Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Say It!

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Next week on Gossip Girl, we'll hear the five words we've been longing for.

Okay, fine, no one would have ever guessed these particular five words:

In episode six of Gossip Girl's last hurrah, "Where the Vile Things Are" ...

  • Blair gets ready for her mother's imminent arrival and demands.
  • Serena and Dan find themselves feeling unexpected emotions. 
  • Ivy, Chuck and Nate team up to uncover evidence against Bart.
  • Ivy and Rufus' gallery opening hits a snag - an empty RSVP list.

For a rundown of last night and where we stand heading into the back half of this truncated final season, check out our Gossip Girl review of what was one appropriately-titled "Monstrous Ball."

Then share your comments on the promo above, and season thus far!

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Some people can't see the growth in C because then they would have to admit that humpty is a big douche. Suck it humpty and by the way, those five words are not what people have been waiting to hear.


Ewwwwwww at Dan and Serena.It doesn't make any sense!


ew at dan and serena... too much has happened they should hve just left them apart and eended it with serena and nate...


As long as Rufus and Lily never get back together, I'll approve of Dan and Serena. Whether they're blood related or not, their parents being married together is vile if they want to be up together.


I think the writers/powers that be need to be accountable for the way they stupidly handle the topic of rape. How would any of they feel if they had someone force themselves on them without their consent? This is the question they need to ask themselves before being so careless in their writing. Rape isn't a joke, it is serious. I have no problems with Chuck's growth as a character and if he is totally reformed that's a good thing to show. But the show really need to stop playing down sexual assault and harassment.


Eww at Dan/Serena! Still having troubles thinking about how the GG writers can fix them in like 5 episodes from "the most humiliating thing ever" to getting married. But lol, the writers never fail to amaze us with their clever storylines.




I am so sick of "fans" not accepting Chuck's character growth. Stop defining him by the poor choices he made in the very first episode, which, by the way, was the only time he ever tried to sleep with Serena. He's come so far since then and truly considers Serena his sister. He's made amends with everyone he's hurt, and he's truly grown as a person whose willing to go above and beyond for his family: Blair, Nate, Serena, Lily, and Eric. He would never go back to the child he was in the pilot, so stop living in the past, "fans." Accept the fact that Chuck has become a better person despite your negativity and blindness.


...settling for chuck. it's horrible that the writers had blair thank him in the last episode for not sleeping with serena, because it sure wasn't for a lack of trying! the way this show has trivialized rape is so disgusting. and one last thing - people aren't "so called fans" just because they don't worship at the altar of chuck bass.


@b: "they know they made a mistake," huh? you know, i wish that were true, because then i could say well the pilot shouldn't count for chuck. here's an interview with stephanie savage- Question: Knowing what you do now about how important Chuck became to the show, if you could go back to the pilot, would you not make him an attempted rapist?
"It’s hard to say. We’ve tried to incorporate that into his journey, to not just sweep that under the rug, and to address it at least a couple times every season so it’s incorporated into Chuck’s larger journey of figuring out who he is. And in fairness, Chuck was an attempted kissing bandit." - Stephanie Savage.
and please, chuck also tried to force himself on blair in SEASON 4! (i'm not even going to discuss the hotel incident because i know how much chair fans hate that, even though blair herself has brought up how much it affected her multiple times already.) so yeah, i'd give anything for blair to end the show alone rather than settling for chuck. it's horrible that the writers had blair thank him in the last episode for not sleeping with serena, because it sure wasn't for a lack of trying!

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