NCIS: Los Angeles Spinoff: Coming to CBS!

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CBS is looking to further expand the NCIS brand, this time with a spinoff of NCIS: Los Angeles.

The untitled project, written and created by NCIS: LA executive producer and show-runner Shane Brennan, will feature new characters who will be introduced in two-part episode of the drama later this season.

Brennan's proposed spinoff from CBS TV Studios, will follow a small mobile team of agents, who are forced to live and work together, as they crisscross the United States solving crimes, according to Deadline.

Gibbs and Callen

Brennan, who served as NCIS executive producer before spinning off LA, has had success with this model, successfully introducing Chris O'Donnell & Co. in a Season 6 episode of the original juggernaut.

NCIS itself was also introduced as two-part episode of JAG in 2003 ... yes, 2003.

Brennan joined NCIS at the beginning of Season 4 in 2006 and named show-runner the following season. He ran both that and NCIS: LA for the spinoff’s first two years before handing the NCIS reins to Gary Glasberg.

Now in its 10th season, NCIS continues to be TV's #1 drama series in terms of ratings. Airing ratings behind it, NCIS: LA, now in its fourth season, is a top 10 show that retains around 80 percent of NCIS' audience.

What do you think? Are you interested to see what Shane comes up with this time? Is there room within the NCIS universe for yet another spinoff? His first effort was a huge success, so there's reason for optimism.

Share your comments on this potentially big CBS development below!

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William e bruce

I will watch the spin-off, as I had the Criminal Minds one. I believed that one needed tinkering and time. But tv don't give them time like they used to. Move to another night, and tinker with the characters. I believe the New NCIS show can Have Nate and Granger, or even Vance on it at times. Maybe they can have some one that has been on before in a small role, like NCIS Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget? He seems to have disappeared.


Hawaii 5-0 was brought back or re-created from a 2 part episode crossover of NCIS LA. they have had multiple cross-over 2-parters between the two.


McGarrett from H50 and Hanna from NCIS:LA served together in the Navy and the two shows did 2 crossovers. H50 isn't a spin off but it is in the JAG/NCIS family.


I like NCIS better than NCIS LA and i think i would feel the same with the new NCIS spin off. No one can replace Gibbs' awesome team!!!!! I will give the new spin off a chance, but nothing will replace The original NCIS!!!


As much as I love the NCIS franchise I find another spinn-off to be overkill.


Hawaii 5-0 has nothing to do with NCIS or NCIS LA its has it own world


Ok, so JAG spun off NCIS in 2003, then NCIS spun off NCIS:LA, then a couple years ago, NCIS:LA spun off the remake of Hawaii 5-0 and now NCIS:LA is going to spin off another show.
I'be been a fan since JAG, but wow yet another one seems too much to me.


if anyone leaves or dies on NCIS they show will end for sure this show is about the Characters it's not like Law and Order, ER, NYPD Blue, that can last 10 12 or more seasons with new characters it was about whatever what was going on and just that but NCIS is about both. I will check out the new spin off


@SAM One of the things that made NCIS so great was they did not let fear hold them back like most show do they were not scare to kill people off even when it came to woman they made the show as believeable as possible. Just look at criminal minds Its having its best season ever and it has new characters on it Look at Law and Order SVU it had the same character for 12 season and when Stabler left everyone wanted the show to end Now its doing better then its last 3 season because of the new cast. If NCIS does not do something I am scare it will get the same fate as JAG and other shows that are not willing to change.


Michael, who, other than you, says that killing off cast members willy-nilly, is "the right thing to do"?

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