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@Kate the ep synopsises are indicating that the adventure of them in Storybrooke will finish during episode 9 (Queen of Hearts). So yes from New Year Choas (Cora and Hook) will probably arrive in "our" world!


1Fav scene!
Emma and Hook! I'm a romantic what can I say! She hugging him so he won't alert the trap #SWEET!
So nice he is back! Really missing him! Hopefully he comes back fulltime. And where the heck is his body? What he showed!? I really can't tell.
But Neal is from Fairytale world! I could see him more like Aladin. Cause he is a homeless thief!
3.Emma and Hook!
Shame they didn't kiss! :( Of course she was! Hook works like he loves, he would betray them in a twink of an eye! Let's see what happens when our group arrives in Storybook!
4.Aurora and Henry!
-Maybe she is Charming's cousin and they are linked. Emma posses Magic like we saw in S2E01, so Henry has some for sure as well!
The Season started with Neal so he will rock Emma's world ASAP! I was the one who believed as well he was Baelifer(rumpel's son) but this a bit to OBVIOUS(and those CURLS)!??? but I could now see him being Aladin! :D



I have a general we think the whole season will be Emma, Snow & Company trying to get back to Storybrooke with various different stories going on in Storybrooke, or do they plan to wrap up this dilemma and do a different mid season changeover? I know they were able to do the curse the whole last season, but it seems like the separation of the characters is not something that could be sustained the whole season (like I know we have episodes based entirely in one place and so they can float back and forth and the whole story line only moves a couple of paces ahead).

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