Grimm Review: Intersecting Adversaries

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"Season of the Hexenbiest" finally brought Nick’s line of focus to the man just below his Grimm world: Renard.

Of course, this is still Grimm we’re talking about, and Nick is still in the dark when it comes Renard’s royal blood. But Nick won’t let up until he knows exactly what kind of man Renard is because Renard is the person Nick can place blame on for his continually caving personal life.

Adalind Returns

Renard isn’t without leverage of his own, however, as he found Nick’s trailer, and while the key itself isn’t there – since Nick has the good sense to hide what people are searching for – there’s still a lot there that is essential to Nick being a Grimm. If the trailer were to vanish, Nick’s effectiveness could be severely hampered.

Even with all the potential fun Renard and Nick provide, Adalind’s return might have been the best part of tonight’s episode. Until now, we’ve only been introduced to vague antagonists while Nick easily demolishes whoever is dispatched to kill him, but Adalind is true a menace to everyone. Plus, Adalind also comes to town with a giant dose of fun.

Adalind is out for blood, and she’s not afraid to go through everyone to get there. Grimm has done a superb job through over the course of the series of putting Adalind in everyone’s social circle, and she pulls just about every one of those strings tonight. She easily plays Nick and Renard against each other all while badgering Juliette about the trailer. She even takes down Nick’s best ally: Hank.

For all the damage Adalind does accomplish, she still didn’t get to Nick’s trump card: Monroe. If Monroe hasn’t earned his honorary Grimm badge yet, he certainly did tonight. Monroe stuck his neck out numerous times, from serving as bait to Adalind’s entourage... being awkwardly evasive and vague as Juliette came to him for information... and having no problems with letting Nick bunk with him. Monroe’s relatively secret partnership with Nick may finally be coming out in the open, though, as Juliette let slip to Renard that he is a friend of Nick’s.

Speaking of Juliette, I’ve gone back to having mild disdain for her. I’m just not enjoying the direction her character is going anymore, mostly because Juliette and her story are getting incredibly old. While this installment offered some clues that she might be slowly regaining her memory, we’re now in episode 12 of 22, and she’s finally now admitting there are some feelings there for Renard. It’s dull, and the sooner things heat up for this storyline the better off her character will be.

At least Nick finally decided he deserved better than the couch and moved out. I just wish he had kicked Juliette to the curb instead of himself.

And just like that, Grimm is done for the year! With only 10 episodes left, what are you hoping to see in Grimm in 2013? Let us know in the comments and head over to our Grimm quotes to read some of tonight’s best lines!

Season of the Hexenbiest Review

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Juliette: I'm really getting sick of being left in the dark all the time.
Monroe: The dark does have its bright side.

I think the time for being careful is over Nick.