Hawaii Five-0 Review: Borrowed Time

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"I Ka Wa Mamua:In A Time Past

It seems like it’s been forever since we've a solid Danny-centered episode. So I was thrilled when this hour open in 2001 in New Jersey, as I knew we were going to see pre-Hawaii Danny in his element. 

And we weren't disappointed. 

Right off the bat, part of that element was the always lovely Sydney Tamiia Poitier playing his partner Officer Tillwell. I had a pretty strong suspicion that she wasn't going to survive the encounter during the opening; then you add in the acting talents of Terrance Howard as the criminal they are up against and things grew grim very quickly.  

Danny's Toughest Case

From there, we returned to modern day. When Five-0 started looking into the bombs and terrorist cell, I couldn’t figure out why Danny was so emotional about it. Then again, it’s Danny; we’ve seen him go on rant about fishing. 

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in my anticipation of the conclusion of Danny’s story. Of course, none of us was surprised how things turned out after Danny’s ominous comment from our Hawaii Five-0 quotes section:

Danny: Borrowed Time [sigh]
Steve: What's that?
Danny: I have to remember that all of this, the last 10 years with my daughter is all borrowed time.

Sure enough, when Danny finished telling the story, his former partner had been shot and killed during events in the warehouse. But there were two things that did surprise me. 

  1. Poitier’s character first name was named Grace: There is no way it's an accident that Danny’s then unborn daughter is now named Grace. Honestly, I can’t imagine how often Danny thinks about his former partner when he looks at Grace or says her name. I can only hope he has a lot more happy memories to offset her death.

  2. Her death took place on September 11, 2001: For Danny, that dark day in our history has two events attached to it. It’s no wonder he was so emotional about the terrorist, he’s attached the anger and pain of his partner’s death to it. Well played, Mr. Lenkov, you did an awesome job of weaving in just enough of a visual element that we all could make the connection.

If figuring out those two things wasn't enough of a tug at the heart strings, watching Danny and Grace at the father/daughter dance was very cute. I was glad that Danno’s 100% guarantee turned out to be true. As he said, there are only a few of these moments. 

The only thing that distracted from the emotional roller-coaster that Danny took us on was when the last suspect, Anshiri took off and running from Steven and Danny. For being trapped on an island, suspects in Hawaii Five-0 seem to run from the police an awful lot. In fact, it’s often enough that I’m finally introducing the unofficial H50 drinking game I've previously said we need. 

H5O Foot Chase Drinking Game Rules: 

Start the episode with a drink of your choice.

  • For each vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) that a Five-O member leaps over - take a drink
    (If they hood-slide in the process, take another drink)
  • Each bystander that is knocked down, take a drink
  • For each cart (flower, food, etc) knocked over, take a drink
  • If a Five-O member tackles the suspect to end the chase take a drink
  • If Steve says “Book Em’ Danno” – finish the drink.

Overall I’m giving the episode 4.2 smiling daughters for a great glimpse into Danny’s past and a well done nod to 9/11.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of Danny’s past? Should we add more to the Foot Chase Drinking Game? 


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This episode reminded me of season 1. The episode was fast paced with the past and present intertwined. I enjoyed the 'aha' moments as to how Grace was named after his partner, the revelation that September 11, the day that we as a nation will never forget holds even more sadness for Danno. The sprinkling of Ohana was brilliant with the Father/Daughter dance, the team teasing Danno about his dancing skills and the poignant scene at the end when you can feel the sense of relief in Steve's eyes and body language and Danno's heartfelt thanks for being there. Loved that Steve refused to leave even though Danno asked him to call Grace implying that he wanted Steve to take care of her. Loved Steve's faith and conviction that Danno will keep his 100% guarantee to Grace. The injection of Catherine was perfect, not too much and not too little. And most of all the sweet ending with Danno and Grace. Bravo!


Thought this was the best episode I have seen yet. It was great to learn more about Danny and Gracie. The show had a lot of action and tension. I loved the scenes with Danny and Gracie dancing. Also Danny and his daughter shopping. It showed a nice family dynamic. I thought Cath was annoyed when she saw it was Steve calling. Is there trouble in paradise with these two already? The ending scenes with Steve and Danny were heart wrenching. To see how much each cared for the other was amazing..When the bomb had been finally defused to hear the nervous laughter from both turned up the emotion dial, and then when they finally decided to hug you could see the tears in Steve's eyes, tears were falling from my eyes.You have several excellent actors. Steve and Danny were superb. Bravo to cast, crew, writers, directors-everyone involved in this episode. I want more of this. It just kept you captivated through the entire show. It flowed flawlessly. It was true perfection. I loved everything.


