Gossip Girl Episode Preview: Say It!

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Next week on Gossip Girl, we'll hear the five words we've been longing for.

Okay, fine, no one would have ever guessed these particular five words:

In episode six of Gossip Girl's last hurrah, "Where the Vile Things Are" ...

  • Blair gets ready for her mother's imminent arrival and demands.
  • Serena and Dan find themselves feeling unexpected emotions. 
  • Ivy, Chuck and Nate team up to uncover evidence against Bart.
  • Ivy and Rufus' gallery opening hits a snag - an empty RSVP list.

For a rundown of last night and where we stand heading into the back half of this truncated final season, check out our Gossip Girl review of what was one appropriately-titled "Monstrous Ball."

Then share your comments on the promo above, and season thus far!

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Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair will finally get married, that's for sure, but whether any of them have dreamed of some kind of marriage that is not much important! After all, remains to be seen what will be in the 10th and 17 December!


@b, you're right, each of the four of them could ever dream of such a wedding, but it is likely that the images from the wedding of Chuck and Blair in the park when they are married by Blair's stepfather Cyrus, that is Blair’s dream. Because how can Cyrus marry them, on the other hand it is not certain that Blair and Chuck are members of the Jewish community, we already know that Cyrus is. For Blair it is not certain for which religion she belongs, although in season 5 she became Catholic, while for Chuck we can safely say that he is not a Jew because at the end of season 1, his father, Bart married Lily but not by Jewish custom! Second wedding of Chuck and Blair is probably true, but there are not many pictures to show, I think there is only one! As for the wedding of Serena and Dan, any of them could have dreamed of their wedding, but why would shooting dream of Dan or Serena to marry if that really would not happen? Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair will finally get married, that's for sure, but whether any of them have dreamed of some kind of marriage that is not much important! After all, remains to be seen what will be in the 10th and 17 December!


Why do people automatically assume that if one of the wedding scenes is in fact a dream sequence that it's Blair dreaming Serena Dan and Chuck have all had dreams play out on the show


I refuse to believe that Chair wont get the happy ending they deserve I will beyond disappointed if something tragic happens to either one of them if the writers decide use the fate was against them bull crap


I hate to say it, but I have a strange feeling that those leaked photos of two weddings are going to tell a very different story than we are all hoping for. Firstly, in the photo of the CB wedding, you can clearly see Dan and Serena in the background smiling and taking photos. In the SD wedding, there are no shots of C or B. Also, if we are all expected to believe that the little boy is a mini Chair child, than why is Lily chaperoning him?? I'm starting to worry that the writers are teasing us with a flashback Chair wedding, and secretly, they are killing off our favorite couple in a tragic plane crash. Could Dan and Serena be left as the guardians of baby Chair? Maybe I'm giving them too much credit for being creative with the plotlines...


: 5 words this fan wants to hear oh my God I'm pregnant said by Blair or Blair, will you marry me said by Chuck


@Lulz, I agree with you that Dan should and must apologize to Serena, but you have to be patient because their reconciliation conduct step-by-step! In episode 6x07 comes to their conversation in an stuck elevator, repeating scene from season 2 - and then the two of them would tell each other what need to say!


@Zoran I hear what you are saying but at this point I want to hear a big fat apology from Humps to S because he treated her like dog excrement for how many months now.


@Lulz, On the contrary, just those 5 words (So. .. ye, you can stay) people wanted to hear! Serena and Dan, Blair and Chuck, Rufus and Lily, are three couples who have survived during all 6 seasons!


As we saw at the end of episode 6x05, in the next episode 6x06 continues, step by step, reconciliation sweetest couple - Serena and Dan! The next episode will be very interesting because it brings a lot of things that remind us of what happened in season 1. We've already seen photos of Serena and Dan are riding on a Vespa, a further they are again going to play billiards, like on the first date, only this time Serena will beat Dan, and in the end, of course Serena forgives Dan and she takes him to be with her -'' So ... ye, you can stay''! TV Fanatic are this that words - "So... ye, you can stay"!?