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let's try this AGAIN, shall wee:

VM played the same way on "WITHOUT A TRACE", and martin got caught up in her web....steve SHOULD have known that he was being SET UP by the shrink, when she invited him to coffee....considering she had a RESTRAIGHENING order against him....for an ex-SEAL not to see that, makes me question just how good of a SEAL he was.....and PLEASE, DON'T BRING "VM" BACK.



i'm getting SICK of mama McGarrett and Catherine.....2nd: i CAN'T look at VM without seeing BRENDA BARRETT from GH.....when she guested on "


This was "Women's night" on H-50! The ladies, and I use that term loosely, put on quite a performance. Vanessa Marcil was a delicious villain, and it was such fun to see Steve worked up enough to show some frustration and anger this week! For those who say Alex is a one-dimensional actor, he's shown some fantastic emotion the last few episodes. Catherine has definitely fallen into Doris' clutches - she is heading down a lonely road by agreeing to hide Mom's sinister side from Steve. Doris is bound to hurt Steve again, and the knowledge that Catherine knew about her shenanigans and kept it from him, for his "protection" is going to give Steve MORE trust issues! Pretty soon the only people left on the face of the earth for Steve to trust will be Danny, Chin and Kono! Crazy CIA Doris is way more interesting that weepy Mommy McG! I'm a lot more interested in her story line now than I have been since finding out Mom was Shelburne. I give this ep. a solid 4 to 4.5 for the women!


For my money, not the most exciting and entertaining HFO of the season, but it's nice to see that it garnered some pretty decent ratings and a nice response from the fans on here.

I did like how they portrayed McGarrett as refusing to back down in the face of everyone telling him he had no proof about the doctor. It was sort of an ode to Jack Lord's McGarrett where he often went after the "bad guy" without any real proof because he knew in his gut the person was guilty.

I did sort of find it funny when the doctor, a person of interest in a murder investigation, was able to get a restraining order against the lead investigator, not to mention the most powerful police figure in the entire state. However, like someone else said, I don't watch shows like this for reality. I watch to be entertained and more often than not HFO comes through.


I found it interesting that Mom McG was torturing this guy in the same fashion that Wo Fat tortured Steve last season. Did Wo Fat learn this from "Mom McG"; did anyone tell Mom McG of Wo Fat torturing her son like this; would she have done this had she known?


When Steve sat down at the table with the psycho/psychologist with the restraining order, I just wanted to KICK HIM in the pants. Grrr!!


I think I was on too much of a high from last week and the week before, because this one felt like a disappointment to me. Some was Steve and Kono working together although I thought that would have been a great time to show them discussing Adam but whatever.... , love that they were on another island, and I have to say I loved Danny in this one a lot! Chin was MIA which I hated.
Cath/Mom : Im not really aure how I feel. The story doesnt interest me at all, although I do find crazyMom more interesting than weepyMom. And I thought Cath and AgentWhatever had some chemistry together.
This whole ep and all the acting felt really flat to me like it had no energy at all. Probably wont rewatch.



My hatred against Doris grows with every episode I see her. Don't like it one bit she pulls Catherine in her web of secrets. I bet she did the same with Joe, Doris does not have any problems to ask the people who Steve love and trust the most to lie to him.
And I am afraid it will backfire Cath she does exactly the same as Joe when will they understand that Steve is a grown man, he can take some bad news about his mother.
Now there is definite material for the Steve & Cath rocky path When Oliva talked about his momma issues Steve said "I don't like being played" Steve is not going appreciate having someone close to him lie once again.

I wonder how Doris will explain the broken lamp and the bruises on her face. to Steve. Speaking of Doris I didn't like how she torture Mangosta that woman is really sick in her head.

Looking forward to next week!!


I did like the was different but enjoyable to watch!

Crime of the week was good nice to see a different case and I didn't saw the Madam coming!, I enjoyed the cat and mouse game between Steve and Olivia of course our SuperSeal was right from the beginning . I liked the opening bit with Steve/Kono. It always makes me happy when they switch it up and don’t stick to their regular pairings

Loved badass Cath and her story with the agent. We finally found out where she lives she really has a nice home.

Steve and Danny where fun tonight I am glad the writers changed Danny behavior love him so much more now instead of a whiningand complaing Danny all the time............ and it was good to see Duke again. Missed Chin this episode!! Continue!


First of all, Agent Channing may be suspended, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his own gun besides his service weapon. And why would he go to Catherine's commanding officer? he didn't seem to want to make her pay so much as to get information about Mangosta, which might be hard to do if he rats her out. Second, Catherine works in Naval Intelligence, so if anyone would have hacking equipment it would be her.

She's gonna regret keeping this from Steve because he will find out.

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