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Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Split-Screen Action!

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Meredith and Cristina are the co-focal point of this week's Grey's Anatomy.

"Beautiful Doom" chronicles their seemingly parallel lives as the longtime best friends are continuing to cope with the aftermath of the plane crash and their growing responsibilities in different cities and hospitals.

Epitomizing the different style of the episode? Split-screen action!

One wonders how long Cristina will stick it out in snowy Minnesota.

For the time being, she's certainly invested in her hospital, and colleagues. In another clip from the episode (below), she continues to forge a bond with Dr. Thomas, despite some blowback over his operation.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Mer struggles with work-life balance to the extreme. Good thing there's a trusty intern around when Callie brings Zola back from daycare and then has to bolt for a surgery of her own.

Take a look at more "Beautiful Doom" scenes and comment below:

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what's wrong with videos, each one is ending with Meredith doing like a pig :D I'm sorry for whining, I just like order and professionalism, and things done right.