NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Hello, Mrs. Hanna!

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"Rude Awakenings" was billed as the conclusion of a two-part NCIS: Los Angeles episode, but the story didn't actually conclude. Both Sidorov and the nukes are still out there ... somewhere.

While I enjoyed the first part, tonight's episode was even more suspenseful and full of mystery. There was no lull in the action, from the opening takedown scene until the very end.

Kensi and Deeks Investigate

With eight potential sleeper spies and nukes spread across the United States, NCIS hit them all at the same time. Unfortunately, they were too late and only found dead and tortured former Soviet spies. No nukes were discovered and two looked to have already been taken by Sidorov.

Two rogue nukes somewhere within America is pretty scary stuff. They could go off accidentally, given their age, or be used against a specific target. It's one of the worst nightmares that could hit the country. 

Callen and Sam realized that they needed to find Sidorov as soon as possible and went to their local Russian intel guy, Arkady, for information. It was intriguing that Arkady never believed the stories of sleeper agents and nukes. He seemed like a guy that would have bought into the hype.

However, Callen did note that Arkady seemed more nervous than ever when he found out. A situation worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis sounds like an accurate and frightening outlook.

Perhaps the best part of this case was the reemergence of people from Sam's past. CIA guy Schneider was definitely an ass. It was awesome to see Sam best him throughout the hour, especially dunking and nearly drowning him. It was deserved!

The main mystery was around the Quinn character. Initially, I thought that Sam was the former agent undercover in Sidorov's crew, but it wasn't him. Instead, it was his wife! What?!? I never would have expected that she was involved in the business. Previously, she's always just been seen in the home with either Sam or the kids. What a shocker.

Though, it makes sense that Sam would meet his wife on the job. Where else would he meet someone? I'm not an advocate of Kensi and Deeks getting together, but does this mean they could hook up? I'm guessing one of them would have to leave the boathouse gang if they did.

Sam's plan to get Quinn back in with Sidorov was quite elaborate, but it worked. For the second time in a row, Granger proved that he isn't the nasty guy that he was initially. Perhaps he has learned from his mistakes. When he agreed to go behind the CIA's back and supported Sam's plan, he got more than a handshake, he earned Sam's trust and respect. We'll have to see if Granger is able to maintain that for the long term or not.

While Quinn was accepted without question by Sidorov, Sam was not. Sidorov dismissed him like a stray dog he didn't want around. Ouch. At least, Quinn remained safe despite a brief time when Sam thought she was dead.

In the end, Sidorov left the country and neither NCIS or the CIA have any clue where the bombs are. Will Quinn need to go through with the assassination in order to remain part of Sidorov's crew? This case is far from over and there is much that can still go wrong.

For Sam and his family's sake, I hope that Quinn remains safe. In the long term, will this mission push her back into the business? And would Sam be able to continue knowing both of his children's parents are in harm's way? Quinn's involvement looks to have huge ramifications for Sam and his family.

For the whole country and even the world, NCIS must find those bombs before Sidorov can sell them to the highest bidder. If even one of them goes off, it would be disastrous.


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Awesome episode! Great writing and the twists were all well played! Loved that Quinn used to be an agent. Sam's turmoil and mixed feelings about his wife back in action and possibly in danger was incredibly touching and sweet. And I agree, Sam is a good man, he may not like his wife in danger but he didn't object or react negatively when Quinn said she missed being an agent. Sam said earlier that he would do anything to keep her safe and I thought his reaction had more to do with the fear that she would place herself in danger. Sam does not strike me as a man that would order his wife to stay at home with the kids. Loved that Callen knew about Quinn's past. Deek's river dance line was hilarious. And Granger is still keeping me guessing. I bet he runs the West Coast ops as Vance's counterpart and is here to stay.


Awesome episode! Great writing and the twists were well played! Loved that Quinn used to be an agent. I enjoyed Sam's turmoil and mixed feelings about his wife in danger. And I agree, Sam is a good man, he may not like his wife in danger but he didn't object or react negatively when Quinn said she missed being an agent. Sam said earlier that he would do anything to keep her safe and I thought his reaction was fear that she would place herself in danger. Loved that Callen knew about Quinn's past.
I certainly hope the writer's do not kill her off!


We just finished watching this episode and I thought it was well done, the acting equally deserving of praise. I was pleasingly surprised by LL CoolJ's depth of acting in the role of Hanna, something that had previously eluded me though I enjoyed his character, I found it somewhat limited, a little one-dimensional and not as well-rounded as it could be after this many episodes...not after this episode. My hat is off to you, Mr. CoolJ! This episode was intricately plotted, thought-provoking and suspenseful. The tension held taut from beginning to end. I thought it was an excellent show, probably the most intricately plotted of the season. This is in no way meant to denigrate the prior episodes of this series as I find NCIS LA both intelligent and entertaining, while a great deal of the "fodder," meant for our intellectual stimuli is abysmal, at best. I might add that the characters are interesting, believable and very diverse! So, in summation: A good series gets even better, BUT YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE US HANGING!!! :)

Carla day

@F - I didn't see it as sexism, because for whatever reason Sam and his wife decided that she would leave the business, while he stayed in. That was the decision that was made for their family. When she said that she wasn't sure that she wanted to go back to the way it was, he didn't argue with her. It will be interesting to see what happens after this case is over. If she wants to go back to work, will he support her or not? If I had to guess, he would worry about her, but would back whatever decision she makes.


No comment on the blatant sexism? Why should she be expected to be "Mrs Sam Hanna" with no identity other than as his wife and as a mother, while he can work in a dangerous job with no judgement? That ridiculous sexist ending ruined that whole episode for me.

@ F

F, I agree. This episode aired a few weeks back in the UK and it ruined Sam as a character for me. That it's her "job" to be "Mrs Sam Hanna" 24/7 is just awful.


OMG! This ep was best ever. The article could not have been said better if I had said it myself. Well done guys. To find out that Quinn was his wife could not have been played better. As you I thought he was cheating on his wife, but like you I went NO WAY that is not Sam. Very well played. Awesome ep.


The main bad guy was on CM so cool to see him on NCIS now. as for The rule about no relationships in NCIS it IS a rule but you can't stop people from falling is love ALL business look down on it

Sue ann

If Kensi and Deeks get together, neither would have to leave the boathouse gang, as you put it. NCIS has no rule against interdepartmental relationships or marriages. It was carefully explained on one of the earlier NCIS seasonal DVD's. The real NCIS has married couples. The rule about no relationships on the team is Gibbs's rule. Gibbs is not on this show. I am in favor of Kensi and Deeks getting together, and against Tony and Ziva being a couple.


I was shocked to learn that Quinn was his wife. I thought he was deep undercover at one time and they had a fling. When she picked him up from jail and kissed him and said marriage changes things, I thought uh oh they used to mess around on his wife. But Sam doesn't seem the type to cheat. I wonder if she will ultimately be killed in the season finale?


Great episode when I was watching it and I first saw Quinn I thought she was Sam's wife but when I realized she was the one going undercover I thought she couldn't be his wife but when they said she was his wife and callen explained a little I understood how they met.

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