Haven Review: Death Becomes Her

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"Magic Hour (Part Two)" didn't quite have the same finesse that part one enjoyed, but we needed to find out what happened last week, didn't we?

Audrey seemed to grow up a little since her trip to Colorado and I don't think she'll be taking things for granted any more. What else went down?

Audrey Fights for Nathan

We figured out why Moira was so angry at her sister. Because at age 34, Noelle looked like a teenager and Moira looked like her mother. I was shocked to find out the reason Moira hated her sister was because the last time the Troubles came around Noelle was eight and didn't save their dad. I never would have guessed her to be 34.

Okay, I'm being silly, but Moira's attitude was so utterly annoying that I almost clapped when Audrey finally pulled her gun and threatened to kill her so her Trouble might kick in. It was absolutely brilliant! Too bad it didn't work.

Can you imagine living all those years, treating your sister with disrespect and using her Trouble for your own gain only to find out that she had saved your life? Noelle loved her sister so much she would rather have her hatred than lose her, and rather let her think she let her dad die than have Moira be in her debt for saving him. Talk about love.

It was like a kaleidoscopic of lifesaving going on in that house. Moira got her power, she saved both her sister and Nathan as Audrey made a tearful confession Nathan. As beautiful as it was to hear from her lips, it was painful to see the reactions from Duke and Jordan as they witnessed Audrey pour her heart out to the man she had always loved.

I love how well Haven remembers when Jordan needs her gloves and when she doesn't. When she touched Duke earlier in the episode, he was writhing in pain, but when she touched Audrey it was okay because of her immunity to the Troubles. Little things like that make the continuity work so well.

I was on to something last week when I said Tommy wasn't himself. He was Troubled. When he got into a fight with Duke, he got cut and his blood disappeared into Duke. I knew that whole story about staying in town was bogus. The Teagues figured out the bolt-gun killer would be going after Audrey to get more information on The Colorado Kid, but since he was killed in the end, there were few answers gained from Tommy's presence in Haven.

Tommy showed up, ruffled feathers, needlessly killed women to build a missing person from body parts and then killed Nathan, but little else. Nobody found that half built head that I recall. Someone is in for a shock when they find that.

The Teagues did finally relent and decide it was time to stop keeping secrets from Audrey, so we'll see how that plays into things going forward, as well. They have a lifetime of information share, and two incarnations of Audrey to spill in three weeks. 

Oh, I forgot the all important love and devotion speech from Audrey to Nathan. If Tommy hadn't killed him, she wouldn't have been able to say those words out loud. I wonder when she'll be able to say them to Nathan when he's still breathing. Audrey's a pretty amazing woman. Giving up her time to speak with him so that he could talk with Jordan was selfless. I hope putting off that talk doesn't come back to haunt her.

Speaking of haunting, what was that house Vince saw on the hill out in the water beyond the Grey Gull? Is that where the father of The Colorado Kid lives or lived? Could it be a mere coincidence that he saw it at the same time he told Audrey that she never named the father? Or is that where Tommy ended up since they didn't find the body. Is the Frankenhead in there? So many questions!

In the comments, we've been talking about the possibility of a time warp making Nathan the father of Sarah's child. Maybe the house on the hill was bleeding through from another time. Audrey has decided to use the time before The Hunter arrives to search for her son. It will be interesting to see how many people get in on the hunt and what resources she can tap into for information as to where he might be. I'll point again at those Teagues brothers. 

What did you think of the conclusion of The Magic Hour?  Haven  has been renewed for a fourth season, so we can rest easy knowing that whatever mind blowing finale they have coming, we will have more to explore next year. Will it be a new incarnation of the Sarah/Lucy/Audrey line? The possibilities are endless!


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i think the colorado kid is nathan's father which would make him audrey's grandson. Wild i know but makes sense the colorado kid sounds like nathan.


I do not get this Audrey and Duke obsession! They are like brother and sister. Love the chemistry between Audrey and Nathan, they are just so adorable! Please writers do not play with our feelings and let this pair at least some happy moments before the season is over. P.S. Claire and Duke would be great together!


Omg I love this show. That was such a setup to let Tommy get away the whole accidentally falling on duke. I don't trust Jordan. Loved the Nathan Audrey moments and their chemistry. Can't wait for next week.


The Colorado kid's grave said find him before the hunter... what if tommy's trouble is that he is a hunter? And he's hunting the Kid? As the bolt gun killer, he seemed concerned with what Audrey knew and what the brothers were holding back.


I don't think it was a house on the hill that he saw at the end....I think that is the mysterious "barn" that Audrey, Sarah, etc go into and don't come back out for 27 years.
I hope before the finale Audrey and Nathan get to have their moment! I don't like how a lot of shows drag these situations out and I would be greatly disappointed if Haven did that with Audrey and Nathan. I felt sorry for Duke because it is obvious that he is in love with Audrey as well.


surely the house on the hill is the same as the one in season 2 which the 'original' Audrey went to find and came back with no memory?


Great episode!Nathan and Audrey killed it in tonights performances!!!Love the fact that audrey didnt care who heard her declaration of love.To her only nathan existed.Lucas and Emily blow it out of the water every time.The look in their eyes at the end....pure love.Cant wait for next week!


Also prefer audrey and duke better chemistry from the start. always saw the audrey-nathan pairing as a ,sibling type friendship but if the writers are not brave enough they will just take the obvious choice of nathan and audrey. though i think she won't end up with either of them.
i think audrey is probably the mother of all the troubled (family tree in opening credits) thus the ability to empathize and help them. The Teagues still know more than they are saying and i'm sure they also know who the colorado kid's father is. they probably want the troubles to continue because they've made lots of money from living for generations (i really believe they are VERY OLD and would probably die should the troubles stop) they are very motivated by self interest


I'm going with the Tommy really isn't dead theory. No body it's just too easy. I'm also all for the Duke-Audrey hook up. They are so relaxed together and it works easily. Something that has never happened for Audrey and Nathan. Just my opinion though.


Great episode. It was so frustrating when they didn't know that Tommy was the boltgun killer. Thankfully Audrey found the evil sister and with her the truth. The house on the island that the Teague brother saw at the end was obviously the "barn". I guess it's reappearing to take Audrey away, wipe her memory, keep her in suspended animation for decades and then spit her back out again. Question: When Audrey leaves, does the trouble leave as well? The boltgun killer is probably still alive. I wonder if he will still be in the Tommy body when we see him again. He is probably at least as old as Sarah, maybe more. He knows a lot about Haven's secrets for a young guy. I just hope he is not the Colorado kid's father. That will probably be Duke or Nathan during their time travel. On a side note, I can't believe the evil sister is being allowed to start a new life. Didn't she kill some people and fail to bring one of them back. I don't know if saving Nathan wipes the slate clean. Oh well.

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Jordan: It usually takes some sort of emotional trauma to do that. What are you going to do?
Audrey: Traumatize her.

Duke: What happened to regulations?
Tommy: Screw regulations.