Continue! The father daughter dance at the end was too cute, I thought using the One Direction song was realistic too for Grace's age. I thought Scott's acting was phenomenal..and Alex also showed his great acting skills in this episode well done guys! Flashback episodes can be confusing but this one flowed perfectly. Kudos to the writers and directing for a job well done!! Looking forward to next week and watching the promo it will be another great episode!


Continue! As far as the Steve/Danny bomb scene, it was great. I liked that they showed the way that Steve really does care for Danny and Steve having tears in his eye’s knowing it was so close that he could lost Danny brought tears in my eye’s too. And it says a lot that Danny wants Steve to be Grace’s father figure if anything were to happen to him. Loved the Ohana moments in this episode we got nice scenes from all of the main characters was great we got more of Kono and Chin compare to last week. Was it me or was Catherine a bit annoyed when she saw who was calling her she hesitated to pick up her phone maybe she get a bit tired of Steve for calling her only if he needs another favor


Holy Cow!!! ...What a terrific episode. One of the best sofar this season Loved it! Loved It! Loved the opening scene with Danno & Grace shopping. ….. I can understand Danny's rant about his daughter growing up in a world where you can't get on an airplane without being searched. He is a father and as a parent myself you always be scared something bad can happens with your kid. The flashbacks into Danny's past was fantastic, especially learning how Grace got her name,and the tie-in to 9/11. I understand Danny now so much more he sure lives in borrowed time if it wasn’t the attack on the Twin Towers that day Danny would be dead ...... We learned what makes Danny Danny..... Hilarious that Danny had/has 2 partners who love to drive his car!! poor guy As far as the Steve/Danny bomb scene, it was great. I liked that they showed the way that Steve really does care for Danny and Steve having tears in his eye’s knowing it was so close that he could lost Danny brought tears in my eye’s too. And it says a lot that Danny wants Steve to be Grace’s father figure if anything were to happen to him. Continue!

Sarah silva

Oh and the biggest holy crap moment was if it was not for 9/11 Danny would be dead!

Sarah silva

This was a fantastic episode! For the first time I cried during this show, when the bomb guy diffused the mom and Danny was able to move, that whole scene with him and Steve was sweet!
Danno is not a bad dancer at all.
For those that were worried that Kono and Chin were being written out,hopefully that can be laid to rest once and for all.
I liked the flash back scences. We also now know where Grace got her name. I guess like calling shot gun, everyone calls Driver, so Danny never gets to drive.


I had been looking forward to this episode for a long time and I was not disappointed. I have seen Scott act in other movies and am fully aware of his talents. Even though he is made out to be a certain way in the show, that still shows his extreme acting abilities and I think he was wonderful. I enjoyed the entire show (although I had to look away at the beating scenes). I agree the looks said so much in this episode and words weren't needed. It was great!


I think Catherine in a bikini looked hot. I wish we could see more shots of Kono in a bikini. I agree about the comment that there is a double standard. If the guys take their shirts off, then you all think its great. If a woman wears a bikini, (in Hawaii of all places), then she is degrading herself. Their are guys who watch this show also, so unless you want everyone wearing heavy jackets, clothed head to toe, then watch a show that takes place in a colder climate. This episode was great, very well written.


A spectacular and very intense episode. Scott was absolutely breathtaking. He moved us from laughter to tears with a true sincerity. . The alchemy between AOL and Scott was an exciting blend of sincerity and humour. Their deep personnal connection was perfectly transferred on their own characters. TI and Terrence have delivered an amazing performance. No direspect but I didn't liked Catherine in bikini. She is smart and deserves something better. Catherine don't bother me in the show, only if she makes something interesting. Stop with girlfriend / familly counsellor / Cath in bikini. I want to see her, for example, in action or undercover. Working with Kono, why not !. Just For once, let the Girl Power express oneself :) Sorry for my bad english :) For the next time, i want to see more Chin and Kono, more interaction between the four core

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