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I like this show, there's no doubt about it.

But sometimes it gets really stupid.

They're going after one of the most important pieces of hardware imaginable in a cemetery and they didn't think to bring some decent firepower with them to the location?

Not to mention that in the real world Amanda would be dead already, Nikita would be dead, in fact they all would be dead. How many times have the principle actors stared down the barrel of a weapon? Why are they alive?
Oh, yes, the show must go on.

Then there's James Bond that gets fired upon by 30 enemy agents with machine guns and his clothes don't even get wrinkled.

I realism; good solid writing that's compelling without being cheeeezy that has story lines and plots that make sense.



I also think it was the best episode and like Ilk_vomit I'm confused about Owen.


And Amanda is back!!! So is Owen, or was that even Owen? What happened to the guy? And what's his purpose in the story, now that Amanda decided to go after Michael instead? This was a good episode, but from here by introducing the main antagonist of the season things also get more complicated (and fun).


I am thrilled Amanda has surfaced. She's been missing for too long. However, I do miss Amanda's old haircut. Not a fan of the new one. I am glad Owen is back, and back to stay. Though Amanda wanted him personally, more than she wanted that device. Why? What does he know? Or does she want him for what she did to him? Does she need him because she lost all the medical records and needs some sort of map (his brain) to go by?

I wonder if Alex is popping pills to cover up more than physical pain. Had she popped any before Sean told her he loved her? I don't think she did. But obviously if she's popping pills to get through the day, she does need to leave Division.

And, I'm sorry. But saving that little girl was worth keeping Division open, no? Come on, Nikita & Owen. It's not all evil.


Hands down the best episode of the season so far !!....and yes the hour flew by once again,But Did i miss something ? When did Owen loose his fighting skills ?? He seriously got his ass handed to him thru the whole episode......

Got i hate Melinda clarks face with a passion !! She tries to hard to look wicked,and her new Moe howard haircut for women is funny as hell.


Great episode. I'm so glad Owens back and it looks like he'll be sticking around. I'm glad he has a actually story now instead of just popping up and helping with a black box. I was happy when Sean told Alex he loved her then they kissed it was really sweet. I agree that Sean woulnt be able to stay away from division even though he said he was going to leave I don't think he can just leave Alex. When Alex was using the pain pills it made me wonder if that will a thing and she's going to start to go back the way she was or if that was just a one or two episode thing so she could deal with everything by getting out of division and actually going on a mission instead of being stuck at division. If its not a one time thing and she's starting to go back to the way she use to be I think that Nikita and them may think something's up but never actually be concerned enough to figure it out and then that will be the reason Sean comes back to help her get clean again. Can't wait till the next episode. I'm not sure I like the new time slot because I have something else I watch at 8 but I guess I'll have to make it work because its Nikita.

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