Private Practice Review: All About Sam

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Private Practice finally returned tonight after a three-week hiatus.

Unfortunately, "The Next Episode" was a bit lackluster, as I caught myself wanting to channel surf a number of times throughout the installment. I can honestly say that this has happened only maybe a handful of times.

Dancing with Mom

Blame it on my disgust for reality television, but the Sam-centric episode just wasn’t for me. I get that Shonda and company are trying things a bit differently in this final season, but I much prefer the traditional Private Practice installments that encompass everyone’s storylines. After this one, I can’t say that I’m looking all too forward to what’s to come.

While Sam explained his reasoning for why he had welcomed a reality television crew into his life a number of times, I still wasn’t convinced. It all just seemed very strange and not typical of Sam by any means. He’s always been relatively private, and the awkwardness felt a bit forced.

While I felt like most of the hour was a snoozefest, there were certainly a couple of special moments that are worth mentioning.

For starters, I adored the way the reality television crew illustrated how much Sam loved his mother. Although his anger was intensified behind closed doors, it simply went to show the incredible bond that he and his mother shared. He was indefinitely hurt by her lies of keeping his father a secret, but he also still found a way to forgive her.

I definitely understood why Sam was upset with Raymond, but I was shocked at the way things ended for these two. I was almost certain that Sam would want to try to get to know his father and insist upon helping to save his life. I often forget that not every story has a happy ending.

Elsewhere, the search for the missing girl continued to no avail. This was a total letdown, as I assumed there was a reason for showing how involved the parents, doctors and community were in spreading the word about Sarah’s disappearance. Seriously, what was the point of dragging this storyline out in yet another episode without a real conclusion?

Will Sarah’s search continue or are we supposed to believe that there won’t be a resolution?

Other Thoughts

  • In spite of all that’s happened with AddiSam, they are still there for one another on the roughest days. Their talk on the beach felt so real.
  • I loved how Sheldon was camera-shy and needed note cards.
  • Cooper might be onto something: a reality show about the Freedmans? I just might break my “no reality shows” rule.
  • If you were looking for the Violet Annoyance Scale, you won’t find it this week.

With only eight episodes left, what are your predictions for the remainder of the series? Hit the comments because I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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I would like a full quote of what Sam said to Raymond, the speech about how Raymond didn't shape him to be who he is and that his mother did the hard work. If anyone could please do that for me I would grateful :)


Worst PP episode of all time goes to this one. I hate reality television and Sam is probably my least favourite character on the show now so putting them together led for a horrifying 42 minutes of TV.




shonda much break up addison and jake let addison by a singlemom with henry for now
and let amelia move in with addison will be good for her and henry


Timing is off in this episode, they say the girls been missing a few days but charlotte went from having no visible bump to a HUGE one!


I did not like this episode at all, except for Char/Coop moments and the Sam/Addison scene... The hospital scenes showing people holding out hope for the missing girl were lame.... Disappointed in this episode majorly, which barely happens!!! I hope the rest are a lot better!


Sooooooo boring.... It's hard to think that all these characters must me wrapped up pretty quickly and a whole episode was wasted on this crap.


shonda much breaks up charcooper to just like violet and pete/addison and sam that fair breaking up two couple and life one to behappy not fair that my thoughts


Hey PP fans, After reading the recent spoiler about CharCoop finding out the sex of the babies I would love to know your thoughts. Since we know Cooper shrieks do ya'll think it's b/c they find out they're having 3 boys, 3 girls, or a mixture of both? Thanks!


way shonda always ruins sam and addison love lives way not cooper and cha is not fair
sam and addison or good together too way not ruins cooper and cha love lives there or not special addison and sam or special and great together my opinion

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