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At the start of the series I was all for Scarlett and Gunnar and that still hasn't changed, although I think we will have to wait a while for Gunnar to dump the girl from the recording...
I didn't see myself rooting for Sean and Juliette but I really am! I think they will have their ups and downs but they will be good for each other, Scarlett gaining the most I'd have thought.


This episode was terrific. I look forward to every scene featuring the musicians. I know Raynas father and husband are important but the musicians are awesome especially when performing. More Rayna, Juliette, Deacon, Scarlette Avery, and Gunnar. Terrific show.


I think Juliette is starting to realize the error of her ways......how long that lasts remains to be seen......

I'm glad Scarlett has come to her senses about Avery. I don't necessarily think she should go running to Gunnar but I think that is what will happen.

From the previews Rayna didn't seem too upset by the news of Teddy's photos....I think it's been obvious from the first show that Teddy and Rayna's marriage is one of convenience more than anything else......I kinda believe Peggy will go running to the press because Teddy is backing away from her.....

Next week is the winter finale.....when will they be back? Jan.? March?

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