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I thought I might not like this special episode but I actually really did. It was intense, funny, no time to get bored and the split screens were well done, just don't see the point in the echo effect on their voice ?

I'm so sad for Dr Thomas of course, and for Cristina as well, but I said it weeks ago already, it was very predictable that he would die and that Cristian would eventually come back to Seattle.

Once again, Shonda totally missed her chance to honour Lexie's memory, it feels like that character didn't matter at all. Sure Meredith needed to accept it, and it's done at the end, but where was the emotion ? I'm disappointed and I hope Lexie will be mentioned again in the future.

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I miss Mark. The show isn't the same without him.


This reminded me of the Grey's of the past. I absolutely loved it. I wasn't connecting with the episodes so far this season-it seemed like a different show. I am so happy the story line has gone back to what made this show-Mer and Christina.


It was a lovely episode. I just watched it for the second time. I wondered what would bring Cristina back to Seattle, and Dr. Thomas' death is sad, but perfect. I don't think she would have left if he were still there. Personally, I thought it would be Parker letting him go and Cristina would just go back because it was wasn't the hospital she thought it was; this was much better.

I really want to see Alex get more of a story. The guy really needs a love that won't go crazy this time.


Curse you again Shonda Rhimes. Oh you are breaking my heart!! But that means you are doing great work. This was a very emotional episode for me. The death of Dr. Thomas...oh..he brought out a quality and humbleness in Christina, this friendship was true, they understood each other, he understood her, he gave her confidence and humlility, she loved him and he her and you broke my heart again Shonda. I believe this man forver Chnaged Christina and we will see a different more understanding Christina with her patients. Keep up the good work.


I was so excited to learn that c was comin back for good and i cant wait for her to get back together with owen because they compliment each other and she had to learn that it isnt always about her

also so sad about thomas he was a wise old man and taught her compassion and that sometimes the old way works better

i did feel like this episode has nothing to do with lexie she saved a girls life thats her job she is a doctor even if she so called the same injuries will she have let her die thats not very doctorly

and for those criticizing mer about zola she was concerned about her daughter she gave her to ppl that she knew very well but they passed her off which caused her too be very upset but i love the potty training moment she is turning to be the mother she never had

i still miss mark and lexie awkward elevator and hall way moments


John Boothe: yes, Dr. Thomas was so much like his St. Elsewhere character! When Dr. Parker called him Craig, I seemed so familiar that I thought maybe it was the same character (just no one made the connection overtly).

I was very sad when he died. It was not unexpected, since he clearly was not going to retire. And I think only his death could send Cristina back to Seattle. I loved the banter between C. and Dr. Thomas, and she learned so much from him.

I didn't feel that the story that Meredith was working through Lexie's death worked that well. Though she was there and doing as much as she could, I couldn't really feel that Mer's emotion was that connected to Lexie, and her acceptance of Lexie's death at the end worked well. I agree with others that say that Lexie should be remembered more often. I also had difficulty with Mer putting Zola in second place the whole episode, sometimes not knowing who she was with. It felt like she was being like her mother (though her mother wouldn't have bothered to make sure who Mer was with). And her guilt seemed to be for herself, if that makes any sense, and less so for Zola. No hugs or kisses in the few seconds she saw her baby.


I enjoyed everything about this episode except for passing the kid around. I realized that we are required to suspend reality when we watch make believe TV, but even in Dr. Grey's wacky world, she would have found a safe haven for her daughter straight away. No mother allows her kid to be passed around for hours and hours.


One more think i'm remembering. 'Yet when it comes to Owen Shonda made sure it was shown why he cheated'...but you didn't see one single scene on screen with he actually screwwing the other woman. Yet when it comes to Cris she made sure that all of us have seen her with another man...several times.
Do you know what that means? I do.


Brandi,'cristina is a married woman' Is she ? It is a paper which makes a marriage? Because at this point it's only a matter of paperwork that keeps them connected. That paper is the only thing that keeps them connected and is the only bridge to the overzealousness regarding female morality.
Shonda is always dubious, but here that wasn't her point. What she truly wants is that many more women come here to these forums and scream what a bad wife Cristina is. In that line of thinking, she can call Owen the poor victim and justify is cheating on his wife. That's precisely what she wants: recover Owen to fans eyes. Insinuate Cristina is cheating when even Shonda doesn't really believe it. See the story very careful and see if that isn't what she wants. Put Cris sleeping with other one was a low blow.
Yes, this show has double standars for men. Always justify their sickning actions. It is called sexism and misogeny.

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