Once Upon a Time Review: Keeping the NIghtmares Away

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Who knew that the thought of making it to "Tallahassee" could make someone so happy?

For the first time in her life, Emma Swan thought she would have a real home, made with a person she loved. Instead, she ended up with a broken heart, a prison record and a baby she didn't know what to do with. Emma went from expecting the dream to living a nightmare.

Swan Diving

It was such a shame. Emma and Neal has some nice chemistry as thieves on the run. Of course, with a price on Neal's head, starting a new life in Tallahassee would have been almost impossible.

But it did leave me with some questions. What was in the box that August showed Neal? The book wouldn't have shocked him into submission like that. Why was it necessary to send Emma to prison to make her destiny come true and how did August know that was the path on which he should send her? Could he see the future?

Knowing that this story would end with a prison term for Emma made her happiness as the more painful to watch.

Over in the present day fairy tale world, Emma was on to another adventure: climbing the beanstalk with Hook. 

Emma's first priority was Henry. If she didn't make it back down, she wanted to make sure that Snow made it back to Storybrooke to take care of her grandson.  Certainly a noble instinct, but Snow wasn't about to leave without her daughter, even if she had to climb that beanstalk and fight a giant herself.

The big question for Emma was whether Hook should be trusted. I didn't blame her for distrusting him. First, he's a mercenary pirate, most likely to go with whomever will pay him the most and I'm sure Cora won't make it easy to turn her down.

Second, Emma doesn't trust her own instincts. She was in love with Neal. She trusted him and not only did he leave her, he set her up to go to prison. It's no wonder Emma's heart is so wounded.

Jorge Garcia made quite the giant. He was equal parts ominous and sympathetic. We can only hope he didn't get hungry and make a snack out of Hook.

Leaving Hook behind in the lair of the giant, even for 10 hours, may have made him a dangerous enemy instead of an ally. I can't imagine that won't come back to haunt her some time soon.

Speaking of haunting, that's one scary dream that's going around. That Aurora has it as a side effect of her sleeping sickness is one thing - but Henry having the same dream bodes of something far darker.

So who do you think the scary eyes behind the curtains of fire in the enclosed red room belong to and why are they watching? What further nightmares are about to descend on Once Upon a Time?


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I heard that a reviewer complained that Once should stop introducing new characters and foccus on developing the main characters. I do not know the reviewer but I wonder if he/she has even seen the show. Every episode has been about developing the characters of one of the main 5 stars.This series is about Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina, and Rumple. Favorites like Red, Grumpy, Belle, and Hatter have been given more to do this season but they do not detract from the main stars. In fact they add to the main story. Even the new characters add to the storyline. Mulan and Arora add exposition, Cora is part of Regina's story, ext.Even the giant in yesterday's episode showed the growing strength of Emma. Your traditional villian who isnt bad. Every show has guest stars. If you dont have guest characters then the main group would just be sitting around drinking tea. Once is not Game of thrones where dozens of characters are involved in their own unrelated storylines.


I think August showed ' Neal' rump's dagger....I still think Neal and bae are the same. That us why he believed August so easily.
August disappeared in the first episode so I am pretty sure he is up and about and he was definitely the one who sent the postcard to Neal in the first episode. There must be something else going on that August is doing though, because he has not returned to storybrooke....


Can I just say, I love Hook. I freaked out when Emma first handcuffed him. I thought she really was just leaving him there to die. But I didn't get the whole "10 hour head start" thing. Did Emma ask the giant to release him after 10 hours? I felt so bad for him and I do think he is trustworthy or at least he was until Emma betrayed him. I really don't want him to side with Cora now but he probably will.
I thought the dream thing was really cool. Aurora and Henry were definitely seeing each other. I'm guessing in the next episode they'll figure this out and use it to communicate.
August annoyed me and I really want to know what he showed Neal. I don't really want Neal to be Bae but if it's explained well I won't mind. Neal was pretty cool but I don't think he was a good influence on Emma.
In this episode I decided I really like Mulan. She's so cool and I like her relationship with Aurora who I don't really like. However I did feel bad for Aurora at that one line she had, "I don't have any loved ones, it should be me."
Overall I really liked this episode.


it was an good show. we now why emma has an hard time trusting anyone. wish we knew what was int he box. like hook and emma working togather


I think Henry and Aurora are looking at each other in their dream. Aurora said "HE" was looking at her. While Henry said "SHE" was looking at him. I think its a connection between the old fairy land and storybrooke.


hum.. maybe.. what neil saw on the box was rumple´s knife.. someone did move it.. meybe he is rumples son and that is how august could persuade him so quickly.


I think that whatever the dream means, it's a side effect of having suffered under the sleeping curse. Aurora, Snow, and Henry have all fallen victim to that curse. Aurora and Henry are having the same nightmare, and Snow's having nightmares - by her reaction to Aurora's, wouldn't be surprised if it was the same. Don't know what the dream means, but I really do think the sleeping curse makes them have it.


There's no reason (yet) to think that August kept the money for himself. He can't exactly mail a wad of cash to a woman in a federal penitentiary! It's possible that he got the money to her after she was released. She had to start her life over somehow once she got out, and the cash would be a good place to start. I am curious as to what August showed Neal in the box. It had to be something profound. I'm also wondering how the postcard got to Neal in the first episode of the season - August was still somewhat, erm, out of sorts at the time. Maybe he set up some sort of contingency.

Drea xoxo

i loved the emma flashback. it made me understand her hostility and made me actually like her!! want neil and her to reunite as it seems he is her true love and hopefully she'll understand why he sacrificed everything for her.....
i so confused, so henry is her child? but i fort he was regina's too????


Enjoyed the episode, but I am definitely NOT a Neal fan. I appreciate that he loved Emma, but he was definitely not a good influence for her. It does suck the way August manipulated the situation, but it was for her good ultimately. If we don't see Neal again, I won't be sorry. I honestly was expecting her "baby daddy" to be a little more attractive and irresistibly appealing to a young Emma; and Neal doesn't fit into the "true love" standard of manliness and attractiveness to me for Emma.

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