Modern Family Review: Bar Mitzvah Crashers

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Forget Wedding Crashers. The new cool thing to do is Bar Mitzvah crash! Between last night's Happy Endings and this week's Modern Family, it seems like the celebration for the Jewish rite of passage has become the new hot party spot.

In "Mistery Date," Manny and Luke hit the dance floor in search of some cute girls.

Phil's Wires Get Crossed

Of course, with Manny it's never just a cute girl. Manny is like a Kardashian: when he falls for someone, he falls hard. It's always a moment that moved his soul or that he felt like he was waiting for his whole life. Manny might just be the most romantic teenage boy since Romeo himself.

With the help of his devious sidekick Luke, Manny finally got in about 60 seconds of face time with the little blonde object of his affection. I gotta say, the boy was smooth: 

Excuse me, hi. My name is Manny Delgado and I've been searching for you since you smiled at me in the lobby today, maybe even my whole life. It's too late for us to have the magical night I was hoping for, but it's not too late for us to have a memento of what might've been. I'll be waiting. | permalink

What did she think she was getting by going into that booth with him? C'mon, girl, you could've given Manny a little cheek, maybe a peck on the lips. Why were the boys at the Academic Decathlon anyway? I'm sorry, but every time I hear that phrase I think of Billy Madison

I think Alex might've lost the competition on purpose. She loves to win, but she doesn't want to be paraded around by a show pony? I understand she feels pressure from Claire to be perfect. After all, who do you think Alex picked it up from? This season things have really shifted for the middle Dunphy child. Alex has been struggling to fit in and up her "cool" factor. First it was the girl with the partially shaved head, then it was the gay boyfriend. Alex is just a teen, she doesn't want her mom embarrassing her at academic competitions!

As sharp and intense as Claire is, Phil is a little bit dense at times. Matthew Broderick didn't give off an overly flamboyant or aggressive vibe towards Phil, so I could see why he didn't necessarily pick up on David being gay. He probably didn't even fully realize it after he kissed him goodbye. All the little moments that kept happening with the music, the spilled margaritas, etc were hilarious. I was just waiting for Cam and Mitchell to pop in and blow the whole thing.

I'll tell you one thing: if I ever have a baby, Cam can give me all the advice he wants, but I seriously don't want an extensive mural like that in my house. Remember the one he and Mitchell got? Going off the registry can be tricky!

What did you all think of this week's episode? And where was Haley? Hit the comments! 


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@ Mike Shannon
I didn't see it but it sounds like it was audio description (for the visually impaired) perhaps they aired it by mistake? In the UK, for example, they run repeats of shows with sign language or audio description at about 3 in the morning, perhaps its was just an error by the network. Weird though

Leigh r

@ Mike Shannon - I've heard about this from other shows. Can you send me the recording?


this was a ok episode it must of been out of sink it looks like before the oldest daughter got kicked out of school. the picture on the wall was down right creepy.


@Mike Shannon - I found the narrator very annoying. He also did the narration for The Middle last night.

Sarah silva

This was a super funny episode! I have no idea how Ty Burrell and Matthew Broderick could get through those scenes. There must have been tons of out takes! Every one was super funny tonight. I liked the moment in the car with Mitchell and Jay. My only question is: where was Hayley?


I'm trying to find someone else who watched this episode who heard the man intorducing EVERY scene? It was obnoxious and annoying. It was a random voice who explained what was about to happen. Example: Luke walks away from Manny while wheeling his suitcase. Or.. Cam and Mitchell ring doorbell at Gloria's house. I took a short video of it and can send you a link to verify what I'm talking about. It was like someone was reading from the script.

Drea xoxo

i found funny from beginning to end. phil not realising is classic modern family! alex and her mum are very much alike and i feel she may go off the rails as well when she gets to her senior year.


The whole part with Phil not realizing the guy was gay was so funny. It's so like Phil to not notice social cues. The whole thing was made funnier when Cam was on the phone convincing him that the guy (Phil) was gay.

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Manny: Luke I need you for this. You're sneakier than I am, you a bigger liar, you have no moral compass.
Luke: Look thanks for all the compliments, but breaking into one stupid party? That's not even a challenge.

Phil Dunphy this is the year 2025, welcome, you're the first one here.