Once Upon a Time Review: Controlling the Wolf

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"Child of the Moon" conjured up another fiendishly good hour of Once Upon a Time, as the full moon came out and Red's wolfie ways showed their claws. Let's discuss, shall we?

Wolf Free No More It's been 28 years since Ruby's had to deal with a full moon curse and just when she needs it most, her red cloak disappears. Well, that's a problem.

But before the full moon comes into play, she gets asked out by Billy, aka Gus Gus from Cinderella. How cute is that? Unfortunately, a mouse is barely an appetizer for a wolf and even though Ruby turned down his date, I knew there was trouble ahead.

As Meghan Ory said when we chatted last week, does Ruby trust herself to love again? Or, more importantly, "does she trust herself not to eat somebody again?"  Yikes!

Ruby and Snow Scene

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke past Red found her supposedly deceased mommy and I didn't trust her from moment one. Anita took her wolf side a little too seriously when she decided eating Snow was the only way to avenge Quinn's death. In the end, I didn't shed any tears watching Anita's funeral instead.

It was great to see what binds Snow and Red together. Snow was the only person who accepted Red exactly as she was. Now in present day Storybrooke it looked as though David was doing the same. Ruby was right. This is her family now.

Daddy issues King George was just as much of a royal bastard in Storybrooke as he was in the fairy tale world. It didn't surprise me that he set up Ruby, but chopping poor Billy into pieces with an ax to make it look like a wolf attack was pretty extreme. It seemed as though Storybrooke could use a good CSI department that could tell the difference.

When the mob showed up to take down Ruby I had to laugh that one of them actually had a pitchfork. I know it's the tradition, but it seemed so comical. Of course Granny brought her cross bow. King George best watch out. You don't mess with Granny, who not only knows how to throw down in a fight but has quite the sense of humor too, as came out in her exchange with Belle in this Once Upon a Time quote

Belle: You have wolf hearing too?
Granny: It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially when you run a hotel. | permalink

One of my favorite scenes was Regina taking Henry to see Rumple. He really seems to have a soft spot for the boy, which makes me wonder if Henry should be calling Rumple grandpa. I'm dying to find out if Neal is really Rumplestiltskin's son.

As many expected after last week, Aurora and Henry were seeing one another in those dreams but now that Henry has the power to control them, anything is possible.

The quest for fairy dust didn't end as we'd hoped, but with Emma and Snow working on the other end to get back and Henry now in the position to communicate with Aurora, this story is far from over.


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Yeah there was alot of chemistry between red and david! but i definitely want to see him with snow, he can't do that to her :(


Still watching. This show has so much potential but it doesn't grab me the way LOST did. Too many storylines to juggle in my head.


I have to agree with @wizarddrummer. This show has some craptastic drama scenes. Remember the season 2 premiere? Mulan and Aurora stood screaming, looking all awkward and confused while Philip's soul was sucked by the dementor-like creature. I wish it would stop trying to force-feed us emotional scenes. It should be able to portray Red's inner turmoil without Darming spelling out everything to Red. Sometimes less is a heck of a lot more. And I have to repeat: the hat burning scene was inexcusable.


["It was great to see what binds Snow and Red together. Snow was the only person who accepted Red exactly as she was. Now in present day Storybrooke it looked as though David was doing the same. Ruby was right. This is her family now."] Oh Lord. I think I'm going to vomit.


I wish Emma and Snow would get back to Storybrooke already! I am getting tired of this storyline, it's gone on long enough!


comment got clipped. and then grabbing for the hat. And before that, after our bad king had threatened me (if I were Charming) I would have locked him in the same cell with Red.


There's nothing I hate more than when a show has DOPEY, STUPID, RIDICULOUS scenes! I really like this show, but the scene, near the end, where that hatter's hat is thrown into the fire by our revengeful king, was so ridiculous and retarded that I am at a loss to describe how bad it is. The scene would have much better if everyone showed up a few minutes late. EXT:
King: "Your too late, I threw the precious hat you seek into the fire a few minutes ago..." No, instead, for the sake of "drama - (ie: STUPIDITY) it is thrown into the fire whilst everyone is standing there! Remember this is THE Hat that is most important for our principle characters so that they could open up a portal to get Snow and Emma back! 1)If I were Charming, I would be tearing off my jacket, wrapping my hand and reaching into the fire to get it. 2) Or an even better approach... I WOULD BE KICKING THE CRAP OUT OF THOSE LOGS to dissipate the fire, with my boots/shoes and then grabbing for the the hat. What happened? (writers FLUB for being so unrealistic and Directors FLUB for not questioning the idiotic scene in the first place) Prince Charming tries to reach in and then just gives up. The fire was just a series of stand up logs that could have easily been knocked away because it was only seconds before, that the hat was thrown in. And before that, Charming should have locked the bad king up with Red in the same cell!

Drea xoxo

1) i made i blunder i was meant to say SNOW* charming and SNOW are each other's true love. sorry didn't realise!!
@Tangotildawn thank you sooo much! i always got it the other way around =D


It was a good episode for sure.. but I really feel like they just aren't advancing the storyline the way they were in S1. I also find these types of episodes unmemorable and wish the flashbacks would also stop. Hopefully next episode is just Storybrooke and FTL.


I thought I was the only one who noticed the chemistry between red and charming I really hope they don't go there that would ruin the show for me. red.deserves to be happy and charming needs to get back to his wife

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