Person of Interest Review: Welcome to Suburbia

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John, it's the doorbell. Let's try to not shoot any girl scouts on the first day, okay?"- Zoe Morgan

At this point, it's really no surprise that Person of Interest continues to dish out quality episodes like Reese dishes out gunshots to the kneecap. They really hit their marks every time.

With "The High Road," Reese had the unusual chance to travel to suburbia to protect Graham, a former safe-cracker turned doting husband and father. The transition to the neighborhood was the perfect way to add a twist to the generally city-centric plots, bring back the wonderful Zoe Morgan and let Reese continue to charm with his deadpan humor.

Reese & Zoe in the Suburbs

Zoe is always a welcome addition to this show and the chemistry is so great between her and Reese that with their flirtatious back and forth in "getting married" to playing poker, you can't help but expect them to jump each other and let the clothes fly off.

Every scene with these two makes you smile.

And Reese really has a fantastic rapport with everyone, including Finch and Carter, each with their own type of banter. From Carter telling Reese to not go fight the bad guys in broad daylight to Reese getting to be Finch's "boss" for the moment, there were more examples of the great interactions between everyone on the show.

I was hoping Fusco might pop in, but he must be on duty dealing with HR or something.

Certainly, the charisma and personality of the characters fit perfectly into the well-oiled machine that is Person of Interest.

And once again, the case proved to be interesting, taking the story one direction with the stolen identity before flipping it and revealing a former thief. Top it off with Graham's decision to save his family by committing one final heist, all while Reese trying to keep him alive.

It's easy to become captivated in each aspect of the hour, not only hoping to see Reese scale buildings like Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible, but also see how the specific person of interest ends up.

Sure, for the most part, we can assume Reese saves the day, but there's always one last little twist to keep things from getting stuck in standard procedural fare. Who knew Graham would choose to turn himself in?!?

Of course, even with the episode packed full of everything that makes watching Finch and Reese save people week after week enthralling, we were even treated to a flashback that gave us another look at Finch working on the Machine.

I may not have the brain to understand the algorithms or the more technical jargon associated with how the Machine actually works, but it's great to see it continue to adapt and grow as it "learns" from watching people and pointing out the significant outliers. The show does a nice job of not alienating viewers from grasping what's going on with the super computer.

So, who knew the Machine would turn out to be a great wingman in picking up chicks?

We finally got to see Finch's first encounter with Grace, a woman we met last season who turned out to be the love of Finch's life. It not only illustrated again that human side to the tech-obsessed character, but cleverly showed Finch a woman that is perfect for him.

It's just a bit sad knowing he eventually had to leave her behind.

This episode really nailed down all the action, drama and humor that makes the series entertaining to watch. And with characters and stories worth following, Person of Interest continues to prove that it is the fresh, fun and top notch Thursday night show you can count on.


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I'm a guys guy. I only like watching Sports, News and now,
Person of Interest. Sports and news is wonderful and sometimes
disappoints. P.O.I. never disappoints. Another great great episode.


@Bill - my last sentences got cut off and should read:
Maybe what you are trying to say is that you are wishing for a lot more action? I'm sure we will see that again very soon. Don't quit on POI yet!


@Bill - Only trying to help here. Having a hard time comparing the "Matsya Nyaya" ("armored car") S1 episode to "The High Road" S2. "Matsya" was very dark, intense, CIA, HR & Fusco heavy, with flashbacks of Reese & Stanton in China being shot and almost blown up by US aircraft and ended with Stanton making it to NYC and killing Snow's partner and shooting Snow in the knee. It was very dramatic and a thriller while "High Road" was a more subdued light hearted episode, with no spies, no HR, no Fusco with only warm flashbacks to Reese seeing his machine growing like the child he never had and meeting Grace in the end. Only commonality I can see are the attempted robberies but even those were totally different - and the perpetrator even turned himself in to the law. While the perp in "Matsya" was killed by his "girlfriend" who then was killed by HR who was then killed by Fusco thus saving Reese. These seemed like very different episodes. Maybe you are wishing for a lot more action scenes? I'm sure we will get them soon. Hope you will remain a POI viewer!


Anyone else have the thought that Reese and Zoe would be playing, ah, *strip* poker when they stayed the extra night in the 'burbs? Just the tiniest smirk on Reese's face when she suggested they stay in for more poker... Jim Caviezel excels at imbuing emotion into the smallest expressions. So good at being so understated.


I missed Fusco and there wasn't much of Carter but aside from that it was another great episode. Reese in the suburbs was amusing. I love Bear and all the humor he provides. Zoe is always fun to watch even though it didn't seem to fit to call her in the way that they did. Just how much does she know about what Reese and Finch do? It sometimes seems implausible that she doesn't ask questions. I love how socially inept they both seem in dealing with normal people. And staying another night for poker? Sure. The machine background is continually enjoyable. I love the fondness Finch has with the machine...almost like a father /child bond. The machine feels more and more like a sentinel being.


I like this quiet little idea that they are spreading throughout the flashbacks of Finch teaching the machine with having the overarching threat of someone like Root out there who wants to 'free' the machine. Like you wonder if Root is ever successful, will the machine continue to follow its main directive to protect everyone, even at the expense of Finch, or its sort of main point that the machine's first, um, instinct(?) is to serve Finch first and foremost. And does the machine have some sort of sentience to it, so, you know, it might be mad that Finch locked it up..


Great show but the script is almost a repeat of the "armored car" episode from last year, but moved to the suburbs.
I love this show and watch every week.
Last year I was captivated and my interest was peaked throughout each episode.
NOT this year.
Something better improve or I'm out. But please, not gratuitous SEX like every show on ABC or every other show on CBS.


My only real complaint is the apparent knee-jerk need to mock the suburbs - "What do people do for fun in the suburbs?" I was rolling my eyes at that one. The answer to that, Mr. Reese, it we do very much the same things that people in the city do, it just might take a longer drive to get there. (As a bonus, I live within a half hour of Disneyland, so TAKE THAT, Mr. City-is-so-much-cooler-than-the-suburbs!) On a side note, the cop who gave him a ticket for parking in the red zone must have been having a really bad day, because most cops I know would be perfectly happy to just have him move along.


Completely agree with your great review. The show has the perfect amount of humor along with the best parts of "Batman" vigilante from Mr. Reese. Thursday is definitely the highlight of my week!


Love the series and loved the episode, but I wish we could get, for once, a wife/girlfriend who is not so ok with all the lying about the past/lots of bad actions. We already got that at least three times (Triggerman/Mission Creep/High Road). Where are the women who get offended and go away? It's like they always forgive, and we know that it doesn't always happen.

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