Once Upon a Time Winter Finale: Joining Forces

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Hold on tightly, Once Upon a Time fans: as teased by Jennifer Morrison, this Sunday's winter finale promises to conclude with an intense cliffhanger.

It's not difficult to imagine how, following the events on last night's "Into the Deep," which focuses on Henry and Aurora's shared dreams, along with Cora's dastardly, desperate actions.

Look for this villain to team up with Hook on "Queen of Hearts," while Regina and Mr. Gold also join forces to prevent her from finding Storybrooke. But will their magical scheme place Emma and Mary Margaret in danger?

Watch the official ABC teaser for the final episode of 2012 now:

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Hopefully this episode will confirm the theory that Cora is the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.


Thinking Regina and Gold are trying to stop Cora coming to Storybrooke but in so doing have to stop everyone coming. Thats what the promo makes me think anyway. I predict that Cora, hook, emma and snow make it whereas Aurora and Mulan wont.

Spindae 2o

p.S. Can't wait to see Emma's magic awakening! Sher has it we saw it in S02E01 when she activated the Hat by holding Regina. Think that will have some input into the adventure.

Spindae 2o

Looks like a really good showdown. Can't wait! I guess all of them will reach Stoorybrook! But how and how will all of that develop will be interesting to see.

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