become "Dynasty: The New Generation." It's almost unwatchable. Stop for one minute and ask yourself if half of the ludicrous plot twists make any sense at all. I'll save you the trouble: they don't. It's the product of lazy writing. Plot twists in lieu of character development and good narrative. Revenge quickly went from being the most promising new show on television to the most disappointing. Too bad. Emily Vancamp deserves a better show. And we all deserve better than a primetime soap opera.


It was a great episode! I'm starting to come around on Aidan and Emily together too. I really liked it when Nolan said. "This one time, at revenge camp..." That was cute.

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