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I dont see why is everyone hateing on Jo the intern she's a little annoying but shes a better than April. A LOT BETTER!


I like all the interns. Better than some of the doctor. Please dont pair Shane whiny April. Or Jo with man whore Avery or bipolor Alex.



Actually, Stephanie's crush might also be Avery, I've read he will hook up with someone else as him and April are not "exclusive". Must be either Jackson or Owen.


i still need to get to know the interns but i don't think there should be an episode based on their perspective.


I know every young actor/actress need the chance,but Shonda should know we spend the time to watch GA not for those interns
Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton)& Cristina have the same fair style , the same personal taste in man!!


Stephanie's crush might be on Owen. You haven't seen them interact yet and that would be interesting to see Cristina's reaction to "Grumpy" acting a fool over him. Maybe it'll be enough to get the ball rolling on their reunion. And I realize that a lot of people don't like Crowen, but I do. Cristina is strong with medicine, but emotionally she's still pretty fragile. I think season eight took her to gates of hell what with the abortion fallout, Owen's cheating and the plane crash. Dr. Thomas helped her back a little.

Or it could be Jackson. That would be kind of funny to see how April reacts, even though she and Jackson aren't a couple. Just horny attendings with some sort of odd sex thing going on. Either way, it should prove interesting and entertaining.


At this point the show looks like a soap...

i really wish people would stop saying its boring. i would agree that the show has lost some of its DRAMA LUSTER but if you really loved the show and its characters you wouldnt call it boring.. it would still be interesting to you, and a lot of the reason it doesnt have as much drama is because they've been, done that, and invented most of it.. whether people like it or not this show is a phenomenon and will eventually be considered a classic drama in tv history. also it may not have 15 million viewers anymore but still having 6-8 million after 9 years when most shows hardly get 3.5 other than big bang and the csi's or the mentalist.. means that they are doing something right.


I like heather and Tina who plays her. i feel like she might be the next Meredith.. of her group anyway.. i like seeing the regulars from the higher point of view.. i feel like we see just enough of the interns to remember when the originals were in that same spot. i just hope they dont over do the whole intern thing.. could get a little boring and if greys isnt going to last much longer id rather see a clean and specific wrap up for the characters we already love.. and lets face it.. most of us grew up with them.. ive been watching since season one when i was 18.


Wow Jarrod ! I thing Camilla Luddington is the best thing comming to this (now) boring show...

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