Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 338

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Welcome to the 338th Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest here at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the ABC drama! Ready to see who won it all this time around?

Your Caption Contest winner is Merri. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to VAN, SecretSideOfMe, and Carilie. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck, as always, in next week's contest!

Hi! Over Here!

"Are you joking Arizona? You're not joking... All five of our embryos implanted?"

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Callie: Somebody help! Potty-training didn't work and I'm trapped here, behind this glass!
Zola(thinking) the odour is NOT that bad!, she's so dramatic!


Callie: Mer, she just peed on meeee!!


Callie: Oh crap, Medusa's coming. How am I supposed to tell her that her daughter's first word was 'fuck'? Shouldn't have left her outside of the Oncall room.


Callie-Wait until Arizona finds out....Sofia has a sister! Zola- Huh?


Zola: Is she going to the on-call room again?
Callie: Ummm, no comment.


Callie thinking: I'm not really as scared as look


Zola: Rowrrrrr
Callie: That´s right Zola. That´s your mommy, a real lion


I can not believe Romney lost. I told the media I have Obama's love child but no one would cover this story.

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Somethings are simply out of your control. You can't change them, you can't bend them to your will.


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