Hart of Dixie Review: The Cougar Is In

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On" Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me," we witnessed Zoe damage her relationship with Rose in order to insure that the high school football kicker, Max, would compete in a huge game.

Yes, Zoe was turned into the town "cougar."

McKalya Maroney Appearance

This episode featured a bunch of fun silly elements that kept the tone of Hart of Dixie Season 2 consistent: it's been especially light and adorable. It was an enjoyable hour with obvious aspects that I didn't really buy into or enjoy that much. To wit...

For the first time, I could have completely cared less about Lavon and Ruby's storyline. If you can't see that this relationship won't last for much longer, you need to do a re-watch. That said, I still love Ruby and what her character is doing to everyone else.

I will admit that the last scene with the both of them was a good one. It was great to see this moment happen, considering how much it says about their characters in the series.They both are ready for a strong and solid relationship. What Lavon and Ruby share right now works for the show but in the long run, I don't see it surviving.

How come? Because my end game pairing is, of course, Lemon and Lavon.

Watching Lemon taking charge of her life and finding something she is really good at was extremely entertaining. Though I feel bad for Annabeth having to fail at what she wanted to do in order for Lemon to succeed. I guess you could say that in the end they both accomplished what they wanted to.

I was proud, however, for Annabeth sticking up for yourself!" It has been boiling up for two seasons now and it finally came out. Both actresses did such a great job in that scene and then one in George's office. Thank you ,writers, you did it right. I look forward to watching their catering business blossom as they become successful partners.

I'm so happy for Lemon finding something that she can make a career out of and I appreciate George for still being an amazing guy to her. Now... if Lemon and Lavon could get together and she could continue to be successful, then all my HoD dreams will come true. Is it too good to be true? I hope not!

Elsewhere, what was up with that flash mob? On one hand I thought it was silly, funny and creative, but on the other, come on. It was ridiculous. It tied together at the end when Zoe gave her big speech about bravery and what not, but I am still having a hard time deciding whether or not I liked it. Max was an adorable character and love-sick boy, so I have a hard time hating those moments.

How adorable were the duo of Rose and Tonya tonight? Like I've said before, I could be bias considering I was waiting for McKayla's guest spot, but it was a good scene. I'm happy to see more of Rose and Tonya's character provides it. She may have only had three lines, but I hope they give McKayla more to do when she comes back in an later episode, so we can see what she is capable of as an actress.

Of course, Rose got her "man" at the end of the episode and everything was resolved, which I didn't feel was forced or out of character. However,, is it bad that I was hoping Tonya would be at her side, judging and rolling her eyes? Maybe I'm just being bias again.

Then the ending came and we saw that Wade baked for Zoe. This has to be the most adorable thing he has ever done on this show. I even said, "awwwww" out loud. These two are headed for a relationship whether they like it or not, actually, they're basically in one right now. I am loving it and I am loving how Wade's character is right now.

Overall, I think this episode was pretty decent. It had a sweet and innocent theme that left me smiling. Hart of Dixie is one of the few shows that doesn't stress me out or cause me yell at my TV (I'm looking at you, Revenge). It's a feel good show and that is the kind of episode we received tonight.


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They never said what happened to Shelley. Brick addressed Addy but that was it.


Can someone please tell me what happened to Shelly? The one that use to work at the bar with Wade that was really funny and always trying to give him unwanted advice about women? Where did she go? Have they ever addressed that or did she just disappear? I loved her. She was one of my favorite characters and one of Zoe's only friends. Any ideas?


I like Annabeth and Lemon. Lemon is getting more mature, last episode she admitted having feelings for Lavon to Annabeth and AB supported her. It was nice of her to try not to interfere directly in Annabeth catering job and help Georges at the same time. Too bad Annabeth caught her. Georges and Lemon are really cute as friends.
I like Ruby but I'm on team Lalemon and I too don't believe Luby will last.
Brick is hilarious, his interactions with Zoey are so fun to watch! I wasn't a big fan but now that he's in love, he seems more sympathetic.


I loved this episode! Wade baking cookies for Zoey was cute, but most of the time I found him tiresome and childish pushing Zoey to go on a date with the high school boy. He usually acts this way to bring Zoey's contradictions home to her but this time it was just silly teasings. He actually made a big step at the end of the episode, you could see how uncomfortable he was after he gave Zoey the cookies. She wasn't quite at ease either, they are both a little embarassed once things get sentimental.


@tap76 - you're right, it's not just George. Really, there's far too much focus on romantic entanglements and not enough on friendships and family relationships, careers, etc. for most of the characters. The show has become rather narrow, which IMO is not a good direction. It feels more obvious to me for George, though, because he's so isolated from the rest of the cast as a result. @cindylou - I think it's inevitable that they will have some sort of G/Z thing. As much as they ignore it, they can't just forget it completely, and Zoe has to be able to make a real decision. At the same time, I'm a little more optimistic than you are, I think, about the particulars of how it will go down!


I feel the same way about george T. I believe the george and zoe thing is inevitable. Just waiting for it to happen. Zoe has not accepted wade as her significant other and is still hung up on george. It has to happen in order for her to move on. I do think the story is progressing nicely, Zoe not realizing she's developing feelings for Wade and still being hung up on george. I just hope it happens before the end of the season. I would hate for the season to end the same way season 1 did. The summer was torture.


@T I completely got that feeling about George last night. SP said that he spends most of the first part of this season with other people and not the cast since he has been dating. So since he wasn't on a date they didn't know what to do with him. I do like his scenes with Lemon though, but they can't keep rehashing that out. I don't know what it is with his storyline. I think they should have done more than the dating route. But then I have the same complaint for Wade as well. Aside from Zoe's non-boyfriend and George's buddy he has nothing going on. I hope both are addressed in the 2nd half of the season.


Yes, I'm back again...
Does anyone else feel like the writers have no idea what to do with George this year? I'm not sure if it's because they're holding off to the back half of the season to once again inflict G/Z on the audience (please, no) or if it's because they realized that he's not right for Zoe and don't know how to write non-romance storylines, but for most of this season it seems when he is on, he's either supporting someone else's storyline or his own tiny one is ultimately forgettable. As much as I don't want G/Z, I certainly don't want G (and Scott P) to be ignored either.


It seems I'm one of the few that fast forward the Wade and zoe love scenes, I just can't watch those two together sorry.


This is what I love about HoD; it's like a cupcake that cheers me up at the end of a crappy day, but not so sweet that it makes me want to puke.
I laughed so much at the flashmob: it was completely frivolous. And Crazy Earl? Freaking Awesome!
Wade baking cookies was so cute, they're ALMOST at a proper grown-up relationship level.
George is growing on me. Scott Porter's comedic timing is so good. He and Wilson Bethel are the main reasons I stay loyal to the show.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Zoe: Looks like Stella got her groove back.
Brick: Emily and I are in a good place so don't ruin it by talking.

I'm just saying I want something other than your key to start my engine.