Once Upon a Time Review: True Love's Mistake

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Cunning vilains and blazing romance took over this week's Once Upon a Time, as "Into the Deep" dropped us into the netherworld where true love was exactly where we hoped it would be... but not what we expected.

We'll start with the villains.

Cora vs. Hook

Cora and Hook. Loyalty was a fluid thing with these two. Perhaps loyalty's too strong a term. Maybe it's that they're both working towards a common goal and willing to use one another to get it and trample over everyone else in the process.

That Cora kicked Hook to the curb certainly wasn't a surprise. She'll only keep him around as long as he's useful. But now that she has Aurora's heart, is there really a use for Hook? Either way, it certainly looked as though he'd bought himself some time.

And what's up with all of those hearts? They seemed to be everywhere. Talk about creepy.

Poor Aurora. Just when I was beginning to like her, she had to go and get her heart ripped out…literally. Finally she was brave and plucky, not whiny, and now she's under Cora's control. Sigh.

This week Mulan took over as the most annoying character. She must have had it bad for Philip to take that vow to protect Aurora so seriously. And if she learned anything, it was not to go up against Snow when Charming with their family are on the line. Mulan would have been wearing that arrow if Aurora hadn't shown up when she did.

Back in Storybrook, watching Rumple and Belle share burgers at Granny's was a wonderfully normal moment, complete with Rumple's explanation of the importance of condiments.

You should try it with ketchup. Condiments are this world's most powerful magic. | permalink

Then the woman who held Belle captive for 28 years walked in and the moment was over.

It was great to see Regina, Rumple and David forced to work together. Regina was right. She and Charming don't agree on much but protecting Henry is the exception.

Henry and Regina's conversation about her only using magic to help people was very sweet. Henry seemed to believe her but I'm not nearly as easy to convince. 

And David may have saved Henry from the fires of the sleeping curse, yet in going under one himself, he's left his grandson in the hands of Regina and Rumplestilskin. Out of the frying pan, as they say.

Charming and Snow. Oh, it was wonderful to see Charming and Snow sharing a scene together. It's been far too long. But Charming was so certain that Snow would be able to break his sleeping curse with true love's kiss that I knew something was going to go wrong.

Yet I was still disappointed when they weren't able to kiss or even hold one another. Damn you netherworld! Still, the angsty romance almost brought me to tears.  And how can anyone not love Charming's Once Upon a Time quote to Snow...

You will always find me and I will always find you. | permalink

Now Emma and Snow are more frantic than ever to get back to Storybrooke. Will they find the ink or will they have commandeer a mermaid to get more? Will Cora and Hook get there first? And how long will Charming be stuck in the fires of the mysterious netherworld?

Watch the promo for next week's Once Upon a Time winter finale and meet me back here on Sunday night to discuss all that goes down!


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This may be totally stupid, but I think that one explanation for the "plothole" would be that hook's hook was enchanted to steal hearts. It would be really ironic.


wow! what an episode! Aurora was on fire! Mulan was boring. I was still lost on how Hook was able to rip Aurora's heart and why was there no blood in her clothes? I'm so disappointed in Hook. O though he looked really good with Emma.
@Jc: I also ask myself every time I see a scene between them two together. I think it's the most confusing part of this show. how can a monster like the evil queen do anything, like avoiding magic, for a step-son. He must be very valuable. by the looks of the winter finale promo, she is going to betray him.

Drea xoxo

@jc good concept there and i think he's her weakness and her storybrooke virtue. he keeps her good which i think she longs to be but doesn't know how. it may have started sinister but now i think its good. however that would be a good plot twist if so.


I have many questions about this show but one that no one seems to ask is why does regina love henry so much. Here is a woman who was so evil she killed graham the sherriff among other things (including killing her father) yet to gain henrys love she is willing to give up magic? We take it for granted that a woman would love her adopted son, but thats not always the case particularly in fairy tales. Could henry be the reincarnation of her father? Or is there something sinister? Is henry her apprentice like she was the dark ones? The scene where regina and henry are talking about magic was sweet, but it could be sinister as well.


to Elfje: Yes hook went to neverland
cora went to wonderland
as far as how they returned to the enchanted forest, that has yet to be explained. thats how the show goes. it gives you just enough tidbits to grab you so you can keep coming back for more. im sure by the end of the season we'll learn how hook got back from neverland dont know so much about cora as that is a longer tale to tell


Did anyone grasp the show enough to answer me the following: Did Hooke, when he used the magic Bean, go to Neverland?
Was Cora send to Neverland aswell when Regina pushed her thru the mirror?
How did they both end up again in 'regular' fairytail land?? Did I miss something or is this a major plothole? Its driving me crazy


loved the episode, back on track after last weeks bore. my theory on why hook could take Aurora's heart was because he is Cora's apprentice. they have been working together for a while and it only makes sense that he would seek out a teacher of magic to help him defeat Rumple (and who better then one of his former pupils, someone who rivals him in power?). i think you are overlooking cora's plan to say she wasnt smart enough to just take aurora's heart. she knows the weakness of those who are good, they will do anything to protect the innocent like she said in this episode. why waste the energy/power on taking her heart when can just use aurora as a hostage and still get what she wants. this is only episode 8 people, we have plenty of time for them to explain and explore character's histories. next week most likely will learn a little more of hook's journey for power and his cora connection as well as her time in wonderland, been waiting since last season for this one.

Drea xoxo

i loved loved loved this episode as per. (its easy to forgive the past plot filling episodes)
1) i was scared that the writers were going to make charming and snow not be each other's true loves but thankfully they didnt!!
2) mulan is annoying but hey so was the disney version
3) i want neil to appear and save the day and be reunited with his dad (everyone is connected) and him and henry meet.....
4) didn't understand nor like the removal of aurora's heart, the writers had just made me see a purpose for her addition to have her changed, faux pas there writers. they rushed this transition and should have explained how hook knew and why cora never thought to do it... does this mean cora knows rumple's advantage? who's side is hook going to take in final battle? will hook and red get together....


episodes but this I can watch over and over again. I have a question on future episodes. Are they going to put Emma and her thief boyfriend together again? I personally like her with August (Pinocchio) and where did he run off too? And is he wood or Human?


I really like this episode. I was annoyed by Mulan but she has been annoying since we met her. She just needs to start having trust towards Snow and Emma. Anyways, I like the part with Charming and Snow. Made me cry for her. As for Hook he is a Man doing what he can for himself. I do not think the writers screwed up. Nobody said he cannot take hearts we do not know his full back story, As for Cora she can control the heart, her and Regina do it different ways is all. Regina wants them to freely like her, which is why her heart victims have more freedoms. I do find it odd how Hook was able to out smart Cora that is a little....what's the word, not equally right.....She is super smart, but didn't think to take her heart? That was a little off but who can blame the writers, they cannot see everything when they are so deep. As for Winter breaks it's so everybody can focus on Christmas, they do not want to compete with the holiday, in my opinion. Love this show, I hate re watching episodes of shows because it bores me when I already know, but this show I can watch over and over again and feel what each character feels. I have a question. When will we see the reunion of Emma and her ex, I personally was liking Emma with August (Pinocchio) and where did he go?

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